Best Gardening Shoes for Standing All Day 2017 – 2018

Best Gardening Shoes for Standing All Day


Gardening owns a particular set of requirements related to footwear. You can do the gardening simply in any shoes you have. However, when you begin spending lots of time in your garden, you will discover quickly that gardening will be a lot easier while wearing shoes specifically designed for it.

After surfing the web to find blog pots, product reviews, and message board threads, we have regarded some choices as the best gardening shoes. From the feedbacks of hundreds of gardeners, you can not be wrong with these shoes.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

What To Look For In Best Gardening Shoes

There are various gardening shoes for you to pick from, however, not all of which can make your feet dry and comfortable while mucking in a dirty environment.

To boost the possibility of finding the best gardening shoes for your feet, which will be able to offer you the protection and comfort with the highest level, before making a decision, take into account the following elements:

#1: Think over the kind of gardening that you will do

Do you own a big garden in which you will have to trudge through the dirt, or are you a casual gardener working in a small backyard plot? Many gardening shoes slip off and on easily, whereas others are like rain boots and therefore, can keep your legs and feet dry.

Another thing to consider is the kind of weather conditions in the place where you live and how it is outside at the time you are looking after your garden. If you are doing the gardening in the chilly weather, a lined shoe or boot may work better.

Instead, a clog will be the best if you are fond of gardening on sunny and warm days.

#2: Comfort of use

Find shoes which will never make you feel hard when using or wearing. If it is possible, pick one that you are able to easily slip off and on and therefore, you can do a variety of activities related to gardening in less time and minimal effort.

#3: Features of safety

Planting as well as maintaining shrubs, trees and flowers will need you to use garden tools and be in the soil. Protect your feet from the rocks and dirt by picking the appropriate pair of gardening shoes. Something that helps cover both your heels and toes can be safer than something that covers your toes only.

After a long day taking care of your garden, a good support or non-slip sole will help your feet more relaxed. So that you will not get blisters from too big shoes, you can want to ensure that the gardening shoes fit you correctly and are comfortable enough.

#4: Comfort and fit

Make sure the shoes fit your feet perfectly. Wearing it should make you feel great. Besides, choose one that has structured outsoles because it can increase perfect posture. Also, it can prevent blisters.

#5: Clean easily

Those gardening shoes which are waterproof will allow you to keep your feet dry and clean them off easily. Some shoes are made specifically or have drain holes. Therefore, after having been working in the dirt, you can easily hose them off.

Consider materials from which the shoe is made so that you can know whether it is easy to clean or not.

#6: Style

Like people, gardening shoes have various fashions, colors, and shapes. You would like to consider your style. Do you like a shoe that is unique and colorful or neutral? Do you want your shoes to be something that you can keep wearing when doing an errand after gardening or something that you can only wear in your garden?

A right pair of gardening shoes needs to be durable, waterproof and comfortable.

Product Reviews – The Best Gardening Shoes

1. The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe

The Original Muck Boot Company® is repeatedly mentioned when they launch a really interesting kind of shoe which is waterproof, comfortable and tough. In fact, the MuckBoots Adult Daily Shoes are dramatically useful for your gardening because they will keep the feet in the most comfortable status.

Not only are these shoes 100 % waterproof but they also look streamlined, sleek and stylish. Moreover, these shoes are flexible enough to use as a casual shoe. Especially, they are carefully designed to adapt various outdoor activities.

These lightweight garden shoes have waterproof natural rubber uppers. In addition, they are also equipped with insulated shells that help your feet dry and warm in the penetrating cold of the winter, comfortable and cool in the scorching heat of the summer.

They are equipped with super comfortable soles that are made of natural rubber. Furthermore, they are also considered to be a wonderful footwear because of their dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean exterior. Therefore, these unisex shoes are really suitable for farm work, gardening, or going to the park, walking on the beach.

One special thing is that the daily garden shoe has completely no laces. However, it still keeps a comfortable fit around your ankles and your foot without reducing or losing its special feature which prevents water as well as pebbles from coming in your shoes.

