Finding the Best Water Chillers for Hydroponics Right Now 2018

Finding the Best Water Chillers for Hydroponics Right Now


Nowadays, hydroponic gardens have become when mentioning to the modern techniques of gardening. Those who do not have a large outside space can apply hydroponics. But, to maintain, it is pretty expensive and takes much time.

One of the essential requirements of hydroponic gardens is to avoid overheating reservoir. In what ways? Let’s equip the best water chillers for hydroponic now and then. Continue reading to know!

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

What’s the Ideal of Looking for the Best Water Chillers for Hydroponic?

What an Aquatic Water Chiller Is

Saying to the aquatic water chillers, you can understand that this is a tool utilized for reducing the water temperature.

You can know how much the temperature in the water is through a thermostat and adjust the temperature as long as it is suitable for your hydroponic garden.

Use a Water Chiller for the Hydroponic Garden – Pros & Cons

A water chiller is actually good for your hydroponic garden, isn’t it? Well, right now, we will learn this one.


High dissolved oxygen – The water chillers provide a sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen, which is the main basis so that the root can grow well and the nutrients are increased.

Reduce the risk of pathogens – It brings a cool environment with the high oxygenated level. This one helps prevent the dangerous pathogens, which can affect your garden.

Heatsink – The cool solution of the water chillers operates like a heatsink. Correspondingly, the heat from growrooms will be absorbed.

The improved technology – There are countless water chillers on the market today, along with the advanced technology. Some models come with the fan-cooled technology, CO2 generators, or reflectors. If compared to the air conditioners, it is 50% more efficient.


The heat – Similar to the operational equipment, the water chiller models also create the heat. Consequently, it forces you to have to place it the outside in order to exhaust heat.

Cost – Basically, this is a non-cheap investment. In fact, it will need a certain expense to buy the equipment and accessories.

Noise – The majority of the gardening equipment creates the vibration and noise, the water chillers, too. That’s why you must place it the outside.

What Size of a Water Chiller You Need

To determine a right size of a water chiller for your hydroponic garden, you can follow this formula:

Calculate the amount of water in the hydroponic garden is

Try to turn all things in your hydroponic system. The purpose is to create the maximum temperature, especially throughout the hottest time in a day.

For the time being, use the sealed ice bag so as to chill the whole system down to the desired temperature ~ 600-700. Instead, you can also utilize the frozen bottles about two liters. Like that, don’t worry about adding water to your garden.

Have you reached the desired temperature? Well, start rejecting the ice and water from the system.

Set up a timer and take note the starting temperature.

To get the differential temperature, take the starting temperature after subtracting the one-hour temp yours.

Want to calculate the BTU result, you need to utilize the formula: differential temperature x 8.34 x gallons of water

It is certain that you have now known the BTU you need if you want to chill your hydroponic garden.

Product Reviews – The Best Water Chiller

This is one of few water chiller models, which are friendly to the consumers. Even, it still owns the optimal features that a water chiller needs to have.

Apart from being equipped the microcomputer control system, the Active Aqua 1/10 HP Chiller still has an LCD display. Correspondingly, you can easily monitor the changes of the temperature.

If you are looking for a model with the big refrigeration capacity, the Active Aqua can entirely meet this meet. With 13-105 gal and 50-400 L, its ability to freeze is not small.

Plus, the Freon-free brings a friendliness with the surrounding environment. The size of the tube is pretty ideal – ½”-HGTB50 and ¾”-HGTB75, including two fitting sets.

You can be pleased with what the Active Aqua brings when it provides an ideal temperature in order to keep hydroponic solution, thanks to the ability to chill ~ 40 gals by 150F and 13 gals by 300F within 20 hours.


  • Not too noisy

  • It maintains the temperature at 760 without running too much

  • Easy to adjust the temperature

  • Includes two different sizes of fittings

  • Easy to hook up and use

  • Works fine


  • Expensive

  • The large size

  • The water tank is ruptured

The water temperature is maintained by decreasing the temperature of the water in the tank. Basically, this is a simple method that the Hamilton Technology Aqua Max Chiller applies to maintain the desired temperature.

