Best Pruning Saw Reviews For Tree Care

Here comes the time when your trees need some pruning. For small branches and stalks or a bonsai tree, a pruner can do well. Saw poles and loopers are for branches that are out of reach. The best pruning saw comes handy for wood with a thickness of 1.5 inches or more that you can reach from the ground.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

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Why do you need to prune trees?

Like all the other chores in the garden, there are specific reasons on why we need to prune trees once a while. We list down some most important ones here.

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To remove dull, broken, and dead stalks

No matter how carefully you take care of your trees, there will be some stalks that don’t grow at all. You should remove those stalks to stop them from consuming nutrients and water. Deadwood is also in the pruning list. Severely broken limbs can’t develop like the healthy ones so you should trim them, too.

To clear the crown

When the tree crown is too thick and full, they limit sun penetration and air circulation. This still and dark environment is ideal for the growth of fungus and insects, not the plants. Pruning creates openings in the tree canopy for sunlight to reach the below layers.

To stimulate blossoming and fruiting

Before the blooming and fruiting season, you should sort out the stronger and more promising branches to keep. The others will need a pruning work. That allows the trees to focus its resources on lesser stalks; hence, they can provide better flowers and fruit.

To prepare for spring

Winter is a good time for trimming and pruning. It has various benefits to your trees. We have a detailed article explaining and instructing how to do winter pruning that will help you a lot.

What to look for in the best pruning saw?

There is no point choosing a pruning saw that can’t work. There are literally too many options on the market. To help you stay away from being overwhelmed, we make up the list of most important factors to consider when buying a pruning saw for you.

Materials of blade and handle

The blade material is vital in the efficiency of the pruning saw. The material should be rust-resistant, hard to bend and break. The handle material is no less important. It decides how comfortable it is to operate the saw.

Weight and size of the pruning saw

A pruning saw is normally lightweight. However, you still need to consider the weight carefully. The reason is when you are working; your hand continuously move back and forth. The more lightweight the pruning saw is, the longer you can work with it.

The size of the pruning saw is also critical when it works. You can use a smaller blade to cut in tight places. The longer blade allows you to reach further. You should base on your real situation to choose what suits you the most.

The blade design

The blade design involves the shape of the blade, the thickness of the blade, and the number of teeth per inch. A pruning saw’s blade can be straight or curved. The curved blade helps you to cut deeper into the limb with less work than a straight one. The straight blade, on the other hand, provides a cleaner cut and is easy to sneak into tight places.

A thinner blade makes it easier to sink into the wood while a thicker blade is difficult to break. The number of teeth and the teeth design also affect the speed and quality of the cut. You should choose what is more suitable for the trees you need to prune in your garden.


What decides the safety of a pruning saw is its scabbard or a safety lock. Even the most careful person can sometimes neglect, so protection features are critical to such a dangerous tool like a saw. I would suggest you say no to any saw without a scabbard or a safety lock.

How to prune a tree?

Even when you have the best pruning saw in your hands, you still need to know how to prune a tree properly. Don’t turn a good intention into a disaster result. We have simplified the pruning process for you to follow easily.


Observe and decide which limb you want to remove and which one you want to keep. If the space is tight, you should pay more attention to the surrounding branches to avoid hurting the, while pruning.

Cut direction

Test the direction of cut and blade angle before cutting. Find the position that makes it easy to control the saw. Another aspect to put into consideration is the safety of yourself.

Preliminary cut

If you are working with a long or thick branch, you should trim off a part of it before cutting at the desired position. That will reduce the weight of the wood and decrease the possibility of premature tear that may harm your tree. Preliminary cut, to some people, are redundant; however, cautions are never excess.

Position mark

Mark the position you want to begin your final cut with a groove. It gives the saw a starting point to work. More important, a groove makes it less likely for the blade to slip away while cutting.


Place a force onto your saw. Move it in a stable motif and speed. Try not to harm any nearby limbs. We want to achieve a clean cut with a smooth edge.

Product Reviews – The Best Pruning Saw

We hope the tips and guide on buying and pruning above are useful in your gardening. The most important thing is to pick the best pruning saw from a long list of products available. I have to warn you that it is not an easy task.

I have down here a list of five pruning saws that are different in size, design, and price range. If the product research is so tiring, you can check out my top picks to see if any of them meet your needs. There are long and short saws, low and high price, and curved and straight saw for you to consider.

1. Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw

This Silky saw is an imported product from Japan, a country that is famous for its technique to create the best swords, chef knives, and metal blade. The blade is 13 inches long and weighs 0.65 pounds. There are 6.5 teeth on every inch of the blade. The package includes a black polypropylene sheath and a detachable belt holder.

