The Best Cloning Machines for Growing – What Expression! 2018

The Best Cloning Machines for Growing – What Expression!


In your garden, a couple of trees are so perfect that you want to grow some additional plants like that. But, how to grow a similar-to-origin copy? – An answer is exactly a cloning machine – an ideal tool in order to help you have a quality copy with valuable genetics like the original trees.

Do you find one of the best cloning machines for your planting need? Well, this article will provide all that you are finding. Let’s go on reading…

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

Seeking for the Best Cloning Machines for Planting a Perfect Copy

Introduce a Cloning Machine & the Reasons Why You Need It

Your cloning process will become easier with a cloning machine. Basically, its design is a plastic box (circular or square), which has the nutritional mixture, a pump, and the nozzles to spray aeroponic.

It can understand simply that this is a hydroponic system type, along with an array of circular holes so that you can fill with the hard or soft neoprene. The numbers depend on the demands of the gardeners.

Take the cuts of the chosen trees after putting them into the holes of the cloning machine. Then, run the water pump. Via the nozzles, the nutrient mixture starts to be pumped. This helps cover a mist-oxygenated layer around your cuts.

Cloning your plants will take much time if you do not apply a cloning machine; especially, you must pay attention carefully during the rooting process because the surrounding environment is very finicky.

Frequently, the success rate when utilizing a cloning machine is approximately 100 percent. If compared to the out-of-date methods.

View this video to know about a cloning machine anymore:

The Necessary Considerations When Purchasing a Cloning Machine

Finding a right cloning machine with your needs is not easy. Basically, you need to determine the seeking product is reasonable to your budget. At once, it has also owned the desired features.

To help you quickly find the suitable cloning machine, we provide some issues that you ought to consider before giving a decision. Essentially, it forces you to have to answer the following questions. Lets’ start!!!

What types of hydroponic system are suitable? 

The hydroponic system consists of 2 main types – the DWC (Deep Water Culture) and the EAF (Ebb and Flow).

The EAF is a perfect selection for the plants, which are dry. Having said that, for the novice gardener, the DWC model is ideal because it is simple and easy to set up.

How many sites are growing?

Saying to the growing sites, you need to determine the numbers of your grown plants so as to know how many pots or buckets you will need.

It is certain that you will not want to buy a small cloning machine while the numbers of your plants are substantial, right? Therefore, before choosing to buy a cloning kit, you must define the careful numbers.

How is the bucket size?

Let’s ensure that you have selected a right bucket size with the grown plants. Using gallons to measure the buckets, so you have to consider the fit when your plants grow.

It recommends that you should pick up a cloning machine with a large space so that your plants are easy to take out.

Is the hydroponics system active or passive?

Of course, it would be best to choose an active hydroponic system. This system is especially good for the growth during the cloning process, instead of using the passive system.

Is a cloning kit expandable?

This one is necessary. An expandable cloning machine will allow you to see the effect of utilizing it so that you can consider expanding.

The lack of that feature is also no problem, but you will spend an amount of your budget for this need. Correspondingly, instead of using a general kit, we encourage to buy an expandable cloning machine to utilize when needing.

Product Reviews – The Best Cloning Machine

Too good to be true, the success rates are approximately 100%. This is one of few cloning machines, which can do. The Clone King 25 promises to provide a great experience for the gardeners.

The product almost has full of the necessary things, including, the lid, submersible pump – 317GPH, reservoir, inserts, and spray manifold. The rest task is to add a bit of the light.

Whether you are a beginner, don’t worry. This clone is easy to use because it comes with the detailed guidelines in order that you can clone a snap in an easy way.

The 13-spray head is an outstanding feature. The purpose is to strengthen the ability to cover. Only involving organic without having any chemicals or hormones, so the roots are quickly formed from 5 to 7 days.

It is noticed that you are easy to adjust the root from 1-25 cuttings. It seems more expensive than other products, but the quality is worth. Look at the success rate, can you ignore this product?


  • The pump is pretty quiet

  • The success rate reaches 95% – 100%

  • It is good for the beginners

  • Easy to put together

  • The price comes with the quality

  • The water temp reaches the mid 70’s


  • It cannot control the water temp

  • The pump in the water is to keep the heat

Similar to the Clone King 25, the Clone King 36 are also composed of the spray manifold, inserts, reservoir, lid, and submersible – 317GPH. Of course, adding the light is to force.

