Best Fire Pits For Perfect Outdoor Heat 2017 – 2018

The Best Fire Pits For Perfect Outdoor Heat


You love an outdoor get together talking and sharing stories with family members and friends in a breeze and cold winter nights. Check out our post to earn your best fire pits for outdoor heat. I bet this review on fire pits will not disappoint you.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

What is a fire pit?

A fire pit is an outstanding versatile invention. It is widely used for providing warmth on cold evenings by families or campers for long trips. A pit is dug into the ground with a popular structure of stone, metal or brick. The main and core function of a pit fire is to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading around.

A typical fire pit Photo credit: Out.of.Focus via / CC BY-NC-SA

A fire pit is a perfect fit for you just to sit and look at the burning fire, thinking about everything in life. You might end up seeing a lot of different styles of fire pit these days but don’t worry; this review post shall provide you with precious recommendations about how to choose the best fire pits for outdoor heat.

First of all, please have a look at this link below on how a fire pit works.

How to choose the best fire pit?

Fire pit style

Most of the fire pits share the same appearance in style ranging from fire bowl to square versions. The latter is similar to low tables. If you prefer the one that easily to move, you should try a fire bowl style. However, if you have a large outdoor backyard and often celebrate large gatherings, a square fire pit is the best choice.

Technical dimensions

A fire pit owns a diameter of around 20” to 45”. Small fire pits are between 20” to 25, ” and bigger ones are 40” to 45”. Smaller fire pits are perfectly suitable for compact patios and backyards. Obtaining such information can be helpful for you when deciding what type of fire pit you want to have to décor your outdoor yard.

Fuel for fire pit

Most fire pits work based on wood or gas, and it is a must for you to determine what type of fire pit you like. One big advantage of a wood fire pit is that it is more cost effective and money saving than a gas or propane fire pit because once the gas runs out, you have to refuel your fire pit immediately and constantly.

Besides, a wood fire pit makes you feel like you are on a long camping trip, which is more appealing and lovely.

Fire pit materials

As I mention earlier, fire pits are mostly made from stone, copper or stainless metal. Each type of material has its pros and cons. For stone fire pits, it is very difficult to move them around because they are so heavy and somehow, they are a waste of money in case you don’t often celebrate large groups of friends and families.

This is the case for stainless metal fire pits as a matter of the fact that their resistance against bad weather like rain and rust is weak. Therefore, they require more work to be cleaned up.So if you want to invest your money in a good fire pit, you had better consider a copper one. Such copper fire pits possess shiny looks and are also mobile enough for you to move them away.


Please be noted that your fire pit should not be placed against your wall or close to your house to avoid unexpected fire. Furthermore, always pay high attention to your fire pit especially if your pit is on a wooden deck. The ideal perfect place for you to put a fire pit on is a stone or cement ground.

1. Sunnydaze 36 Inch Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit with Spark Screen

The SunnydazeCrossweave Fire Pit owns not only multi-functional features but also a beautiful design of weave pattern that makes this fire pit a more attractive piece in your backyard.This Crossweave fire pit is 36 inches in width and has a steel bowl with 11 inches in depth. For this reason, this bowl fire pit provides enough room for the fire to breathe, a long lasting burning fire.

The criss-cross design allows you to view how fire glow is inside the bowl. This bowl fire pit is 29 pounds in weight, thereby easily being moved around. At the top of the pit, there is a rail which is very useful for you to open and close the pit and to avoid hurting your hands from the heat. The feature I like the best about this fire pit is a vinyl cover protecting the fire pit from effects of weather thereby prolonging the useful life of your fire pit.


  • Mobile yet sturdy enough to move around
  • Worthy of your money
  • Much space inside the fire pit
  • Attractive design
  • Beautiful protective cover


  • Must be put on a smooth surface
  • Cannot work well if left out in the rain

2. Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife, Black

Landmann Big Sky Fire is one of the best choices for you to have a warm outdoor gathering with your friends wherever you are, in a backyard or on a camping site. The pit is made from stainless steel with high durability so you shouldn’t worry too much about the useful life of this product.

The main color of the fire pit is black with wonderful cutouts of animals, making it unique and different from other types of the fire pit. You can also view the flames glowing inside the bowl through such cutouts. I think your kids would love it.

With a steel safety ring running around the bowl fire pit and the weight is not heavy, you can easily move this pit wherever you want. Even so, you should always watch out your hands to avoid getting hurt by the heat.

