Best Flashlights for A Specific Need and Application 2017 – 2018

The Best Flashlights for A Specific Need and Application


Here is the right place for you. There are a variety of different types of flashlights and all of them have specific purposes. Perhaps you would like to have a light only to be always with you or perhaps you want the serious flashlight to work or defend yourself.

My target is to observe different kinds of flashlight and then, in this part, make a recommendation about the best flashlights for you. What is the top flashlight? It varies from people to people and it depends on what you are finding.

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**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

How many Kinds of flashlights on the market nowadays?

You should understand that knowing what you need in a flashlight is half the way. When understanding it, you can choose the right kind from here. Let’s get accustomed to some different types out there.

#Tube flashlight

This flashlight is the first one to be recommended. Its shape is cylindrical and the traditional one produced light by incandescent bulb.

Today, there are various flashlights which use LEDs to produce light. These flashlights have battery power and can be different in weight, length, power and size.

#Pocket flashlight

Its size is smaller and it can be easily attached to your key chains or taken around in the pocket. It can have different sizes and the small one makes it convenient and portable. It is quite cheaply, too.

The less power of the pocket flashlight is its main disadvantage. Therefore, when relating to heavy duty tasks, it does not perform well although it is appropriate for daily use.

#Dive flashlight

As its name would suggest, it is the waterproof flashlight that is designed for the divers. Thanks to dive flashlight, you can see underwater better and therefore it is a necessary tool for deep sea divers, scuba divers and rescue divers. It is waterproof because it is made of hard plastic or metal.

#Tactical flashlight

It is the flashlight with high power and most popularly used by the emergency services, police and military. Also, it is very helpful for self-defense. The flashlight gives out the light so powerfully that in the daytime, it can blind one person temporarily.

A tactical flashlight is reliable and though it is not too small, you can hold it in one hand.

#Shake flashlight

It is a new version flashlight that is immensely popular with customers. One impressive thing about it is that it does not need batteries or bulbs. A LED (light emitting diode) is the light source and you can charge it by shaking it for approximately thirty seconds. This will supply energy for these flashlights to work a few minutes.

When light dims, the device requires being shaken to recharge. The drawback of shake flashlight is that it is quite costly.

#Head lamp

You can wear this flashlight around your head by strapping or fastening to the helmet. It allows you to use your hands freely and therefore is the perfect choice for miners, rescuers, construction workers, and spelunkers.

As you see, all of the different types of flashlights own specific advantageous characteristics and are helpful for many situations. With various flashlights available, deciding on the right one may be a difficult task.

Firstly, you have to determine your needs and choose the one that would be suitable for your requirements. Even if you must pay more money, always be with a high-quality flashlight which will not disappoint you when you need it most.

Product Reviews – The Best Flashlight

1. Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe w/ 2 x CR123A Batteries

The Streamlight 88040 ProTac is a wonderful tactical flashlight coming at a great cost. If you are fond of spending time exploring the wilderness or working in force, you will need to have a good flashlight with you. The Streamlight 88040 ProTac can give you what you want. Its major characteristics are that it offers the intense brightness.

The LED solid power regulation provides this maximum light. That offers you the most powerful output of light regarding the battery capacity. In other words, it will control the output of power to make sure that there is no overuse of battery and therefore, excluding the risk of the battery running out when needed most.

This flashlight is extremely very durable because of other characteristics, like waterproofing. Also, if it is dropped, it will not break easily as the material to make them consists of aircraft aluminum. Because of the environments and nature in which it is used, tactical flashlights should be very sturdy.

It comprises three operating modes in difference. That means you are able to adjust it to the setting you have according to the environment.

If you find yourself got lost in a very remote area, or even worse, in a burning, smoky building, you will understand the demand of owning a flashlight which helps you light up the surroundings.

Due to being built by the technology of C4 LED, the Streamlight becomes one of the most glowing tactical flashlights available on the market.


  • Light up extremely thanks to applying C4 LED technology
  • Waterproofing
  • Extreme output of light during the battery life supplied by LED Solid State Power Regulation
  • Good quality, great compact, and light
  • Three operating modes in difference


  • Battery recharge should be available.

2. ThruNite TN12 2016 XP-L Cool White EDC LED Flashlight

The Thrunite TN12 2016 is the one I will divide as a daily portable flashlight. One thing still remaining on the Thrunite TN12 2016 is the output at maximum level- an entire 1050 lumens (a measure of the total quantity of visual light emitted by the source) in Turbo mode. Therefore, it is of such a great value.

The flashlight body has the nice knurling needed to grip when the condition is slippery. The head design of the flashlight is said to be more resistant to heat.

This flashlight has an intuitive and simple interface. The rubber button at the rear is the off-on switch. You can swap it to strobe mode you wish and modify the intensity (there are five settings from 4 to an extremely 1100 lumens) by the lamp’s the silver button aft.