By using the aeroponic cloning method, this clone helps the cloning process rapidly and easily. The suspended cuttings are continuously sprayed with the 13-spray heads.

In 3-5 days, the roots have gradually appeared. The ingredients are organic without including chemicals or hormones, so it is safe for your plant cuttings.

The product has the specific instructions. Consequently, whether you are a beginner can still perform a snap by yourself.

The optimal point compared to the Clone King 25 is perhaps the numbers. If you have a large number of cuttings to clone, this model can be ideal. What about the success rates? Let’s feel secure that it is not under 95%.


  • Sturdy construction

  • The success rate is approximately 100 percent

  • The lid is very easy to take on and off

  • The pump electrical cord is small and manageable

  • It is safe

  • It runs almost quiet


  • The sprayer heads get clogged

  • It has a bit of mess

  • A little too compact

The success rates are about 100 percent. In 3-5 days, your plants can be easily rooted. That’s why the Clone King 64 Site is added to this list.

This clone also needs to add the light and includes the lid, reservoir, and spray manifold. The inserts are a variety of colors, including, blue, red, and black. The different point from two cloning machines above is submersible pump – 496GPH.

This model also spends for the beginners when coming with the detailed instructions. After reading the manual carefully, you are easy to clone a snap whether you are used to utilizing it.

Another feature creates a profile of this product that is the equipment of the 25-spray heads. Thanks to that, it brings an unmatched coverage in a system.

Similarly, this Clone King does not also have any chemicals or hormones, instead, there is organic. Therefore, it is not damaged to your plants.


  • Easy to set up

  • Well built

  • Apart from water, no rooting powder, no nothing…

  • The square shape is good

  • The water temp is approximately 74 degrees


  • Expensive

  • The jets get clogged up with roots

  • The success rates are really high

The nice look and the unable-denial quality create a cloning machine, which is good enough for your plants to grow. It is difficult to ignore the TurboKlone T48D Aeroponic Cloning if you are looking for an optimal cloning model.

The difference from other cloning machines, the TurboKlone has the curved walls, along with the round edges. Therefore, the ability to resist the heat is excellent.

The product provides a humidity dome that contributes to preventing the transpiration of the leaf as well as the initial shock of the transplant.

Aside from that, the amount of the water and oxygen is sprayed a fine way to your plant cuttings. All are due to the submersible pump. Accordingly, you do not have to worry about your cuttings, which die.

Most people often take overheating at the plants into consideration. You can have peace of mind on this when this clone has equipped a fan in order to keep the whole system, which becomes cool. Furthermore, cleaning is easy.


  • The success rates are high ~ 80%-90%

  • The usage is easy

  • Roots showing in 3 days

  • Easy to clean

  • It can clone various plants


  • The jets are not strong enough, especially, the corner

  • Expensive

  • Poor instructions

You are looking for a compact cloning machine with the outstanding quality, right? Well, the GrowBright OctoCloner 8 Site Aeroponic Cloning can meet your requirement.

With this size (8 sites), it is suitable for a small number of your plant cutting. In additional to the 5-gallon bucket reservoir with the black color, the GrowBright still has the lid, manifold stem, 3650 sprayer, big pump (250GPH), and neoprene collar.

The instructions are very detailed. It consists of the way to cut clones and the tips to get the successfulness.

Using the EZ clone system, your plants will quickly root within 7 days. Plus, the worry about the mess does not also occur when having the molded lid with the surrounding foam collars.

Averagely, it can pump 250GPH per hour. The success rate is relatively high. It can say that this is a good model to clone well.


  • The bucket is very sturdy

  • It looks nice

  • The lid without burrs

  • Roots quickly

  • The success rates are approximately 100 percent


  • Small

  • It is suitable for a large amount of cloning

Choosing the Best Cloning Machines for Growing

For the time being, it believes that you recognize the answer for finding one of the best cloning machines. Is it right?

Look at the list, based on both the reasonable price and good quality, the Clone King 36 seems to predominate over. Even, the size of this model is ideal. It is medium – not too large or too small. You think that, too?

Indeed, we hope that you can quickly find a right cloner for your demand. Let’s see the considerations above! Good luck!!!

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