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How to Grow Stunning Jude The Obscure Rose in Your Garden


Nothing appeals more than the sight of beautiful shrubs of roses to many of us, but the thought of growing one’s very own roses can be daunting for any gardener out there, whether they are inexperienced or skillful in gardening. But it is not an impossible mission as long as you are determined enough to pull it off.

If you plan to grow roses in your garden, Jude the Obscure Rose can be an excellent choice. Jude the Obscure is a great breed of roses that boasts graceful beauty and an irresistibly pleasant fragrance. We will be sharing with you all the essential tips on how to successfully grow and care for these beautiful roses.

What is Jude the Obscure?

A Jude the Obscure rose in the garden
(Photo credit: T.Kiya via / CC BY-SA)

For those whose knowledge of gardening is limited, there are only red roses, white roses, yellow or purple roses or whatever you name it. But for true gardeners at heart, there are plentiful varieties of roses, each of which is endowed with its distinctive characteristics and preferences.

Jude the Obscure Rose is a British hybrid variety bred by David Austin, who is a world famous rose breeder. Jude the Obscure Rose is known for being free-flowering and having large, chalice-shaped soft yellow flowers. It generates a delicious fruity scent, which makes it a great favorite for many gardeners.

How to plant Jude the Obscure Rose

A young Rose
(Photo credit: 澎湖小雲雀 via / CC BY-NC-SA)

Jude the Obscure Roses should not pose any great challenge even if you have no past experiences in planting roses. If you are a total newbie, it can be a bit tricky to get used to how gardening works at first, but with determination and patience, soon you will grasp the patterns and become your teacher.

Besides, Jude the Obscure roses can be planted as climbers or bushes depending on your preference. No matter which you prefer, the patterns of growing both types are very similar and can be found below. However, it is recommended to grow your Jude the Obscure Rose in warmer climates for the best result.

First thing first, decide where to grow your rose

Before you start growing your Jude the Obscure Rose, you need to think about where you plan to put them to encourage their full growth. Your roses will need plenty of sunlight, so it’s best to find a spot in your garden that is exposed to 8 hours of sunlight a day for your roses.

You should also avoid areas that are too windy as strong winds can interfere with the growth of your roses. To ensure that your roses receive sufficient nutrients, consider planting your rose at least 100 cm away from other trees or 30 cm away from other roses.

Second, pick the soil for your rose

One of the most important things that allow your roses to grow into stunning full blooms is the soil. The quality of the soil will have a great impact on the healthy growth of your roses, so choose carefully. If you are new to the game, look for soil that is specifically made to grow roses.

The ideal soil should have a balanced pH and drain well. You can check the condition of the soil in your garden with a simple soil test kit that yields fast and accurate results.

Third, plant your rose in the soil

When you have already settled with where you’d want to place your roses, it’s time for action. If you purchase your Jude the Obscure rose from a local shop, you are likely to bring home the already planted rose in a pot. It will be a lot easier to proceed from here, and you will only need to transfer your rose to your soil.

If you happen to purchase your rose as a barefoot plant, you will need a little more preparation. Follow the steps below to get your soil perfectly:

Planting your rose step-by-step

– To begin, keep the roots of the plant soaked in room temperature water for at least two hours but no more than 12 hours

– Next, dig your soil thoroughly to get rid of any weeds or stones

– Dig a hole big and deep enough to hold the roots of your rose

– Add some manure into the soil to enrich the nutrients in the soil

– Put your rose at the center of the soil with the roots fully spread out

– Fill the hole with soil and lightly firm the soil with your foot

– Water your rose at the base

For a better illustration of the process, check out the video below: 

Now that you have successfully planted your first rose, scroll down to learn how to care for your Jude the Obscure rose to ensure their fullest growth.

How to care for your Jude the Obscure Rose

A garden of mixed roses
(Photo credit: woody1813 via / CC BY-SA)

Watering your roses

Jude the Obscure Rose doesn’t require much maintenance other than regular watering, pruning, and feeding. A newly planted rose needs watering every two days. After it has become well established, you should consider watering it once or twice a week.

You should pay special attention to your rose if the weather becomes too wet or too dry to adjust your watering routine.

Feeding your roses

For Jude the Obscure roses, it is necessary to provide them with feeding to encourage their growth, especially from the first blooms. Apart from granular fertilizers, some gardeners use banana peels or coffee grounds to add nutrients to their roses.

Pruning your roses

Pruning is necessary to keep any plants alive and healthy. The ideal time to trim your roses is late winter or early spring. Aim for the dead and discolored canes of your rose to trim away. Trim overlapping canes to make sure your rose is enjoying enough sunlight.

To make the process of caring for your roses easier, you should consider investing in some gardening tools such as water hoses or loppers if you plan to expand your garden in the future.

Final words

Jude the Obscure Roses won’t start blooming right after you plant them. Give them time, and you will be delighted at how all of your efforts pay off. The sight of a blooming rose together with its sweet and delicious aroma will guarantee to drive all of your stress away.

We hope that this post has been useful for your gardening adventure. For other helpful tips or ideas about gardening, check out other posts from our blog.

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