The TN12 comprises a charger, a USB cable and an 18650 battery rechargeable (yes, you are able to charge your battery from the laptop), extra O-rings, wrist strap and pocket clip. If the battery runs out and cannot be recharged easily, the TN12 will also operate on the pair of CR123 happily.

It’s medium-light weight (without battery, 3 oz) and size allows the TN12 to work admirably like a weapon flashlight. The simple off/on switch (rear rubber button) is correctly the binary interface kind which you need in a rifle flashlight.

If you want an extremely bright flashlight and want to buy it with a little money, the TN12 is acceptable.


  • Beam focus is better because of the more centralization of the LED bulb on the head.
  • Perfect for army, military, law enforcement, police, firefighters, security, emergency, camping, hunting and other outdoor activities use.
  • Side switch by stainless steel is upgraded to increase the sensitivity of the operation.
  • Firefly mode is extremely nice surplus.
  • Amazing and great light


  • Cool white is surely not the standard one found in other various lights.

3. Streamlight 75813 Stinger DS C4 LED Flashlight with AC/DC Steady Charger, Black

This product is a reliable compact flashlight. You are unable to find the other that is as powerful, long-running, long-lasting as this one.

Besides, Streamlight 75813 Stinger DS C4 LED Flashlight has a variety of excellent characteristics which can help you much in your routine tasks. The experiment indicated that this flashlight can operate one million actions at least.

It is more robust and reliable with a push-button switch having head-mount and tail cap switch with full feature.

You can carry this light no matter where you go because its size is compact and you can recharge it with snap-in-charger when the battery runs out. Also, thanks to IPX4 rating, the Streamlight 75813 is completely waterproof.

This is a quality flashlight about lighting capabilities and portability. What’s more, you can recharge it. The Streamlight 75813 flashlight is aluminum and so very durable. It is lightweight too which is ideal for household use.


  • Materials are high-quality ones.
  • Non-breakable polycarbonate with the coating resistant to scratch
  • Construction is durable for long-term use.
  • Strobe and three light modes
  • Lightweight
  • Flashlight suitable for camping
  • Powerful, long-lasting and long-running


  • The battery can last for approximately two hours after fully charging
  • Expensive
  • The dual switch can be not as helpful as introduced

4. Streamlight 66134 Stylus Pro USB Rechargeable Penlight with Holster and Black/White LED

The Streamlight 66134 Stylus Pro USB is a compact, sleek and pen sized, USB rechargeable flashlight powered by lethium ion battery. It is designed for the use of all markets. The charging on the move is flexibility thanks to using the optional AC wall adapter and the included USB.

Having the push-button switch to operate constantly or momentarily, the Stylus Pro USB supplies the amazing working time for a light and brightness. It is equipped with the nylon holster that is resistant to tear and pocket clip that is removable. This flashlight is designed to meet all of your needs.

This flashlight can operate three hours and a half with a beam at a 50-meter distance and produce 630 candelas, 70 lumens.

Its key seller has to be a rechargeable USB. It is very bright and its shooting can be up to about two hundred feet when the outside is pitch black.


  • The technology of C4 LED
  • Both constant and temporary operation
  • Rechargeable USB
  • Lightweight
  • Pen-sized design


  • The non-clocked slider
  • It’s pocket clip protrudes out of the pocket

5. Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing Lens, Cree XML T6 or XRE Q5, Military Quality

The Vizeri 230 is a versatile and durable flashlight. Various modes and all of the characteristics necessary for the good flashlight make this tactical flashlight a complete one with a reasonable price.

The distinguishing characteristics of this flashlight are focusing lens that allow you to regulate the flashlight to meet your urgent needs. This is especially helpful when you want to narrow the light beam to observe specific thing in the distance.

The flashlight’s adapter for AAA battery as well as an end-cap adapter for lithium-ion battery is extremely helpful because it offers you the choice of globally common AAAs as well as 18650 lithium batteries with longer battery capacity.

This flashlight has five modes including SOS, the Strobe as well as high, medium and low brightness levels. It comprises the holster with D-ring and lamp diffuser. In other words, it can be fixed to hanging lamp and therefore very helpful when camping.

On the whole, the Vizeri 230 is proportionally simple and versatile, which is suitable for all of the users. You will have difficulty in finding the other quality flashlight as the Vizeri 230.


  • Zoom the capability of focusing
  • Beam memory characteristic
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Materials to make the light’s parts are aircraft-grade, proven to be shock-proof.
  • Two-battery choice


  • Unsuitable for scuba diving: It cannot be used in deep-sea diving and the like
  • Not supplied with free source of power: don not include battery

Choosing the Best Flashlights for A Specific Need and Application

The best flashlights could give the users many benefits and so it is hard to find the best that is the most economical and suitable for you. Hopefully, these best compact flashlights’ reviews can help users choose wisely. See you next time!

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