Best Single Stage Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are an essential piece of equipment for home use. They can remove the extra burden of shoveling and snow clearing on your behalf. Yet, they are often underused and are often over-looked by homeowners. You need to understand that the best snow blower for your particular situation will be different than the best snow blower for another person in the same town. There are numerous variables that can change how your snow blowing experience is. A little knowledge can go a long way in making sure you get the right machine for your needs.

One thing to consider when looking for the best single stage snow blowers is the size of the space it will be used in. You want a machine that will fit perfectly and not require any trimming or extras that may come with a larger model. Look for auger material steel construction to make sure it will not rust while still providing an efficient amount of snow blowing time. A four-stage electric machine is often the most suitable for a large or growing family. The slow speed and compact design make it the perfect solution for any home.

For those that live in a small area, an electric start model is a great compromise. With these snow blowers, there is no need for a bulky electric start unit. These machines simply require batteries that can be recharged when needed. To top off a quiet and clean performance, you can easily add in an optional fan to increase the amount of air circulating.

If you have a large yard or area to clear, a two-stage snow blower is the optimal choice. These models are capable of generating an extremely high amount of snow and can remove it from the smallest areas imaginable. A two stage machine is designed to handle any type of snow including light snow and wet snow. Some models come with two electric start motors, while others come with the ability to use a combined engine and starting motor. The ability to use both an electric start and an engine to supplement the snow-blower’s effort is the preferred option for most consumers. These single-stage snow blowers are able to quickly and efficiently clear even very small areas.

In order to safely remove snow, you must select a machine that is well-suited for your intended use. Do you need to clear very small spaces? Then a compact electric thrower may be the perfect fit. Do you have a larger field to clear? Then a larger and more powerful cold engine thrower would be your best bet.

The size of the desired area and the overall area where the snow clearing will take place will determine the appropriate size of the blower. For example, if you are attempting to clear an area that is very large, then a two-stage blower would be your best bet. If the area is much smaller, then you may opt to utilize a cord lock model. Snow throwers that come with cords are great for getting the job done, but they do not provide the maximum level of power that a cold engine driven thrower can provide.

Cold engine driven snow throwers are very versatile and offer a high level of efficiency for light to medium-size clearing jobs. A cold engine power blower has more horsepower and greater acceleration than an electric unit. They also have much more torque and can cover a much larger distance before expending their engine power. If you are only looking to clear an area a few inches thick, then an electric unit will suffice. If you are attempting to clear a greater height, then a gas-powered, cord-based thrower will be the best choice.

There are many types of throwers to choose from including: rotary, combo, and chain drives. The rotary blower is probably the most popular. These are best used in tandem with an electric lawnmower or riding lawnmower. These models produce snow much faster because of their quick rotation speed. The combo and chain drive blowers can both be utilized in conjunction with each other to double the amount of snow that can be cleared from a given area. Gasoline powered and electric run versions are available for sale and may be a good choice if you are concerned about emissions.

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