7 Kids Wallpapers You Will Need Once You See Them

Do you have a little one that has a knack for creativity? If so, then take a look at these 7 amazing kids wallpapers you’ll want to use on their nursery walls.

If your child is anything like mine, then they usually create their own masterpiece on something like the floor or a piece of cardboard. However, when I’m feeling particularly creative (which is often) I share my latest design project with my earthly angel by peeling and sticking nursery wallpapers onto her wall.

What makes this project work is the fact that I use a low-tack, removable wallpaper. You can use any of your favorite designs or your child’s favorite characters and go from there! You can find kids wallpaper at a craft store, usually in the scrapbooking section or online today. To help you through the process, we have rounded up 7 best kids wallpapers that you can choose from.

What’s good about peel and stick nursery wallpapers for your kids’ room?

  • The 1st thing is that they are quick and easy to install. You can pretty much go at your own pace, and if you make a mistake or want to re-do it, you can without having to waste money on expensive wallpaper.
  • The second good thing is that they come in a wide variety of themes, colors and patterns. So if one child liked pink and flowers, while another likes blue cars and trucks, you have a great selection of both.
  • The 3rd thing is that they are excellent for kids because they are removable. Kids rooms can often be a mess, and if you want to change your child’s room from a dinosaur theme, to a princess one, then this is the perfect option for you.
  • The 4th good thing about peel and stick wallpapers for kids is that you can easily change them out as often as you like.
  • They’re safe for kids’ bedroom walls

If you want to give your child a colorful, fun and exciting room, then this is the best way to go.

Puppy dog’s nursery wallpaper

Puppy dog’s nursery wallpaper is one of the best kids’ bedroom wallpapers for a boy’s bedroom. It features a couple of hand drawn puppy faces. The toy pups are wearing a collar and have fluffy tails. If you wanted birthday gift for your son, then this is the perfect combination.

Starry night nursery wallpaper

This collection features a soothing mixture of stars, and clouds. You can cover the borders with the American flag. The American flag inspired border provides the perfect patriotic touch to your nursery decor. The stars are placed in precise spots on your wall including the corners and window sills for optimal star gazing.

Groovy garden nursery wallpaper

This collection features a row of super cute flowers. The flowers are very colorful and work well together to add a pop of color that you are looking for. This is an adorable design that is really fun and fresh looks great in any nursery.

Hare and rabbit nursery wallpaper

Kid’s bedroom needs something cute and adorable. The hare and rabbit nursery wallpaper will give your kid the best inspiration for decorating their bedroom. The characters are adorable and come as a pair in this design. It works for both boys and girl’s bedroom wallpaper.

Animal sounds nursery wallpaper

This design features many different animals sounds clearly printed on the wallpaper. This will inspire your kids to learn the names of different animals. It works as an educative and entertaining kids’ bedroom wallpaper.

Polka dots nursery wallpaper

The polka dots and stripes kids’ bedroom wallpaper are a classic design that never goes out of style. The black and white combination will look great in any kid’s room. It will make your kids room look elegant, modern and trendy.

Cars baby room wallpaper

If you are looking for a vibrant, bold and fun design for your baby boy’s bedroom then take a look at this cars baby room wallpaper. It is a collection of colorful and cute cars. It works best for baby boys’ rooms.

Furthermore, you can always create your own inspirational wallpapers online today. If you feel like there’s not enough wallpapers online for your liking and preferences, you can check out how to design your own baby nursery wallpapers online.

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