Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Helping Your Cleaning 2017 – 2018

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Helping Your Cleaning


The pool cleaning always becomes one of the most important problems in health protection. With a quality pool, besides the changing and filtering water often, the hygiene regulations has to be concerned. But the pool cleaning is not easy and took much time.

So, why you do not find a solution that helps you not only own a beautiful pool but also take no much cleaning time by using these robotic pool cleaner. The robotic pool cleaner can clean the pool in 3 meters depth and vacuum all litter, weed, grass, leaves, seaweed sticking on the floor.

And, this article will support you to choose the best robotic pool cleaner.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

About the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

What is a robotic pool cleaner?

A robotic pool cleaner is a machine that works on a system similar to the robot vacuum cleaner in your house. A robotic pool cleaner can automate with a clean brush and vacuum directly any litter in the filter of the machine.

The things make the pool cleaner stronger are the electric motors of the machine with a pumping machine vacuums dust or debris into the filter of the machine and a motor pushing the objects around the pool.

Structure and function

As the traditional cleaning pool method, people usually use the chemicals to clean. However, this robot is equipped the strongest pumping and filter machine helping to reject most of debris and dust in the water and keep the pool always clean, at the same time decrease minimum the necessary chemicals to protect the user’s health.

How does it work?

The robot pool cleaner can move by controlling by hand or setting up the automatic system which allows the robot cleaning maximum the pool surface with the clearing technology, vacuum absorbing and intelligent filter.

The pool chemicals can collect the electric through a water-resistant conductor wire, including a transformer that connects to a standard socket to a source wire which connecting the pool cleaner of a transformer.

The robotic pool cleaner can work while the pool circulation system being off. So, you can do many different works while the robot is cleaning.

This is the video about the robotic pool cleaner is working:

The advantages when using the robotic pool cleaner

The effective cleaning

All robotic pool cleaners can clean completely your pool as floor, wall and even the water. They are especially useful for different pool sizes.

Controlling by computer

Most robotic pool cleaners are controlled by computer to serve the cleaning effectively and then automatically control.

The effective cost

By using robotic pool cleaner helps you save money on some costs as energy and clear chemicals. Most robotic pool cleaners can clean the pool under 3 hours.

Easily setting

Without the pump or connection, you just charge energy by connecting to insulated water wire and drop to the water, then the robotic pool cleaner will work automatically.

Less noise

All models always work quietly.

To be programmed

Some series can set the count timing allowing the users can arrange within 7 days.

The remote features

This feature allows the users controlling the activities of the robotic pool cleaner by a button.

Choosing the best robotic pool cleaners

Before buying a robotic pool cleaner, you may consider some respects

The pool types

In-ground pool: Some robotic pool cleaners own the high capacity and are designed especially for these pools with the big tube or different shapes and they can clean all areas of the wall and stairs. Your pool may locate in your garden or inside your house.

Above ground pool: With the above ground pool, you can choose the robotic cleaners owning the special design for this kind.

The pool size

Some robotic pool cleaners have the design suitable both small pool and larger pool. So, if you want to buy a robotic pool cleaner, you should check your pool size.

The pool surface

These normal pool surfaces are made of concrete, fiberglass, tile and vinyl. Not all of the robotic pool cleaners can brush and filter all kinds of pool surfaces, but some of them are designed particularly for each surface like the vertical surface as wall and stairs.

The supplemental functions

Some robotic pool cleaners own the basic functions as vacuum dust and rub time and again. The others have extra upgrade functions as lifting and lowering easily. You just press the button and the robotic pool cleaner can lift anything to anyplace on the water for you to reject easily all items.

The cover of the robotic pool cleaner

It is usually made by the high enduring quality plastic material, no cracking, no discolor, no scratch, no melted plastic under high temperature in many hours working, no effect on the chemicals in the pool, insulate electric helping the robot working safely.

The point of junction is coupled tightly preventing water from penetrating inside the robot.

The effective energy

Sadly, hundreds of people clean their pools in the old ways and some of them still exist to buy. They take over 1000 watt for activity cost.

This new version robotic pool cleaners have the motor DC 24 Volt that save the energy 80 percentage for each working hour against their old models. Actually, the robotic pool cleaners just cost 5 cents per working hour because they just use 100-200 watt like a single light.

The twisted cables

The twisted cables are the frettiest aspect when owning a robotic pool cleaner. Besides, the twisted cables will decrease the clear function by not allowing this cleaner reaching to any nook and cranny of your pool.

The robotic pool cleaner always turns and sometimes climb into the vertical wall. That may make your cables become the mess, except turning 360 degrees in right place. If it cannot turn on the spot, the twisted cables will decrease the clean capacity and create a mess for you to solve.

