Best Pole Saw Pruner – What Are the Key Features?

There are many brands and models of power tools in the world today, but which is the best pole saw or power tool? The consumer may have hundreds to choose from, but only a few can confidently claim to be the best. And, despite the plethora of choices, some of them for home use, some for professional work, the consumer needs to know what to look for when buying a new power tool. The following are criteria to be used in deciding which are the best.

One of the most important criteria is the size of the blades. The Fiskars Power-Lever Pendant is a well built quality tool – it is lightweight, features a sturdily built saw blade and a large lopper and is… great! The handle and blade of such a tree pruner is separate from the main body, which is usually made of stainless steel.

Another important criterion is to consider the ease of using the tool. Is it easy to change the trimming angle by rotating the entire pole? Is it convenient to store when not in use? In terms of ease of use, the Fiskars Power-Lever Pendant easily satisfies: it features a durable rubberized grip that is ergonomically designed, the blades retract with one hand easily and with a click of a button, it allows for effortless changing of the trimming angle, it is very lightweight and easy to carry and the best thing about it is that even a seasoned tree surgeon can carry it easily.

But the ease of use does not mean it is perfect. That is to say, the moment I started using my new Fiskars ProEdge I did my very best to work with it properly. I had to learn how to properly hold the two blades at an angle of 45 degrees, and I also had to get used to the way in which the lithium-ion battery discharges. These things took time to learn but once I had them under my belt, working with my cordless pole saw was as easy as can be. Here are some more pointers to help you choose a cordless power tool that will give you years of reliable service.

One very important criteria for choosing the best pole saw is its ability to cut effectively, especially when cutting small trees. The Fiskars Pro Edge comes with both seven and thirteen inch blades and this is the most common width in cordless models. If you are going to be cutting very small trees, then the best model to purchase is the Fiskars Pro Edge. This model comes with a rubberized grip which is designed to provide a comfortable hold and the high quality cutting edges.

When reading through many of the best tree pruner reviews, you will notice that all but one mention the ergonomic design of the handles. The fact is that while the handles may look flimsy to begin with, they are extremely well made. The best tree pruners are made from extremely high quality carbon steel and they feature ergonomic handles which have been designed not only to enhance safety, but also to keep your hands comfortable. The Fiskars Pro Edge model has both thirteen and seven-inch blades and while you might think that the size would limit the amount of work you could get done, it was my experience that the size of the blade allowed for a much wider variety of cuts.

Another important feature to look for when reading through various pole tree pruner reviews is what other tools the unit includes. Some of the best include a wheelbarrow to help you transport the unit, a cord hook so that you can hang it on a job site, and at least one stabilizer bar for the blade to remain balanced during cut. All of these key features make the unit an essential purchase that every woodman should consider making. Having a tool that allows you to complete your work faster, makes it easier, and ultimately more cost effective, to do your job.

You will also notice that all of the reviews I’ve mentioned mention ergonomics. Ergonomics plays a large role in any power tools you choose to use. The best ones offer a great deal of comfort to even the pickiest of us, while still providing a sturdy method of cutting down thick branches. Another factor to consider is whether or not the unit has a cord hook included. It’s quite surprising that there are many of us out there who haven’t taken advantage of this feature. We could have saved a bundle on electric bills by cutting down on the number of cords we have in our closets.

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