Especially, this kind of shoe is also equipped with multiple-ribbed and self-cleaning outsole so that you will no longer clean it up on your own, and instead, let the shoe do itself.

As a result, you will save effort as well as time, thanks to that, you will perform more interesting activities inside and outside of your lovely garden.

The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe is really a wonderful footwear to keep your feet comfortable in every climate condition. It is a unisex footwear, so it is completely suitable for both women and men. In addition, there are several color patterns and options for you to choose.

In short, this shoe is adaptable for out-and-about or your garden.


  • Lightweight garden shoe with waterproof natural-rubber upper featuring self-cleaning multiple-ribbed outsole
  • Synthetic and fabric
  • Self-cleaning, multiple-ribbed outsole
  • Easy to slip on or off
  • Anti-microbial insole


  • Because of having no laces, sometimes the shoe might slip off your feet
  • There are some inconveniences about sizes because some brand does not provide half sizes

2. Bogs Women’s Classic Winter Blooms Tall Winter Snow Boot

The bogs were mainly used by farmers in Oregon to deal with the weather conditions. No matter how gray the sky is, you will be longer worry about it thanks to the appearance of the Bogs Women’s Classic Winter Blooms Tall Winter Snow Boot.

This might be used as a pair of shoes for you if you go outside on a rainy day or freezing cold weather.

Truthfully, these boots can endure the temperature which is about -40 degrees Fahrenheit. You might think that it’s unbelievable. However, thanks to the non-slip rubber and non-marking outsole, your feet are completely comfortable and especially insulated.

Decorated with unique and multi-colored patterns, so that these boots look more stylish and attractive. Additionally, this stunning boot is completely 100 percent waterproof with hand-lasted rubber upper.

The bogs have dual-layer density and contoured EVA footbed with DuralFresh. Therefore, they offer the long-lasting underfoot comfort for the wearers. In facts, people who live in the countryside and enjoy outdoor activities really love Bogs. They give the users the feeling of comfort, natural breath while walking.

A 4 way stretch inner bootie helps to keep your feet always dry and warm. Meanwhile, the Bogs Max-Wick lining is useful for you to reduce moisture and have the best inner condition.

In addition, the Tall Winter Snow Boot also has a removable insole. Moreover, the colorful floral patterns printed on the shoes makes them unique and stylish options for choosing a gardening shoe.

In short, the wonderful Bogs Women’s Classic Winter Blooms Tall Winter Snow Boot is the best choice for you to keep comfortable, dry in all weather conditions. All feedbacks from our customers are always good comments.


  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Inner bootie gives comfort and insulation with a four-way stretch
  • Various styles
  • Make you feel comfortable after wearing these boots for long hours
  • Pull on handles at shaft of boot
  • Keep your feet warm and dry in the winter


  • The neoprene uppers might get damp and hold in odors
  • Heavier than other shoes

3. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

The Crocs Unisex Classic Clog is completely made of fully-molded Croslite synthetic material. The special thing about this material is that its weight is really light. Thus, it provides the most comfortable condition for the users.

Additionally, this material is also non-marking and water-friendly. Therefore, it is very easy for you to clean and dry your shoes while it is still compatible with your feet’s shape.

Thanks to the ventilation ports on beneath of the shoe, your feet are always kept cool while a drainage system is created for any kind of water and debris.

Furthermore, these shoes have non-marking soles. This specific characteristic gives adequate traction to the shoe. There is also a heel strap in order to provide a secure fit. Don’t worry about any inconvenience and discomfort because it has enough space inside while still fitting perfectly.

These shoes are definitely suitable for your outdoor activities or your active lifestyle. If you love gardening, of course, you can use these kinds of shoes. However, you can completely take advantages of them to use as a fashionable footwear.

Last but not least, they are available in plenty of vibrant colors, odor-resistant and breathable.

