The best brush mowers in 2017 for every gardener 2018

The Best Brush Mowers For Every Gardener

Hoping to change the way your backyard look?

I believe you have come to the right place. A brush mower is one of the most crucial tools to transform your yard to a magnificent garden. Therefore, in the following content, I will show you the best brush mowers in 2017.

I hope that you will make the most appropriate decision after reading my article. But first, let’s look at some important information.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

Things to look for when purchasing a brush mower

There are four criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing the best brush mower for yourself

Ability to cut

It is the most crucial thing, which will decide how your garden is tidied and how much time you have to spend doing that. If your backyard is full of tall grass and has dense brushes, you will want your brush mower to handle them without difficulties.

Therefore, considering the efficiency of the brush mower will be the first thing. A small one can chop 1 to 2-inches-saplings and a large one can cut about 3 to 4 inches. Also, you can identify the ability of the machine by measuring the height of grasses and weeds, which is 4 to 8 inches on average.

Another thing to assess when it comes to efficiency is the cutting width. An ideal small brush mower often has 24 to 30 inches in the cutting range and a big one should have 40 to 60 inches.


What I mean when mentioning power is the size of the engine of the machine. It will show a significant influence on your brush mower choice due to direct effect on prices and types of area you want to clean up. The more substantial the engine is, the more expensive the brush mower is.

That is why, if you only have a small garden with flexible grasses and weeds, choosing a machine with 10 HP will make a perfect fit. And you can increase that power to about 16 to 20 HP in case your area is wide with high density of saplings.


If you ever do some research on the best brush mowers, I believe you already know that they are selling another type of model besides walk-behind ones. It is tow-behind machines. Different from walk-behind model, tow-behind ones have towing head, where you need to sit on and drive.

Each kind has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Tow-behind machines will serve best when you have a large garden with wide corners. You will not have so many difficulties when taking turns. On the contrary, walk-behind ones allow you to make hard turns and cut all the grasses in any corners, as well as terrains.


When looking for a brush mower, you also should see whether there are numerous accessories being sold with the product. Since various brands having many offers in the market nowadays, it will be regrettable if you cannot have any of them for free.

Also, you should take a look at the edition of the brush mower that you are going to buy. The more updated version, the more number of attachments you can receive at the moment and in the future.

Product Reviews – The Best Brush Mower

Of all the brush mowers in my list today, this Remington probably has the most beautiful outlook. The black shiny color creates a strong, as well as modern viewpoint, on the machine. Combining with other features, it becomes one of the most favorable mowers for users everywhere.

Its folding handle is one of the most up-to-date designs in the market at present. Therefore, you will find it very convenient to put away the machine after using. The handle can be folded into three and the size of the machine can fit almost any corner in your house.

Moreover, with outstanding ball-bearing wheel design, which is 14 inches in radius, the brush mower is relatively quick to control and can assist you to cut the grasses in various types of soil and terrains. Even the roughest ones, including up the hills and on the mountains, can be easily conquered.

However, what you may find uncomfortable with the 14-inch-wheels is that they are a little small comparing to the total weight of the machine. That is why moving it on uneven surface may bring some difficulties to you.

But, don’t worry! There are attachments being sold that you can buy in nearly every store if you want to replace those wheels. In addition, unlike most products in this article today, the Remington uses gas as fuel. And surprisingly, it saves its fuel almost as excellently as other mowers using electricity.

A tank full of gas can help the machine work hard for a few days. Finally, the most excellent feature about this Remington, which stands it out is the 4-cycle OHV engine. It is very strong and can cut all the thick and tall saplings in less than a minute.

Nevertheless, if you only have a small garden with low and flexible grass, you may have some troubles using the product. It works at an average level when it comes to low grass and does not perform so well like handheld mowers. Therefore, choose wisely.


  • Folding handle

  • Work on various terrains

  • Gas-saving

  • Easily cut through tall and thick grass


  • Narrow wheel-width

  • May need help when cutting low grass

The second product comes from GreenWorks, a prestigious brand on the best brush mowers. Having it, you will have nearly all the conveniences when cleaning up your garden. It offers 5 levels of cutting height, which helps adjusting the cutting ability under any circumstances.

Therefore, you can easily bring down short saplings and grasses, which is about 0.6 inch, to tall ones, which is approximately over 2 inches. Moreover, the machine is very versatile in discarding the clippings. Although the package says there are 2 features in 1 product, according to my observation, there should be 3.

They are mulching, rear-discharge, and bag catcher. You can use any feature you like to dispose your unused grasses. And don’t underestimate the efficiency of the grass bag. It’s extremely convenient when you are a busy person and don’t have much time to cut the grasses every week.

As the grasses are chopped into tiny particles, the bag will collect them and leave no spare grasses behind. All you have to do after that is to detach it from the machine and discard those grasses. And you can make sure that they will not grow back within a week or two.

That is different from mulching and rear-discharge, which still leave the particles on the field and the grasses often return very quickly when they meet water. Another characteristic that motivating numerous people to pick this brush mower is that it does not create sounds while working.

If you have old folks living in your house, GreenWorks will be an appropriate option. Nevertheless, small size and short cord can be a little inconvenient when you have a large backyard or garden.

