Best Indoor Compost Bins For Keeping Kitchen Waste Completely 2018

Best Indoor Compost Bins For Keeping Kitchen Waste Completely and Odorlessly


Gathering food leftovers for outdoor composting will be great for your gardens. However, if we don’t have an appropriate compost bin, it’s really a disaster. Not only does it stink up your house, but it also attracts many detestable insects, especially fruit flies. With a compost keeper, this terrible problem will be solved.

However, since there are so many models that come in various sizes, styles and prices, it isn’t easy to find out the best indoor compost bins for your kitchen. If you haven’t decided yet, our useful list can help you!

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There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

Compost Collector & Compost Bin: Are They Different?

The answer is YES! A compost bin is responsible for the entire process, both the fermentation and the use of worms. On the other hand, a compost collector is simply a bin in which we place food scraps, then move it to an outdoor composter. At this place, the food will be broken down.

Compost Bins, What Exactly Are They?

They are built to house compost. In particular, they are designed to facilitate the organic matter’s decomposition through the proper aeration as well as moisture retention. Thanks to the appropriate combination of the air and moisture, aerobic organisms will be produced and in charge of transforming the organic materials to the compost.

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The similar process takes place time after time in a mound of the organic materials (a compost ‘’pile’’) without any housing. However, just with a bin, you can impulse the speed of decomposition.

What Shouldn’t You Put into Your Indoor Compost Bin?

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To an outdoor bin, something like meat, fats or dairy can take a short period of time to break down; whereas, in an indoor one, it likely can’t break down at all. Because the indoor bin hardly heats up as fast as the outdoor; it doesn’t have lots of microbial action continuing in general, too.

It’s highly recommended that you should avoid composting tiny items (such as onion peelings) unless you smell it everywhere in your home. Watery items, like melons and squashes, should be stored at a minimum to prevent the contents of the bin from being soggy.

How to Buy the Best Indoor Compost Bins?


The first factor that you should think carefully is the size of your compost bin. Where you want to put it: underneath the kitchen sinks, in the corner of your house or somewhere else? Additionally, will you carry them to a large composting area or just a small ground?


A good compost bin comes with a replaceable carbon filter. We all know that nothing lasts forever, so a replaceable filter will be your life-saver in unexpected cases. Besides, the efficient filters eliminate the chance of the bad odors.


A tight lid helps to reduce bad smell and keep hateful fruit flies away. No more odors, no more flies and your kitchen will be fresh than ever before. Besides, make sure the lid is easy to open or close.


Stainless steel, high-quality plastic and ceramic are three popular materials of compost bins. Each of them has its own features. In particular, stainless steel for simple and endurable design, plastic for lightweight, and ceramic for an elegant looking.


Compost bins are always taken directly to your garden. So, don’t hesitate to pick up a bin with a sturdy handle. You don’t want the kitchen waste to scatter anywhere in your house, do you?

Electronic or Traditional

There are two main types of bins. If you choose a normal bin, it will cost nothing; and of course, the compost isn’t perfect enough. On the other hand, an electronic bin will offer you the ideal compost.

Type of Food the Bin Can Solve

Many bins can cope with the common and soft kitchen waste like coffee ground, fruit peels or vegetable. By contrast, some can solve harder things such as chicken bones or eggshells, and definitely more expensive.

For a close look at an indoor compost bin, check this video: 

Product Reviews – The Best Indoor Compost Bin

I love this product from the first sight. It is 11’’ in height and 7.16’’ in diameter, so it can fit your countertops easily. Additionally, the capacity of 1 gallon can hold the whole compostable organic waste in your kitchen, from fruits peels to vegetable, seeds to coffee grounds, up to 3 days’ worth of scraps.

Simple and seamless design brings it perfect looking. It isn’t only shiny but also sturdy. It’s modeled in an only piece for super strength and durability to prevent scratch, crack or chip. Moreover, the premium and rust-resistant 304 stainless steel will protect your compost out of toxic chemicals leaching as well as bacteria.

Another thing that I like about this bin is its odor-controlling feature. The airtight lid with the activated-charcoal filter can trap odors naturally. It’s also super easy to open with only one hand. Additionally, this lid solves the hateful fruit flies effectively.

Lastly, the cleaning process of Epica is at your fingertips. Unlike other bins which are welded to rust at some weld points, this one can be cleaned easily. With some soap, water and a little work, your bin will look like new.


  • Durable stainless steel

  • Replaceable charcoal filter

  • Controls odors naturally

  • Convenient carrying handle

  • Reasonable price


  • Its color isn’t eye-catching enough.

  • It makes some noise when opening/closing.

If stainless steel brings it a strong appearance, the ceramic jar offers it an elegant looking. It comes in 3 colors: red, white and black. Amongst, the black one is the most expensive, while the white is cheapest.