A toddler can even slide these shoes on and off easily. The back-strap is capable of being rotated to the top of these shoes as well as surrounding your heel. There are more than thirty colors for you to choose easily.


  • Comfortable while giving the suitable support
  • Available in plenty of great colors, fashionable and trendy
  • Suitable for both women and men
  • Equipped with a heel strap, which makes sure the shoes will fit your feet perfectly
  • Heel strap
  • Water-friendly and lightweight
  • Slip on and off easily


  • Incompatible product quality
  • May be uncomfortable for those whose have high arch
  • Only suitable in manufacturing contries

4. The Original MuckBoots Scrub Boot

For anyone who wishes to own a comfortable footwear, the original MuckBoots promise to be one of your best choices. The all-around waterproof protection together with great comfort will be really perfect for your outdoor footwear needs.

In order to meet the needs of outdoor activities as well as more rugged and messier chores, the MuckBoots are designed to be a durable product. It brings you the comfort and also has the waterproof function. As it has a variety of fun colors, you can freely choose one depending on your preference.

This pair of shoes includes the highlighted feature of the stretch bit combination on top. Because of its ability to cover your calf, it can surely keep you comfortable and warm. Also, it is accompanied by a breathable air-mess lining, thereby preventing your sweat and keep your calf dry.

One more feature you’ll immediately see is the boots’ shaft, which gauges the ankle from the arc. This workhorse contains several additional features, which do you a lot of good in dealing with dirty and rugged jobs.

It actually has a low height of calf, thereby making sure that you’ll be completely safeguarded when repairing houses, gardening or doing other home tasks.

Which is the best part? When finishing your work, all you need to do is washing it away.


  • Relaxing without sacrificing the shoes’ stability and durability.
  • Ideal for the roughest and hardest tasks
  • Contains a rubber boosting foot, which makes the shoe become lightweight and offers waterproof protection.
  • Smooth and seam-free interiors, so don’t worry about the possibility that it can hurt or rub your ankle.
  • Has appropriate cushion
  • The greatest of the optimal gardening shoes


  • Sole for the traction is less ideally qualified.

5. Sloggers Women’s Rain and Garden Shoe

Sloggers Women’s Rain and Garden Shoe is perfectly ideal for gardening, walking in the rain, or even either of them, if you do wish.

Made of flexible plastic material, the shoes are highlighted with its waterproof function. The material presents the different appearance of the shoes. With its variety of fun and colorful patterns, you can comfortably choose ones for yourself.

One feature you will prefer this model is its light weight. This characteristic further enhances its ability to offer the wearer the flexibility and comfort as well. As the footwear is waterproof, you can utilize it on wet and muddy terrains without worrying.

This material is able to eliminate the moisture, help your feet remain comfortable and dry. Also, its sole includes a biocide, which helps prevent the foot’s bad odor.

Another interesting thing about this shoes that can get your interest is its breathable feature although it is waterproof. You may not feel hot inside when wearing it because of its particular insole constructed out of open cell polyurethane.


  • Waterproof, thereby keeping your feet dry without worrying
  • Designed with breathable materials
  • Features an eye-catching design
  • Include a deep-lug tread perfect for great traction, so that you have less chance of sliding and slipping at anywhere.
  • Accompanied by a comfortable insole ideal for wearing all day, therefore your feet do not feel weary eventually.
  • Offer great comfort to the wearers – You can easily go around your garden


  • Not offer ideal traction
  • Heel seems to be uncomfortable with long-lasting use
  • The heel can slide off, which can create an obstacle when gardening.


Choosing the optimal gardening footwear plays an important part in determining the comforts you get while working. It can not only prevent you from facing harsh situations but also offer you the interest.

Therefore, you need to opt for the ones that consist of all the features meeting your own requirements. In addition, you should consider what kinds of tasks you are going to do. From that, you can pick up the most suitable and get ready for your planned tasks.

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James G. Craig is a gardening enthusiast who splits his spare time between growing vegetables, preening his flower gardens, and blogging about his experiences at the Gardener Corner.

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