3 Ways a Pond Can Help Grow a Garden

When people think of having a garden, they often think of fields and space filled with seeds and crops. However,  getting a garden to grow is much more difficult than just planting some seeds and watering them. Oftentimes, it takes extra steps and a lot of work.

But there is one thing you can do that isn’t too difficult to maintain, but can save a lot of time and really help the crops grow – plant near a pond.

Historically, people have always lived close to water for survival purposes. Without water, it’s impossible to survive. It wasn’t until modern-day water lines were set up that people were able to live and grow food without a nearby water source.

Having water nearby is still beneficial. Continue reading for three ways that having a pond can help your garden flourish.

 A Pond is an Excellent Water Source for the Garden

 “A backyard pond can be used to create a beautiful space, as well as help other areas flourish, such as a garden,” according to Living Water Aeration.

Ponds can be used as a water source for the garden, whether you use it to store water for later use or fill up a watering can from the pond. This is great if your garden is in an arid climate like Southern California or Arizona, but even if it isn’t, having a pond nearby will still help with irrigation.

 Additionally, ponds can provide water for livestock. If you have animals on your property, like chickens or cows, then having access to clean drinking water makes life much easier for everyone. Plus, we all know that livestock are great providers of fertilizer!

 A Pond Can Attract Birds and Butterflies

Butterflies are attracted to flowers and other sources of nectar and they also play an important role in pollinating the plants in your garden. Birds are another great way that nature helps you grow a healthier garden! Not only do they eat harmful insects, but they can help with seed dispersal and keep bugs at bay.

To attract birds and butterflies to your garden, try planting a variety of flowers and shrubs that will provide them with food and shelter. You can also create a bird bath or butterfly house to give them a place to rest during the day. These additions, along with a pond, will help your garden flourish.

Ponds Can Create a Microclimate and Improve Growing Conditions

 Have you heard of a microclimate? A microclimate is a tiny area where a small element, such as a pond, can actually change the temperature and humidity. In this case, a microclimate created by a pond can actually warm up the area close to it most of the year and provide a bit of cool air during the hottest months of the year.

This improved climate can help promote the growth of your garden as well as invite more insects to pollinate it.


A pond makes a great addition to any garden. It doesn’t take up much space, but it can help things grow and give more personality to the yard. It’s also a great way to attract wildlife and birds that will help pollinate everything.

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