Best Electric String Trimmer

When looking for a string trimmer you will undoubtedly notice many models competing for your attention. The first question that comes to mind is which one is right for you? How do you determine which one is best for trimming lawns, cutting hedges or maintaining bushes?

If you plan on trimming lawns you might not need a weed eater. We have collected detailed information on a few of the best electric string trimmer (or grass eaters, weed eaters, etc.) for lawn care, all of which are inexpensive and should be plenty strong to suffice for your needs. The two best choices for a lawn care user are either a grass eater or a weed eater. Let’s begin with a look at the weed eater.

Weed eaters are less powerful than the best electric string trimmer reviews we have found, but they are still powerful enough to trim larger areas of weeds. You might want to consider one of these machines for those large stubborn weeds in your lawn. Most weed eaters come with multiple heads, which is great for getting a better result overall. This is also why many weed eater reviews consider this as the best electric grass trimmer.

If you don’t have a weed eater or one that doesn’t get the job done because it doesn’t get the job done, consider a trimmer with an automatic feeder attachment. These machines come in a wide range of sizes, so it is important to shop around before making a purchase. There are some major differences between the different types, including automatic versus non-automatic, manual versus cordless. Non-automatic machines simply monitor how much grass grows and when the string breaks, but once the grass is cut, it goes right back to where it came from. This can be a problem, especially if you have a lawn with many different types of weeds.

The best trimmer we found has a much wider line diameter and is made for a much larger lawn. The line diameter refers to the size of the perimeter that the trimmer will trim. A wider line diameter means the lawn is trimmer able to trim more fully and thoroughly, resulting in fewer weeds. The difference in effectiveness between a trimmer with a narrow line diameter and one that has a wider line diameter isn’t very significant, but it is a noticeable difference and something to keep in mind when purchasing.

The best electric lawn trimmers all have a curved shaft. Curved shafts are more efficient for getting a comprehensive trimming of thick grass. Most of the better brands come with a curved shaft, including both the weed eaters and the string trimmer. There are trimmers that only have a straight shaft and these are fine for getting dense slightly larger lawns cut. But when you want to get a really good trim of thick grass, these straight shafted trimmers aren’t going to give you the kind of crisp lines and uniform thickness that you need to achieve professional looking results.

The best string trimmer for the money we found was an Amazon electric trimmer. We purchased the Amazon Echo and the mini version of the trimmer for our test. The trimmer itself was quite lightweight and we felt that it quickly gained our approval. It performed well throughout our tests and even though it seemed a little on the heavy side, it held up well under sustained pressure. The battery life was also sufficient and the lightweight meant that we could easily carry it about without any hassle or stress.

For even more value, check out the deals twenty volt trimmer. It has a very long lasting cord and the styling is great. And as a bonus, this model comes with a very useful cutting streak guide. With its lightweight and powerful motor, this model makes an excellent first choice for anyone serious about trimming and with the long lasting cord, it will be around for quite some time.

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