Chef’s Choice – Best Axe Or Knife?

The ax has been around for ages and the best axe ever made is the hammer. Why? Because the hammer is a simple, uncomplicated tool that does jobs better than any other invention during man’s time. Man is an animal, quick to find a solution to a problem, but slow to innovate. Today, we have the best tools available and they are all simple to use with a multitude of functions.

Spiller Axe The Spiller Axe by Spillerspider is a versatile, modern, all purpose multi-purpose tool. Complete set of 6 axes: Spillertips, Spearhead, Straw Bale, Hay Pike, Hay Hammer, and Bigfoot. This axe is the perfect combination for any hunter, even the most seasoned big game hunter. This amazing product is made out of carbon steel with a durable powder coated finish and a nice leather pouch. This is the best axe ever made by spillerspider, hands down!

Double-bit Axe The double-bit system makes it possible to chop through even the hardest and most dense woods. The patented design allows the user to make precise, clean cuts on just one side of the log cut. The double-bit system eliminates the need for boring two knives into the log to carve your initials into it. This unique feature of the double-bit axes is what sets them apart from their single-bit brothers.

The Black Raven Axe by Spillerspider is a durable, fully adjustable stand alone single-edged axe that features a full-length adjustment knob. These axes are fully lockable and have a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with this wonderful new Spillerspiders black raven axe.

Single-bit Vs Double-bit We’re not sure if the double-bit system on these axes makes them any better than they were when they were first released. It seems to be more of a marketing strategy by Spillerspider, although the durability of the product definitely says otherwise. Either way, these axes are a great addition to your collection of vintage axes. You will be able to go back and forth between a sharp and blunt edge with relative ease. The durability of these vintage axes is definitely a good reason to purchase these.

“charlieb” This beautiful knife was originally posted to the “casters” forums back in 2021. A guy from England (that’s who owns the knife) noticed that there were quite a few problems with his knife. From a weak point to an extremely loud clicking noise when it clicked, this knife definitely had some flaws. After much research, he decided to post it to the “casters” forum and see what other people thought of his creation. Within days it had picked up steam and was being sought after by many a chef around the world.

“Indian River Jack” This is the Indian River Jack, which has been dubbed the “blade of the year.” The blade is extremely well constructed with a great balance, enabling the chef to chop with accuracy. In fact, many chefs consider this knife to be the best fixed blade knife they have ever owned. The reason why it is so reliable is because of the excellent craftsmanship that goes into making these knives. The Indian river jig is very versatile as well, being able to be used for all sorts of different foods.

“Juniper Blades For Sale” Here is a great looking small sheath knife. This beautiful knife was designed by a man from San Francisco, California. The name of the person who designed the knife is “Dagger”. As you can see, there are many options when choosing the best axe or knife to buy. If you want to know what type of weapon would best suit your needs, then you should choose one of these knives.

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