Reviews of the Best Japanese Gardening Knife 2018

Reviews of the Best Japanese Gardening Knife – What to Know Before Buying


More and more people are paying attention to gardening. A little space to plant something brings you not only the fresh environment but also relaxation, especially in crowded cities.

For each avid gardener, garden tools are indispensable. They play an important role in helping gardeners take good care of their garden.

For many others and me, the gardening knife is one of the most important. And I truly rely on my Japanese knife. Let’s check what’s behind the best Japanese gardening knife on the market right now!

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

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LifeWell Hori-Hori Garden Knife







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What is A Gardening Knife?

There are not many things that are simpler than a gardening knife. It is made up of only two parts – a handle and a blade. No moving parts are found.

However, despite its simple design, it is such a crucial tool for those who are interested in gardening.

Hori hori garden knife has gained a lot of interests lately. Coming from Japan, this digging tool can be used for various purposes, such as sawing through tubers, dense soils or roots.

Benefits of Gardening Knife

Fitness, fun, relaxation and good fresh food – you might think that only in vacation can you achieve these things. But it can exist right in a simple garden with various herbs. Let’s take a look at an example of how to grow your tea plant.

Gardening requires some skills and tools as well. The gardening knife is one of the indispensable parts.

The main benefit of the gardening knife is to remove parts which you do not want to see in the garden. Besides, simple as it is, a knife can provide you with many benefits, such as assessing soil quality.

Chopping & Slicing

The gardening knife is useful when you have to deal with either small or large weed which plagues the garden. For small weeds, you just need to use the knife to slice straight. They will be eliminated quickly before turning into serious problems.

On the other hand, a gardening knife will be your effective chopping tool to handle bigger weeds.

Seeding & Planting

A knife can play an essential role in the efforts to seed and plant as well. You can make use of its blade tip to get a line drawn along the rows.

It is also helpful when it comes to the planting of bulbs, such as onions or garlic. You should start with its tip to stab the soil and then, shake it a bit so that the soil becomes looser.


Normally, trowels or even bare hands are used to transplant. However, there is no doubt that a Japanese gardening knife can work as efficiently as these traditional tools.


Even though many people rely on digging forks to harvest, it is also a great idea to think of gardening knives. All you need to do is to press it into the soil. Then, wiggle the knife a little before pulling gently on the plant.

Sometimes, you might need to try several times before getting the best results.

So, overall, a Japanese gardening knife can help you a lot with gardening. I strongly believe that it is a multifunctional tool you should have. Then, let’s find out what you are supposed to have the best Japanese gardening knife.

How to Choose Gardening Knife

There are several factors to take into consideration when you decide to purchase a gardening knife.


This is one of the most crucial factors. You will find most knives on the market with the length of 13’’. And I also think that it is the most suitable length for most gardeners. Of course, it is possible to find longer or shorter knife, if you have some different needs.


The handle of most Japanese gardening knife on the market is made from wood. However, if you want, you can get some products whose handle is plastic or polymer.

Wood handle often brings some advantages as it is an organic and natural material, helping you feel good in your hands.

Nevertheless, the flip side of the wood handle is its low durability. Its lifespan is shorter than polymer or plastic.


The blade is a more complicated issue. You will have to pay attention to its teeth’s design. High-quality serrated design allows you to slice through every type of roots and weeds more easily and efficiently.

Also, it is important to note that the blade should have a ruler. It provides you with exact calculation when you want to seed or transplant.

Besides, in some products, it is possible to separate the blade from its handle. It sounds quite useful, but if you use the knife every day, then this feature is not useful.

Product Reviews – The Best Gardening Knife

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LifeWell Hori-Hori Garden Knife







This has been considered as one of top Japanese gardening knives so far. It can fulfill every task you need to do with your little garden.

It measures 1.8 x 3 x 13.5’’. Its blade is well curved and high-grade with the main material being stainless steel. It is equipped with a metal safety guard that maximizes the protection of your hands from injuries when you use it.

Its construction is highly appreciated, and a lot of users also praised its durability over time thanks to high-quality materials. You also get a leather sheath which gives you brass snaps. This is what you use to store the knife, improving its durability.

Also, a full tang can be found through its handle so that you can use the knife with more strength.

The sharpness of this knife is greatly enhanced with the serrated blades. You will find it super easy to cut, saw, weed, prune or even harvest your plants.

More importantly, along with the knife, you will get a diamond sharpening rod without having to pay the extra cost. It is a gift from the manufacturer to help you sharpen the knife throughout the time of using.

On the other hand, there are also few negative comments on this product, especially related to the handle. The likelihood is that its metal protrudes can cause injuries.