This Big Sky Fire Pit is around 23.5” in diameter and 12.5 inches in depth. As a result, it is portable for you to take along on long camping trips. Furthermore, this pit provides a full-size cooking grate, so it is very convenient for you to grill and roast BBQ meals. In my opinion, Big Sky Fire Pit deserves to be one of the best fire pits for outdoor heat.


  • Suitable for a small fire
  • Not too expensive
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multi-functional with a grilling grate
  • Mobile and portable
  • Beautiful appearance with cutouts of animals
  • A safety ring around the bowl fire pit


  • The lid cover is not resistant to rust
  • Not ideal for large get-together meetings

3. Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit

The Folding Fire Pit is perfectly suitable for those who prefer warm gathering meetings and outdoor BBQ grills. This bowl fire pit is also the best choice for small gardens. The technical features of this pit include a black painted stainless steel bowl with great resistance against the heat, quite a large cooking grate providing enough room for small BBQ meals.

Although it is 7 pounds in weight, it is still strong enough to stand strong and even on the smooth ground. Its legs can be folded, so it is very mobile and flexible for you to bring along during long day trips. What is more, with a proper room in the cooking grate, you shouldn’t worry if you forget to take your offset smoker with you for an outdoor BBQ. The Folding Fire Pit has everything you need for a great grilled meal.


  • Suitable for a small garden
  • Great design for camping
  • Mobile and portable
  • Easy to clean up
  • Lightweight
  • Attached carrying bag
  • Ease of assembly


  • Not appropriate for a large fire
  • The lid cover is not resistant to rust
  • Cannot be left out in the rain

4. CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

This fire pit has ample space for a medium size fire which is very suitable for long winter days. The fire tub is made from solid copper with 30 inches in depth. The design with contemporary stand makes it easier to impress your guests. This fire pit is quite sturdy with metal legs supported with heavy screen cover and a vinyl cover to keep you safe from the fire burning unexpectedly hard.

This fire pit is very portable and flexible. Therefore, it can be easily moved around your garden. The copper tube is not coated or painted so it can maintain its rustic style.

Main technical features of the Cobraco Fire Pit are as below:

  • Dimensions: 30” in width, 30” in depth and 21” in length

  • Weight: around 30 pounds


  • Large, deep tub for long lasting fire
  • Portable for movement
  • Ease of use
  • Durable for many decades of times as it comes with a heavy screen cover and vinyl cover with handle to protect it from effects of weather
  • Produce a lot of heat and light
  • Lightweight


  • Quite expensive
  • Not resistant to rust
  • No cooking grate
  • Not recommended for heavy use
  • Pouring cold water in the pit cannot help let the fire down

5. Endless Summer, GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel

Different from all of the fire pits I share with you so far, this outdoor fire pit works depending on gas. So for those who are so lazy about running around with wood and charcoal to maintain the fire glow, this gas outdoor fire pit is a clever option.

This fire pit not only provides you with the amplest room for fire but the sturdiest structure ever. Everyone will be impressed immediately with the outside decoration of this pit, which is a beautiful and colorful plate placed at the top of the burning pit. With the presence of this gas outdoor fire bowl in the backyard, you and your family surely want to spend more time chatting and sharing with each other on starry nights.

Some summaries on technical features of this fire pit as below:

  • A large gas tank is producing around 40,000 BTUs and building the heat to 150 sq. ft.

  • Including lava rocks and logs

  • Variable settings for you to monitor the heat


  • Worthy of your money to purchase
  • Wonderful stylish design
  • Beautiful slate and table top
  • Produce good heat
  • Sturdy and reliable for long lasting fire


  • Time-taking to assemble the fire pit
  • Less mobile and flexible
  • More dangerous in use than wooden burning fire pit

Choosing the Best Fire Pits For Perfect Outdoor Heat

Now that you earn yourself detailed analysis and reviews on advantages and disadvantages of each fire pit. Depending on your financial situation and available room for the fire pit, you can determine which one is the most suitable for you.

If you have a large backyard and wish for frequent night talks outdoors, the Gas Fire Bowl is always there for you. However, you prefer a smaller space with fewer gatherings; any choice of fire pits like the Crossweave, Big Sky, Fire Sense and Cobraco is acceptable.

Share this post and tell us to know which type of fire pit you want.

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