7 Colors That Always Go Well with Indoor Garden

Color is the first thing everyone notices when they enter your interior garden and see your indoor garden. Choose some pleasing shades for your indoor garden to attract everyone’s attention. Fortunately, working with color combinations is not as challenging as you think.

So, while decorating an indoor garden in the living room, you can rely on colors to tie the space together. In this article, you can learn about beautiful shades that go well with an indoor garden.

Use Color Wheel

A color wheel can be very helpful when you create a stunning indoor garden in the living room. It has three primary colors: yellow, red, and blue. However, a color wheel mirrors a rainbow with orange and red after yellow. Then, green, blue, purple, and violet follow it. Generally, red is a warm color, whereas green is a cool color.

7 Colors that Always Go Well with Indoor Garden

The following are seven gorgeous colors that go well with an indoor garden:

Add a Bright Accent with Orange

Most people play safe by painting their living room using neutral colors, like white, beige, or cream. However, you can create a fabulous indoor garden in such living rooms with strong color pops like orange. So, choose curtains, sofa, or other accents in bold print and burnt orange shade that complement well with green leafy plants.

Add an Elegant Touch with Teal Color

Touches of Teal color against a neutral backdrop in the indoor garden can lift the entire scheme. Just bring some focal pieces like beautiful teal-colored canvas prints. They will add warmth to the space and calm the backdrop with soft greens. A warm neutral background with rich teal jewels will enhance the aesthetics. In addition, it will give a balanced and welcoming look to the living room.

Try Moss Green to Create a Perfect Contrast

You need to select accent colors for the living room carefully to complement well with the indoor garden. For example, you can create a significant impact by using green with blue. So, introduce this combination in furniture and other living room accessories. It will bring in calming effects in the interiors.

Update Indoor Garden Look with Sea Blue and Yellow

Pick sea blue and yellow colors while decorating the living room with accents that go well with the indoor garden. They complement beautifully with the indoor garden and bring in the freshness of spring. You can never go wrong by choosing accents with these two colors. They incredibly stand out.

Use Symbol of Purity-White Color

White is one of the best indoor shades that complement well with green house plants. It makes your space look clean and open. Using this color in the background, you can beautifully highlight the green leafy plants of the indoor garden. Moreover, when sunlight comes in through windows, white color creates a stunning effect.

Add Warmth with Red Accents

Surprisingly, the bright red color looks fabulous with vibrant green house plants. That’s why add some red color accents to the living room like furniture, pots, or wall art. They will make the living room look bold and eye-catching. So, don’t be shy and start playing with red and green tones.

Blend Pink with Green to Create a Beautiful Effect

Have you ever seen pink with green in the living room? No? Well, this color combination gained a lot of popularity. Also, pink accents create a high impact on the indoor garden. So, start adding accents like a couch, wall art, lighting in pink color.

But make sure to use pink in the right proportions to avoid an overwhelming look. You can also paint cabinets or windows in pink. Though it is a bit quirky and girlish, it really looks good.


Color schemes play an important role in home décor. Try the colors mentioned above to decorate your living room indoor garden beautifully. Start experimenting.


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