  • Serrated edges

  • Equipped with a safety guard to keep your hands safer

  • Greatly built

  • Full tang to improve your strength

  • Free of charge sharpening rod


  • Some users report handle problems

  • Sheath complaints

While many gardening tools are made outside the US, this wonderful digging tool is claimed to be designed and produced right in America. Therefore, you can count on its quality and durability.

Sturdiness is one of the most important features of this product as the manufacturer has been well-known for working with professional gardeners around the world.

One edge of the blade becomes deeply serrated. As a result, its sharpness is maximized to help you remove roots and vines more easily.

 The appearance of the hand guard aims to prevent the scenario in which the knife can bury itself into the soil. Now you can find it instantly every time you need it.


  • Very sturdy

  • Used by professional gardeners around the world

  • Produced in America so that you can count on its quality

  • Hand-guard prevents unexpected circumstances when the knife itself buries in the soil


  • Quite expensive

  • Some users find the knife quite heavy, compared to other brands

3. LifeWell Hori-Hori Garden Knife

This is such a great and versatile product that not only gardeners but also landscapers or horticulturalists around the world find extremely helpful. You can use it for many different purposes, and all outcomes are amazing.

By purchasing this product, you reduce significantly the investment in other unnecessary gardening tools.

Its full tang handle is also triple-pin, which improves the robust nature of this product. Therefore, you can expect it to be more durable. Its great handle is completely hardwood, which is a plus point for durability as well.

The blade is one of the most wonderful features in this LifeWell knife. You will notice that one edge of the blade has an impressive sharpness, while the other is triple-point serrated. This enables it to keep being sharp for a longer period of time.

Thus, you can rely on this knife to do various things in your garden, such as digging out weeds, slicing through the root.

Besides, you also get heavy-duty nylon sheath that has better durability than leather. It is such a great and suitable companion for the sharp blade of LifeWell products.

Interestingly, the warranty is provided lifetime, which means that you can always seek for help with this product. The manufacturer even guarantees to refund the money back if you are not satisfied with the product within 90 days.


  • Suitable for many types of subjects, such as gardeners or even landscapers

  • Versatile uses

  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty nylon sheath

  • Lifetime warranty provided


  • The issues of metal sticking out of its handle

  • Quite high cost

Like other products in this list, this one is as versatile as you might imagine. Overall, it is considered as excellent at its sharpness and simple uses.

The handle seems to be oversized and padded, so you can find it more comfortable to control the situation. Also, it is durable because of its rust-resistant quality.

Along with serrated edges on its super sharp blade, you will get one of the best gardening tools to take better care of everything.

In addition to durability, you want to pay attention to its design and sharpness as well. Comfortable grip is available in this product, so you can always remove roots without any difficulty.

According to some users, this product is resistant to the weather, and it is one of the most durable knives you can find on the market.


  • Very sharp

  • Simple uses

  • Rust- and weather-resistant

  • Serrated edges on its blade


  • It is possible to witness metal band

  • Some people complain about the snaps at its handle

Heavy-duty and well-balanced are what most gardeners are impressed about this product. It is such a great option for avid gardeners, hunters or even hikers.

The handle of this digging knife is plastic, and it is equipped with the unique textured finish. This aims to give users non-slip grip.

Besides, you also get a high-quality blade which comes from stainless steel. Its edges are well serrated.

The MLTools knife is considered as very lightweight. This product only weighs 0.63 pounds.

Also, the producer also gives you nylon carrying sheath which has a belt loop. With these items, you will protect your knife from the negative effects and also protect yourself from injuries.

Many users praised its durability thanks to the thick steel used to make the knife. Digging deep holes is no longer a problem when you have this gardening knife.

The oval-shaped handle also allows users to plant with depth markings more easily.

 The knife is suitable if you intend to remove dirt or roots in your little garden.


  • Lightweight

  • Suitable for various groups, including hikers, gardeners

  • Nylon carrying sheath along with belt loop, aiming to maximize your safety

  • Blade made from stainless steel

  • Well-balanced


  • Poorly made nylon sheath

  • Some people find its handle quite uncomfortable

  • Half tang

Choosing the Best Japanese Gardening Knife

In general, the gardening knife is irreplaceable in your kitchen, and whether you want it or not, you need it for gardening. It is small, convenient and versatile, so you do not have to carry a lot of things at one time.

From my perspective, I believe Truly Garden Knife can fit most demands of users all the time. It is a great investment for your little space in the long term.

Besides, you also want to learn tips to protect your garden from danger, such as preventing snails.

There are some detailed instructions on the planting of different plants, such as an orange tree, green tomatoes, or even mints. These are all simple things you can benefit from every day.

If you have any experience with a gardening knife, do not hesitate to comment about your story. We all look forward to hearing each of you!

James G. Craig

James G. Craig is a gardening enthusiast who splits his spare time between growing vegetables, preening his flower gardens, and blogging about his experiences at the Gardener Corner.

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