Best Rated Cordless Grass Shears

The best rated cordless grass shears would be those which are of good quality, durable and affordable. You must first consider the use for the lawn mower before selecting the type. If it is to be used for cutting grass only, then a light duty one will suffice. But if you intend to use it on shrubs, you would need a mower with dual blades. Dual blades would ensure that the blades would not get stuck in between bushes or shrubs and thus reducing the chances of being cut by the twigginers.

The second factor that you would have to consider is the ergonomic design. The blades should be comfortable and fit in your hand. In case of mowing large areas of grass at one time, an ergonomic design is of paramount importance. These kinds of mowers come with ergonomic design varying from a two handed design to a fully automatic feature. In the event that you intend to trim shrubs, the blade should be wide enough so as to cover large areas without requiring you to move your arm.

The third important feature to consider is the size of the cutting head. The length of the steel blade is important as you would need to manage different sized lawns. The best ones would come with variable cutting lengths. You may opt for a small depth cutting head for small lawns. A larger depth cutting head would be ideal for larger lawns. A four-sided cutting option would be good for bigger areas.

The fourth factor to consider is the cutting width. The width would determine the ease with which you can complete your task. It is important that the grass shear would cover the desired cutting width. This would ensure that your grass cutting job would go smoothly and easily.

The fifth factor to consider while selecting the best grass shears is the blade type. The blade types are the most obvious aspect of a grass shear. You should look for a blade that would cut safely and cleanly. A safety blade is best for trimming and not for the actual cutting process. A blade that cuts cleanly and leaves no space for dust would be the best.

Another important factor to consider is the cutting width of the grass shears. If the grass shear would be required to cover a large area, then the cutting width would determine how much turf you can expect to cut per hour. A wider cutting width will allow you to cover a larger area in lesser time. However, it is imperative to note that the actual grass shears you use should be able to handle the job before considering the additional cutting width.

The last but not the least important factor to consider while selecting the best lawn edging shear is the size of the blades. Some trimmers have a size of a nickel and some a half a centimeter. You should make sure that you can actually handle the shears before deciding on which size would best suit you. While the size is obviously not a decisive factor in the selection process, you must ensure that it would not constrict your movement. For example, if the trimmer has a very narrow width, you may find it difficult to cut tight and small spaces.

Finally, you should consider the blade material used in the grass shears. You would find blades made of steel, titanium, carbon fiber and others in the market. However, these options are more expensive than those of plastic or paper. While you could opt for a blade made of metal based on the price, you should also consider the performance and the environment where you will use the product. While a steel blade is durable, a titanium one would help reduce corrosion and wear and tear.

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