Best Rain Barrels – A DIY Guide For Creating Your Own Garden Rain Barrels

If you’re thinking of getting a rain barrel but aren’t sure what to choose, then this article is for you. I’ve done quite a bit of testing and now it’s time to compile the best Rain Barrels reviews in one place. I tested dozens of different rain barrels to see the best options n this particular review. From all the different models reviewed, settled on these 3 as top picks. Also check through these top choices and make your own choice in only minutes.

The goal of any system for collecting rainwater is to improve the quality of your water supply. If you can improve the quality of your water supply then you’ll be able to enjoy better gardening and yard care. With an increased amount of sun and rain the growth in your garden will be rapid. Your yard and garden will benefit from increased water supply and that means better overall soil health.

To create the best rain barrels we needed to take many factors into consideration. First we wanted a system that fit our specific needs. So here’s what we did. To create a catch basin we fit an aluminum hose into a smaller section of the barrel. We then attached a simple screen with a plastic cup over the hose to catch the runoff.

Next, we wanted a unit that collected enough water to last the season. So we created a larger barrel that was similar to our first choice. This time we added a second hose, also of aluminum, along with a screen, to collect rainwater for a month. Once again we attached a simple screen with a water collection cup on the bottom. This time we decided to go with the best rain barrels we could find that would hold at least a gallon.

The final step was to decide which type of material we were going to use to build our barrel. Here again we went with aluminum as it held up better than any other material. We also added a cover so we didn’t have to constantly get out the ladder to gather the rain barrel. Most gutters need to be cleaned every couple of weeks or so but since this system didn’t need to be cleaned we chose to place it under the roof eaves near our home.

Our final step was to add some type of lighting to the garden. After all our neighbors must have seen us installing these gutters. We decided to go with small solar lights that we could easily place on the top of the roof. Now when it’s raining we can walk to our garden area without having to run out of fear that our home has been ruined!

I’m not sure if you know but in most homes right now there is a planter on the roof. Most people don’t know that the best rain barrels are made of plastic because it is durable and weather resistant. My neighbor made his plastic rain barrel by using a very simple planter box and some simple wood.

If you are like me and your home is exposed to sunrays that are nearly every day then I strongly suggest investing in a good quality, well made, strong plastic rain barrel. They hold up under even the worst weather conditions. Your neighbor who chose metal rain barrels over plastic has to be proud of their decision. As far as making your own garden rain barrels go, it really isn’t that difficult of a task.

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