I especially like the size of this compost pail. It’s about 6.75’’ in diameter (at widest point) and 9.5’’ in height (from the bottom to the top of the knob). So, it’s just right for holding your compostable kitchen till our next trip to the garden. With the capacity of 1 gallon, it allows you to store egg shells, fruits peelings, coffee grounds and clippings.

The bin features a replaceable charcoal filter with the diameter of about 5.625’’. Because the vent holes on its lid seem to attract the fruit flies, the charcoal filter will cope with those unwanted flies. Thanks to it, odors cannot escape from the bin.

However, keep in mind that the filter shouldn’t get wet. Please do not wash as well as reuse it. I strongly recommend you get the little disposable bags (that are handy and biodegradable in your compost pile outside) and order an extra set of the carbon filter lid inserts to control smell.


  • Replaceable charcoal filter

  • Elegant looking

  • Control odors very well

  • Easy and safe to clean without using liners

  • Low price


  • The handle is pretty weak.

  • It’s hard to keep clean.

OXO is a well-known branch in the kitchenware. Designed for daily use, their compost bins come in the convenient size: 7.4’’ x 7.9’’ x 7.3’’, while the volume capacity is 3/4 of a gallon (about 12 cups of water). Therefore, moving it is a piece of cake!

The bin is extremely good at detaining the odors in, though there aren’t ventilation holes. The hinge of the lid allows it to turn 180 degrees, so you can get the pail as well as the lid under a tap for easy rinsing.

It’s a good idea that the inside surface is smoother, without a flat, to prevent food from lodging and sticking. This crevice-free inner wall will prevent food or liquid from developing. Moreover, because of the seamless interior, the very little matter gets stuck in the bottom and it rinses easier.

This product has saved us from our constant fight with fruit flies. To empty it, you just contour the bottom, then rotate its handle. Not only is it super simple to use but also easy to clean. The entire bin can be dishwasher shape.


  • Rotating handle

  • Eye-catching looking

  • No more mold

  • Virtually unbreakable

  • Hassle-free emptying


  • It’s quite small.

  • The lid is too narrow.

Compared to other products in this list, this one is the cheapest bin. Made from the high-density polyethylene, it’s really endurable. Especially, its big outside (about 8.5 x 9 x 11 inches) and the 2.4-gallon (9 liters) bucket can store a large amount of your kitchen waste.

Like the Food Cycler keeper, this one also has a large carbon filter. Do you know that the true compost bin will absorb oxygen to attract good bacteria growth while prevent the anaerobic bacteria developing? This bin can do this because of the filter; air can exchange easily, so the bad odors will be minimal released.

That’s not all! This one fits perfectly on the counter. It takes a small space and is attached on the one side with the hinges, so opening the lid is very simple. Besides, it shuts extremely tightly.

The convenient and sturdy handle allows you to carry the waste directly to your garden without worrying. This product can be dishwasher easily, too. If you want to replace the filter, remember to use only ECO 2500 one for the best result. All in all, the ECO is totally pleased me. Gnats are gone, the stink is gone!


  • Big size

  • Sturdy handle

  • Carbon & replaceable filter

  • Easy to keep clean as well as maintain

  • Very good price


  • Some customers don’t like the plastic material.

If you’re looking for a high-tech compost bin, let give the Food Cycle bin a try. Despite the high price, this unit is worth buying. As an electronic compost container, it can operate with an 110V AC power source. Besides, since the organic remaining is a nutrient-abundant soil amendment, it’s environmentally friendly.

This machine works well to dehydrate and grind the material you add to my garden. Every leftover, from organic waste (like vegetables, fruit peels) to harder ones (chicken bones, ham chunks, egg shells), can be stored efficiently in the bin. Though it failed in bokashi composting, it produces something like organic fertilizers.

What’s else? Thanks to the special carbon filter, this one is odorless, which means no fruit flies appear in your kitchen. The manufacturer also claims that their product will reduce the food waste up to 90% in a little time. In addition, it can be washed safely.

Using the Food Cycler is very simple, just by 4 steps. Firstly, put the leftover food into the removable bucket. Secondly, put the bucket in the main unit, then lock the lid. After that, press a button to begin the process. Finally, when the process is complete, the unit will shut off automatically. You can use the contents directly for your garden.

The total process will take at least 3 hours and need no water, chemicals or venting.


  • 3 hours composting cycle

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Odorless

  • Removable basket

  • Reduces 90% kitchen waste


  • It’s quite expensive.

  • It’s pretty noisy while composing.

Choosing the Best Indoor Compost Bins For Keeping Kitchen Waste Completely and Odorlessly

All of the indoor compost bins in our list do a great job. Because there is a range of factors to consider when purchasing the best indoor compost bins, it’s not easy to make a buying decision. As a thumb rule, the best choice depends on your demands.

From my point of view, I would choose the Epica Stainless Steel Indoor Compost Bin. Though it isn’t eye-catching enough, it’s functional and very endurable. In case you prefer more than a traditional compost bin, the Food Cycler Indoor Compost Bin is an ideal choice.

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