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How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

If you still see rabbits as cute, sweet, soft creatures, then you probably have never had a garden attacked by them. Do not get me wrong, they could be adorable, especially with the way they gnaw at things – only if it is not your property they are gnawing at. So during spring of every year, the total population of rabbits increases exponentially. This doesn’t mean they’re not looking for some good old garden crop to destroy at other times of the year. Springtime is usually when you would start planting or transplanting.

There are times, especially if you own a garden that has just been destroyed by these pests; you wish you could do some inhumane things if you could lay your hands on them. Well luckily, for you, there are more than one humane ways to get rid of these rabbits from ever destroying your crops.

Prevent Hiding Spots in Your Garden

Before we go about on how to keep them away from damaging your garden, you must ensure there are no suitable shelter spaces for them to hide. Eating your garden crops is one thing; providing shelter for them is far more than an exotic 5-star hotel treatment for them. Remove wooden piles and any spots where these rabbits could make shelter.

Using Commercial Chemical Products

If you’re looking for the quickest, less stress method to get them off your garden, then you can invest in these chemical products. These chemicals are formulated to act as repellants to these rabbits. These chemicals can be used alongside motion sprinklers, which get activated when motion is detected. The only con with using this type is you would need to apply them frequently to keep them potent, especially after it rains.

Use Scents of Predators to Scare them Off

In the end, these rabbits are just simple animals that are down the food chain. Since they want to play dirty, why not get dirtier by tricking them into believing a predator is close by. Get cat hair or droppings and spread around your garden. You can also use human hair or blood meal. If there is one thing these rabbits got going for them, it has to be the sense of smell. They would be able to sell them a mile away – well not literarily, but you know what I mean.

Plant Selection

If you really got lots of time on your hands or consider the other options too cruel, you could decide to go easy on them. Rabbits are particularly fond of certain types of crops – some vegetables, herbs, and flowers. To get them uninterested in your garden, you can decide to plant crops or plants they are not interested in. This way, they will leave you alone.

Still on plant selection, if you cannot do without having these crops planted, you can create a diversion by planting all the plants they love. Create another garden away from your original garden and use it as a diversion.

Use of Fences

This is the most common way to get rid of rabbits from your garden. If you own a large garden, you may find it a bit too expensive to fence all around the garden area. If you have the budget for it, sure, feel free to use fences. They will serve you for a very long time and you don’t need to do anything, even after it rains.

If this fencing method still appeals to you but you don’t have the funds for such expenses, then you can create a simple DIY fence. All you will need is some wooden stakes and a fish line. Depending on the size of the garden, buy stakes that would be sufficient. Dig the stakes into the soil with an interval of about a foot or two. Use the fish line to run through the wooden stakes – making sure it is firmly tied and taut from one stake to the other. Rabbits are very sensitive to slight movement and it scares them away. Since the fish line is barely visible, as they approach the garden and hit the lines, in fear, they will run back and leave your garden alone.

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