Best Corded Electric String Trimmers

If you are looking for an excellent way to trim the lawn and keep it green and beautiful, look no further than one of the best corded electric string trimmer models on the market today. A trimmer that is powerful, efficient, easy to use and affordable is what you want. Comparing and contrasting a few of the best cordless electric trimmers has been a long time process. To assist you in making an informed buying decision we have compared four of the prominent features of some of the best corded electric string trimmers; the trimmer arm, line rope, motor performance and product weight.

This equipment may be the best corded electric string trimmer available but it’s not the only one. There are many different brands on the market today, all claiming to give the best trimmers on the market. So what makes the difference between the models? How do you decide which model has the features you need and want? Here are some points to consider when deciding which trimmer will work best for your yard.

The first consideration in choosing a string trimmer is how it feels in your hands. Some of the best corded electric string trimmer models are heavy and unwieldy, weighing more than a ton and requiring two people to push them. The best models weigh about a third less than a ton so are light enough for one person to push. The key to choosing a model that feels right in your hand is to compare it to a lawn mower. A lawn mower has a handle so it is much easier to hold onto while cutting your lawn.

A trimmer with an electric mower blade will feel like you are riding a pushbike, which is good if you plan to use the trimmer in a very narrow grass area. If you have a large lawn you might prefer a trimmer with a larger blade and a wheeled platform. These models will typically require two people to push them. A pushbike, or mini mower, will be easy to maneuver and feel like you are not working hard. However, it is usually not as powerful as an edger or string trimmer and will not cut as deep.

Another point in choosing a model is whether to get a cordless or corded trimmer. Both provide a similar level of trimming power. Cordless trimmers generally deliver a higher trimming force but have a shorter range than corded trimmers. A longer range corded trimmer is also capable of delivering a stronger cutting force. You may find that a cordless eater is more suited to your needs if you need to trim very thick and heavy branches.

When you compare the different trimmers on the market, you may also want to consider whether you will be using the trimmer for edging, mulching, or both. Edging the lawn requires much greater patience and exertion than mulching. An edger will create a defined edge between the grass and the ground. An edger will also make mulching much easier because it creates a defined grass edging. If you mulch frequently, an edger may be better suited to your needs.

The final consideration when shopping for a string trimmer is the type of cutting mechanism used in the cutting spool. A spinning trimmer, such as a lawn mower, will provide a much cleaner cut because of its ability to rotate the blades around while cutting. In contrast, a trimming trimmer uses an extending cutting wire that trims away a section of grass at a time. Each of these methods will produce a clean cut, but each also has a specific application that may be best for particular lawns.

Another factor that you may want to consider when shopping for a cordless electric trimmer is the type of handle or blade that it uses. The most common style of cutting string trimmers are manually operated. Handles on these devices are generally small and flat. Some come with auto-feed systems that allow the user to feed grass clippings into the device and automatically trim the lawn. A third style of trimmer, often called a framing trimmer, comes with a large, telescoping handle and comes equipped with a self-retracting blade. Framing trimmers are often best used in larger areas and may require more time to trim, but they can also help give your lawn a more professional look.

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