Best Zero Turn Mowers – How to Select the Right One

Whether you have a small lawn or a large piece of property, you need to have the best zero turn mower for the money. These machines are available in different types and models. When choosing which one to buy, you need to consider some factors first such as the length of the lawn, the terrain and the usage. Before purchasing, make sure that you have considered these factors so that you can get the right machine for your needs.

A zero turn mower has two different categories: the reel mowers and the push mowers. The reel mower is considered the basic model for beginners because it has less power compared to the push mower. It still can achieve normal yard work like cutting grass. However, the yard work will be less when compared to the push mower which has more power and torque. The reel mower also require a lot of space for storage.

Another consideration is the deck. Reels differ from decks because they have different shapes and sizes and these are usually used on very small or very big lawns. The size of the deck matters because you need to consider how much grass you would like to cut per day and how large the lawn is when buying the machine. When deciding on the deck, make sure that it is wider than the deck to allow for more movements on the grass and to prevent it from being stuck in one place.

There are two types of engines used in these machines. The rotary screw transmission and the belt drive transmission. The difference between these two is that the screw transmission requires manual transmission while the belt drive requires mechanical transmission. The screw transmission is better for people who do not mind working on their mowers, while the belt drive is better for those who want to spend hours mowing their lawn and yards.

The next thing that you should consider is the gas tank. Some of the best zero turn mowers have a three.5 gallon gas tank. This will be able to mow your lawn for most people and it will give you enough gas to get around quickly. Gas three.5 gallon tanks are also available for those who want to carry more than three.5 gallons with them.

Next on the list of best zero turn mowers for the money is the type of riding gear the machine has. Most machines have steel geared transmissions. They work great for flat and hilly terrain. The problem is that these mowers can be heavy to maneuver and so most people opt for smaller gas mowers with smaller engines.

The final consideration for selecting the best zero turn mower for the money is the cargo bed. Most models will come with an easy to remove cargo bed. The larger models may even have an extended reach bar on the back of the machine to help you carry larger items. All this depends on how much you plan on using your mower for small yards or large yards.

Zero turn lawn mowers are a great way to get a smooth clean lawn that is not only flat but beautiful. The best machines have an automatic cut system that cuts your grass in the same direction each time so you don’t have to. It is important that you take the time to select the best zero turn mower for the money you have to spend. With all the different options available today you are sure to find a machine that will cut your grass quick and easy.

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