Best Battery Powered Pole Saw – What to Look For in a Pole Saw

Best Battery Powered Pole Saw – What Every Man Needs to Know About Pole Saws! The DEWALT DCKO 86M1 Combo Packs (Buy Here) is definitely one of the best battery powered pole saws available on the market. This cordless electric saw is powered by a 12 volt battery, which offers up to eighty minutes of continuous operation on a charge. The chain drive blade of this saw is eight-inches long, making it able to easily reach even branches up to fifteen feet high.

The Best Battery Powered Pole Saw – Rip These Tips! Two features that are not often thought to be great characteristics are the weight and the price. If you’re looking for the best cordless pole saw that you can get your hands on, the DEWalt cordless pole saw is the one to get. The following tips will show you just what makes this tool so special:

Warranty Period: It is important that you find a product with an extended warranty period. The longer the warranty period, the better off you are as this means that the saw will still work while it is under warranty. Usually the best battery-powered pole saws offer at least a one year warranty period. If it is longer, then look for a saw with multiple models that offer longer warranties.

Max Length: This is another feature that you should pay close attention to. The longer the cord, the more reach it has. Obviously, the longer the reach, the harder it is to drag it along the deck. The average size of a pole is eight.5 feet high, which is very long enough to accommodate a person standing or walking behind it.

Motor Size: The larger the motor size, the more powerful the saw will be. There are a few factors to consider when selecting the right size motor. These include the size of the area to be cut, how many people will be using the cordless pole saw at one time, the amount of cutting surfaces that the saw will need, the weight and girth of the person using the tool, and the distance from the motor to the user.

Cutting Environments: Different types of wood require different cut lengths, so the diameter of the pole length and the average size of the deck will have an effect on the type of surface that it can handle. For instance, while a small circular wooden board is easy to cut, it is not nearly as effective or efficient as a board that is eight feet in circumference and two feet in length. The most efficient wood cutting surface for a twelve-foot wood pole length would be a quarter inch thick. Some users may need a width of one foot to six feet to achieve the task. Many cordless pole saws come with various inch sizes of cutting surfaces to accommodate different cutting applications.

Chain Lashing Speed: A highly efficient 8-inch cutting bar should be able to quickly and efficiently lash branches and cut trees. The design of a good pole Saw chain is critical to obtaining the results desired. A chain should allow for easy access to the limbs and fast, even lashings. Additionally, the angle of the chain should be set to suit the width of the board or other cutting surface. Ideally, the chain should have six degrees of swivel to reduce skewering and provide for easy control during the mashing process.

Weight and Length: Each of these factors plays a large role in determining how much a Saw pole should weigh. Pole saws are often portable or detachable; therefore, the weight of the chain and the weight of the saw itself should vary accordingly. Lighter chains are best suited for overhead tasks while heavier chains are better for cutting smaller pieces of wood or plastic. Additionally, long chains are often best suited for cutting branches and tree trunks.

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