Best Bolt Cutters – How to Choose the Right One For Your Projects

The best bolt cutters can ensure that your property will have sufficient security for you and your family. It can literally be a life saver, especially when in the urgent need for securing your property. Bolt cutters range in size from normal to heavy-duty to handle thicker and stronger materials. To aid you in making a choice, have compiled list of top bolt cutters for fencing and master locks.

Choosing between the various models can take time, especially since there are good number of options. You may want to consider the following to get an idea on which among your choices is best. The key in deciding which among the brands and types is suitable for you is the overall design, durability, flexibility, and the most important feature, the comfort handle. Your preference should also be factor in the selection, as long as it is comfortable and durable.

The two common types of bolt cutters are the seven-inch heavy-duty and the 36-inch standard size. These tools are both intended to be used in the fields of farming and landscaping. The seven-inch model is generally used for heavier jobs, while the 36-inch model is ideal for light-duty tasks.

Among the different kinds of tools are chain saws, electric-powered rods and chains, adjustable rods and chains, and heavy-duty chainsaw. The chain saw is one of the best bolt cutters because it cuts through chains and rods without damage to the metal. However, this kind of tool can only cut softer metals such as aluminum or copper. The electric-powered rods and chains are suitable for cutting harder metal such as steel and iron.

The other major feature to consider when purchasing heavy-duty bolt cutters is the level of leverage. As the name implies, the greater the leverage, the easier it is to cut through thicker materials. For example, steel bars or chains with a one-inch or greater leverage are ideal for cutting through trees and heavy logs. With a one-inch leverage, the electric-powered rods and chains can cut through iron bars up to four inches thick. With a two-inch leverage, the smaller electric-powered rods and chains are ideal.

The power grip bolt cutter has the best leverage of all the types of bolt cutters. It allows you to control the speed and pressure you apply, which make it ideal for trimming limbs and branches. However, this feature may pose a challenge to some consumers who find it difficult to gain leverage. The power grip bolt cutter comes with an optional 14-inch adjustable angle for users who have smaller hands. This feature also allows you to reduce the amount of times the blades will rotate during use.

One feature that many consumers do not consider is the overall comfort of the handles on the bolt cutters they are considering. After all, you are likely going to be spending at least several hours using the product every day, which means the handle should be as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, the manufacturers of the ergonomic handles for the Olympia brand understand this concern. Each of the ergonomic handles come with rubber grips that are designed to provide the best comfort possible. In addition, the handles are made out of durable stainless steel to ensure the longevity of the product.

The last thing to consider when choosing between the models of bolt cutters is whether or not the blade type offers a tension setting. Many consumers fail to realize that the tension setting actually makes a difference in the efficiency of the saw. When the blade is not tightened enough, it makes it harder for the blade to cut effectively and wear out faster than necessary. On the other hand, the tension setting makes a large difference in how much leverage the saw will have when cutting. Having a good deal of leverage allows you to rip through thicker materials and cut down on the number of passes needed to complete the job.

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