The saw has a curved, hard chrome-plated blade that is rust-resistant and razor-sharp. With this blade, the saw provides fast, clean, and smooth cuts. The handle is molded rubber which is comfortable to hold. The saw comes with a limited lifetime warranty for material and workmanship.


  • It is well-constructed with high-quality materials.
  • It ensures clean and smooth cuts.
  • It can cut through thick limbs.
  • It cuts fast.
  • It is a good investment in long term.


  • It has the highest price on the list.
  • There is no English instruction available.

2. Samurai Ichiban 13″ Curved Pruning Saw

The Samurai Ichiban saw is another made in Japan product. It is a product from Kanzawa Seiko Co., Ltd. Who has over 100 years in the industry of cutting tools. The blade is 13 inches long. The curved blade features teeth with impulse hardening technology and razor-sharp edges, which makes it last ten times longer than conventional ones.

The handle has a rubber coat to avoid slipping. The curve of the handgrip and the blade allows you to cut through easily. The teeth gap is 2.5mm, which is great to cut fast and clean. The pruning saw comes with a hook scabbard.


  • It has a reasonable price.
  • Its blade is made of high-quality materials.
  • The blade and handle design is comfortable to use.
  • It is effortless to cut limbs with the saw.


  • Manual is in Japanese only.

3. EverSaw 8.0

The EverSaw 8.0 is a folding saw with the weight of 0.63 pounds. The blade is 8 inches long. The uncoated carbon steel allows the blade to cut in pull – push flow smoothly. The safety lock keeps the saw open while working and close when stored.

The straight blade has triple-teeth design and nine teeth per inch. It can cut wood, bone or plastic as big as 4-inch diameter easily. The hand grip is ergonomic and slip-resistant that you can hold comfortably in your hands. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It has a reasonable price.
  • The saw is lightweight.
  • It can cut smooth.
  • The teeth design is very efficient.


  • It is a little short.
  • It can’t cut at a fast speed.
  • The lock may break and the saw turn useless.

4. Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

The RS 7265D pruning saw is from Corona, a manufacturer of nearly 100 years of experience. The 10-inch blade is chrome-plated with the core of SK5 steel. That makes the blade hard, reduces frictions and improve efficiency. This saw is a folding saw.

The saw has 3-sided-razor and impulse-hardened teeth. The curved blade promises a fast cut. However, this saw work more efficient with size and medium branches. The handle is ergonomic and slip-resistant that allows people to work with it more easily.


  • It is the second cheapest pruning saw on the list.
  • The blade material is high-quality.
  • The blade design is highly efficient.


  • The screw that holds the blade and the grip together is easy to loosen.
  • Connected by a screw, the blade feels flexing sometimes.

5. Fiskars POWER TOOTH Folding Saw

Fiskars has been on the market for garden tools since the 17th century. This folding saw from Fiskars is the cheapest and most lightweight product on the list. It weighs only 0.45 pounds. The blade is fully-hardened steel that allows it to stay sharp after heavy use.

The highlight of this saw is its Power Tooth technology with razor-sharp and triple-ground teeth. This 7-inch long blade can make quick and clean cuts through limbs. You can fold or unfold the blade using a blade lock. The non-slip grip makes it easier and safer to use the saw.


  • It is the most lightweight saw on the list.
  • It is suitable for light and small tasks.
  • It is compact.


  • The grip is not solid and easy to break.
  • The back of the blade is exposed and can be dangerous.

Choosing the Best Pruning Saw for Tree Care

It is not simple to give a name that I like most. All five saws are great in their own application. When comparing all of them, I have to say my heart goes to the Samurai Ichiban saw for its balance of price, quality, and strength. Its origin and the history of the manufacturer are also really persuasive.

The price of Corona saw and Fiskars saw are so attractive. None of the other can beat them. But their strength is a little bit off for me. They will be perfect in a small garden with small stalks. Mine needs something bigger.

The Silky is, in fact, my top pick for the quality, but the price is its minus point. The EverSaw is generally good, but I prefer the 13-inch length of the Samurai Ichiban. I may face some difficulties with some tight places. But I have more big branches to worry about.

In short, my pick for the best pruning saw is the Samurai Ichiban 13″ Curved Pruning Saw. I like its design, material, quality, price, and origin. It is also a good selection for my garden. If you have a different garden setting and budget, go with whatever suits you best.


Choose the most suitable pruning saw for your garden
Photo credit: Tim Green aka attach via / CC BY

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