A turning cable will reject most of the messes, but not all of them.

The warranty

The robotic pool cleaner is not cheap. Someday, you have to replace a motor and this maybe takes you as much money as buy a new one.

There are two ways to reduce this danger:

  • Finding a model with a replacing motor takes less money.

  • Or, choosing a clearer pool with at least 24 months warranty without dividing rate. Some expensive models have 3 years warranty.

Product Reviews – The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Aquabot Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool Cleaner

IQ Breeze is an intelligent robotic pool cleaner using the AquaSmart technology to clean most standard pools within under 2 hours. The intelligent algorithm is set into the brain of the machine to help the robot clean pool, wall and water logically without wasting time.

Aquabot Breeze IQ has a long cable 60 feet and Aquabot Swivel which is awarded to having more cleaning experiences.

Two years warranty.

The intelligent Aqua system of IQ helps clear most pools 1-2 hours.

The first Aquabot pumping feature can filter over 80 gallons per minute.

Having convinced electric source with 1,5 to 2 hours program following the schedule.

Aquabot Breeze IQ has the strong pumping system and filters to create a safer and heathier swimming experience.


  • Easily access to the filter bins
  • Well Filter
  • Clean all floor, walls, and water
  • Automatically timing set up
  • Lower cost
  • Two years warranty
  • Compact weight


  • Suitable to in-ground pool.

2. Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Swivel Cable, 60-Feet

Dolphin Triton is a robotic pool cleaner with many especial features and technology that is awarded an acceptable price.

It works flexibly in water environment and bases on the absorbing-pushing principle. Water and dirty litter are absorbed into robot inside by the pumping motor. The litter is kept by the filter bin, the water is pushed outside as the vacuum cleaner working principle.

With a simple act that connecting the wire and the electric source, then press the button, the robot will automatically run around the pool and cleaning perfectly.

Cleaning floor, wall, and cellar.

Encourage to use for an in-ground pool with 50 feet height.


  • Climbing wall, vacuum, and filter all surface within 3 hours.
  • Turnable cables
  • Automatically program
  • Low cost
  • 2 years warranty


  • Having heavier weight against some models
  • The filters can not pick up all kinds of debris
  • Much expensive cost.

3. Polaris F9550 Sports Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 is a robotic pool cleaner has four Aqua-Trax tires suiting for all pool surfaces.

Being designed with the removable door above that helps to check, clean and maintain easily in order to guarantee all devices work well, maximum capacity and high working time. The intelligent robotic pool cleaner can climb and work on any terrains, save electric and be designed compactly.

Owning the ActivMotion sensor technology allows controlling the direction that cannot compare.

Having the oscillation brush prevents all dust and hard stain.

Vortex authorization technology takes away the bigger debris quickly while maintaining the maximum absorbing force.


  • Using the ActivMotion sensor technology.
  • Having Vortex vacuum technology.
  • Clean clearly even the stairs and tight corner.
  • 7 days program, having moving sensation.
  • The weight is light.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Working just for the in-ground pool.
  • High price.

4. Hayward RC9742WC SharkVac XL Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Cart

SharkVAC XL calculates the pool size and this program itself for most of the time, effective energy and clean the way and wall when it working.

The structure of the brush and the super clean vacuum head of the robot helps to vacuum all litter, filters dirty water by the garbage bin to clean completely even the most difficult cleaning places.

It uses less energy against some series and equal to the energy of a light.


  • One of the clearest cleaning solution
  • The dustbin is easy to access to remove and clean the debris.
  • Using the micro solution technology.
  • Easily shipping and store the chemicals.
  • 3 years warranty


  • The weight is heavy.
  • Just using for the in-ground pool.
  • High price.

5. Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner

SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner Smartpool NC22 cleans the floors and walls by using a strong directly motor without sliding and vacuum maximumly. This cleaner is attached to a watching technology setting up the activities by controlling direction without the walls or stairs.

Normally, the detergent will help the surface to be clean but it will become dirty at the stagnant water place. However, the intelligent robotic pool cleaner cleans perfectly all the dirty in the water by the strong pressure vacuum pump.

To save energy, it will turn off after each 2 hours.


  • Working on any surfaces.
  • Intelligent controlling direction.
  • Compact and tough design.
  • Large filter capacity.


  • Automatically turn off after each 2 hours.

Choosing the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Helping Your Cleaning

The creation of the robotic pool cleaners in particularly and the other robot cleaners in commonly is a great invention which helps people get peace of mind about the water hygiene and pool cleaning. Instead of taking much time to clean the pool, you just press a button and relax because this robot will help you bring a clear and safe pool for the users.

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