The model has equipped a thermostat, which helps return the last-setting temperature, in particular, in case the high BTU rating.

With the unique design of the heat changer, it provides at least 25% of BTU/ watt. Using DuPont ozone should be friendly with both the users and environment.

It is not difficult to maintain the desired temperature through the digital display control. It is noticed that the performance of this product is quite high. So, it does not utilize more energy.

Furthermore, you can have peace of mind on exchanging the heat because of having an anti-freezing system.

It also allows you to clean quickly when the front grill can be moved an easy way. It is so good, right?


  • Keeps the temperature of the tanks accurately

  • Quiet

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Simple to set up

  • Remove the unwanted heat

  • The power usage is efficient


  • Expensive

  • It seems hot quickly

If you have a small hydroponic system, the IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller can be a suitable option for you because the capacity is approximately 55 gallons. It can say that this is an optimal selection for the small aquariums.

With the quiet motor and the state-of-the-art thermoelectric technology, the electricity converted into the cooling power of this chiller is effective and reliable.

Via a 1 ¼-inch hole, you may easily bulkhead into the sumps, plastic quariums, siphon overflows, or prefilters. After plugging-in, the cooling power will be provided although the product does not include an on/off switch.

Nonetheless, it has a separate controller to adjust the temperature. Like that, you turn on/off the machine at the determined temperature. The product comes with the warranty in one year.

All in all, the IceProbe chiller has full of essential features that a good chiller should have. In case your hydroponic system is not large, this option is proper.


  • Easy to install

  • It is very quiet

  • Good for smaller things

  • Mostly cool

  • High-quality

  • The mount is made well and water sealing is pretty sturdy


  • Limited cooling power

  • The plastic cover is not ideal

If you are looking for a quiet water chiller to place in your hydroponic garden, the JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium Chiller can be one of the brightest items that you should not ignore.

This water chiller has a condenser, which operates effectively. The motor runs quietly while the energy is saved significantly.

The product has the ability to resist the corrosion, along with the safe refrigerant – R-134A. Consequently, it is friendly with the users and the surrounding environment.

Owning an advanced technology, this model can restore the last-setting temperature if the power fortunately failures. This is due to a smart chip, which has equipped in the device.

Controlling and considering setting temperature is easy because it has a digital LED controller. It allows you to determine the temperature and install the hose quickly.

What an ideal it is! The advanced technology and the optimal operation makes the chiller from JBJ be a reliable product for those who love the modern item.


  • Easy to set up

  • Maintains the water temperature perfectly

  • Works steadily

  • It is replaceable if there has a small broken part

  • Very high-quality construction


  • Not as quiet as advertised

  • Very expensive

  • The power is not actually impressed

The capacity is 9L while the pumping lift is maximum. The Happybuy CW-300DG Water Chiller is a right option for any gardeners, who need to have a large chiller for their big hydroponic system.

The thermolysis water cooler is not big, so it helps you save the energy a significant way. The product does not require the complex operation, so you will be easy to utilize whether you are not acquainted with the technology items.

The cooling system is composed an alarm output port, which contributes to protecting the sensitive parts of the machine. That’s why this model has the long shelf-life.

Even though this chiller has a high performance, the failure rate is very low. View from different angles, the Happybuy can really bring the certain benefits for any gardeners, which believe in use. What about you?


  • Don’t need to adjust the controlling parameters

  • It can meet the cooling demands at the temperature

  • The big size

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Moves easily

  • Simple to reach the desired temperature


  • A bit noisy

Choosing the Best Water Chillers for Hydroponics

According to the calculation, you certainly found the suitable model, right? Based on a variety of criterions, the water chiller model is recommended to the customers – the JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium Chiller.

The size is proper. The price is reasonable. It received many positive feedbacks from the consumers. It has owned full of basic features. Coming to think of it, this is a quality product for the gardeners, who are building a hydroponic system.

Do you think as us? It hopes that you can quickly find one the best water chillers for hydroponic yours. Luck to you!!!

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