You will need to spend more time to thoroughly clean all the saplings and may have to purchase a more extended cord than the one available right now in order to reach all corners in your garden.


  • 5 levels of height adjustment

  • 3-in-1 machine

  • Convenient grass catcher

  • Work quietly


  • Need long cord

  • Small size

Unlike the previous product, this EGO Power does not need any cord. It runs by batteries, which is the most creative designs in the market nowadays. That is why I include it in my article about the best brush mowers today.

Particularly, due to using accumulated energy, the machine has optimized the power and brought the charging time to a whole new level. It takes you only 30 minutes to fully charge the 56-volt-battery. That is the most rapid time I have ever seen.

And with an arc-lithium battery working in advanced, the brush mower can work within at least 3 to 4 hours. However, it still has a minor mistake, which causes several users to call to the service centre and ask for assistance. It is the noise when they charge the battery.

It’s not so loud but enough to irritate whoever having sensitive ears. Therefore, charging the machine in a private room will be the most optimal choice for those who hate noises.

Another special thing, which makes users incredibly satisfied using this product, is that it is compact and handy. The machine can be folded in half and dragged like a suitcase. Therefore, you will find it very plain to store and can even carry it to anywhere you like.

Moreover, if you are busy taking care of your children or going to work, you can tidy your garden at night. ECO Power offers LED headlights, an excellent tool to use when you have to mow the lawn in the dark of the nights.

Besides, wet and dense grasses do not show many effects on the cutting ability of this machine. The sharp blades are very sharp and they can cut the grasses in any conditions. After that, just remember to clean the brush mower to protect its spare parts. If it does not receive sufficient maintenance, it can break down anytime.


  • Quick charge

  • Easy to store

  • LED lights

  • Good for tall and wet grasses


  • Loud charger

  • Need frequent maintenance

  • Some buyers complain that the stitching is not good at all.

Perhaps, the first impression about Sun Joe brush mowers to everyone is that they share various similarities with toys. Nevertheless, the whole machine, whose parts never break or fall off, is strong and sturdy.

Moreover, there are not many difficulties in assembling the parts of the brush mower. The handle and the wheels are the only things that you need to attach to the machine. The directions for use mention very clearly how to assemble everything and start the engine.

You can check them before working with the product. Besides, because of the plastic cover, the entire mower is extremely light-weight, which is only 28 pounds. Therefore, it will be very comfortable to move whether towards or backwards.

If you are a woman and don’t have high physical conditions, you will love this machine’s power, as well as its weight. Also, low price always creates high competitiveness for Sun Joe brush mowers in the market. Comparing to other products, you often need to pay twice as cheap as when buying a Sun Joe.

I guess that it why various residents having low budget choose this one over the others. However, sometimes, the price goes with the quality. Several users do claim that they wait quite long to receive the product. While it usually takes 2 days, they have to wait for a week and almost call off the order. That is just a minor mistake of the service and I think they can fix it very quickly. Just provide them the precise address, detailed direction to your house, and everything will be fine.

One thing to remind you about this mower is that you may find it difficult to cut areas with high density of grass. When you start mowing lawns, remember to walk slowly. In that way, the machine will have time to operate and dense grasses will be cut off much easier.


  • Well-built

  • Easy to assemble

  • Light weight

  • Low price


  • Long-day-shipping

  • A little hard to cut dense grass

The last product in my list of the best brush mowers today comes from Yard Machines. Although it looks small, it is highly reliable with four equal wheels. They make the entire mower extremely maneuverable, which is a great convenience no matter where you want to go.

That is also the reason why this product is perfect for small backyards and gardens. It will be very simple for you to take turns or cut the grasses in narrow spots. And similar to the first machine, this one uses OHV engine, which is very strong and can conquer the thickest areas in your garden.

The mower does not consume so much time to start as well. By pushing the primer bulb only once, you will be able to boot the engine. However, you should get prepared for the first time using it. Pressing the bulb five or six times are quite normal to make it work.

If there is anything to complain about this Yard Machines, I guess it’s the cutting height, which is hardly adjustable. Whenever you meet that issue, just push the handle hard. Then, lift it up slowly to the level you want. It will not be so difficult anymore.

If you have any other problems, feel free to call the service centre. They are available 24/7 to help you.


  • High maneuverability

  • Excellent for small yard

  • Easy to take turns

  • Easy to start


  • Not easy to adjust height

  • May have troubles at first time using

Choosing the Best Brush Mowers for Your Garden

It’s really hard, even for me, to pick the best brush mower from the five excellent ones. However, if I plan to purchase one, I will definitely go for the first product. I love its color at first sight. Also, its reasonable price and powerful engine are exactly what I am looking for.

I believe that you will have your own opinion on each mower. Thank you for reading my article and don’t be shy to send me your questions. Moreover, do share this article if you find it useful. Other people are probably wondering the same thing just like you did.

 Goodbye and see you.

James G. Craig

James G. Craig is a gardening enthusiast who splits his spare time between growing vegetables, preening his flower gardens, and blogging about his experiences at the Gardener Corner.

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