Review Of The Best Brush Cutter for Your Gardening Job 2018

Review Of The Best Brush Cutter for Your Gardening Job


Cleaning grasses and other undergrowth in your gardens could be a daunting task if you do not have a suitable brush cutter in your hands. You do not only waste your time to clean the messes but also you might have a back pain as well as other painful muscles to have a beautiful garden. Therefore, you probably to pick the best brush cutter to support you both missions – tidying the lawn and avoiding the injuries at the same time.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

Some factors to take into account before purchasing the best brush cutter

The weight of a brush cutter

Most of the brush cutters have the fixed weight. The key point is you need to ensure that you could hold and handle the total weight of this tool in the long periods of time. If you are standing in the parts of the steep on your yards, you will have a difficult task to take an enormous piece of machinery at a steep angle.

Therefore, you should take it for the first time and try to use it as necessarily as possible. By trying this method, you will know your position and estimate its weight. You could ask a seller to do that in the gardening – tool stores.

If you choose to buy the product through the online websites, you will read lots of the opinions from other patrons and your friends. If you have two incredible choices, you might take the one that is less lightweight one. By doing this, you will protect your arms in the case it weighs only a few pounds.

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The type of the engines

There are two kinds of engines in a brush cutter two – stroke engine and four – stroke engine. If you had used these types of garden tools before, you had known two platforms of the brush cutter.

With two – stroke engine, they are capable, and they do not have many moving parts to confuse for the elderly when using. In the four – stroke engine, they need to have the gasoline resources to move the engine freely. This tool is applicable for those who are willing to use the modern technology.

The shafts 

Most of the brush cutters have two different shafts – the curved shaft and the straight one. The function of two different shafts is not separated except the habitation of the users.

In the curved shafts, you are much more comfortable to hold it smoothly for several hours because of its lightweight. With the straight ones, you are not convenient for a long period of time, but they are flexible and accurate tools to remove the messes in the tough areas such as the curved surfaces, the buildings, etc.

The adjustment of the heads

It is vital to take a brush cutter with a flexible head, and it is also crucial to support you to change the heads in a brush cutter quickly. The thumb rule is you should watch out the standard of these products. It could be spent much time to try by changing the blades (quad blade or tri – blade), but it is the worth time to do that.

The number of the handles

The handles of brush cutters have one or two handles. With one – handed brush cutters, you can use these tools easily; however, you need to pay attention to the safety while using. They are strong, and they move their bodies on one side only. To control the tool, you should use both of your hands to take it.

In the two – handed brush cutters (they are also called bulbar and bull horns), you can combine a harness to hold them in your hands because they look like the bicycle handles.

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Product Reviews – The Best Brush Cutter

Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturers in the brush cutter industry, and Hitachi CG22EAP2 is also rated one of the most useful brush cutters in the latest market. In this tool, you can find a string trimmer and one brush cutter at the same time. The Hitachi creates the comfort of having a machine on two tasks.

On the one hand, this brush cutter has a 2 – cycle gasoline with two – stroke engine that meets the requirements of the emission. Despite its lightweight (only 11 pounds), it could be a powerful cutter to support you to clean the lawn smoothly.

The drive shaft (with 60 inches) is sturdy and solid that is made of the stainless steel. So you can use it for a while to save your budget and your buying time as well. Also, the product also has an anti-vibration system to eliminate the feeling of lethargy when taking a machine in several hours.


  • With the two – stroke engine, the tool could manage the level of emission.

  • It is a lightweight tool for most of the users to handle.

  • The price is affordable.

  • This brush cutter also has S – start system to cut down the full of force.


  • There is something wrong in the back of spool.

  • The strap should be made longer.

  • It does not include the parts of the trimmer.

The Troy – Blit TB42 is adjustable, and it could be the connections of Trimmer Plus such as a pole saw and an edger. This is a special element though those small tools are sold independently. The tool has a premium 27cc 2-cycle gas with the full of crank engine. This engine works slightly, quickly and lasts for a while.

Furthermore, you do not get stuff to start to use the tool. You must not pull the cord when opening the motor thanks to the JumpStart Technology. Or you could choose the Spring Assist to pull the string easily.

If you want to remove the messes under the bushes and the shrubs, this model has a strength shaft to get out of this annoyance in your garden. The tool also has four – tip steel blade to control the thick brush.


  • Although the tool weighs 14 pounds only, it also is inbuilt a shoulder strap to help you carry on the total brush cutter easily.

  • It is easy to use for most of the users of different ages.

  • It is a perfect tool for heavy duty in your garden.

  • The motor is powerful and dependable.


  • The tool does not attach the tool for removing all of the grasses.

  • It does not have an automatic started for the first beginning time.

  • The shoulder strap could be broken at any time.

If you are looking for a great commercial grade trimmer, you could not ignore the Tanaka TCG27EBSP 2 because it has a high engine with reliable construction. The structure of this tool is state – of – the – art and magnificent. The switches, the guard, and the handles have the best quality of the plastics.

Moreover, the gasoline tank, the line – feeding mechanisms and the trimming head are outstanding in this tool. The 2 – cycle gas also has a large amount of power. The handles might help you decrease the problem of trimming the lawn. With these amazing features, Tanaka TCG27EBSP 2 is rated one of the best brush cutter models on the market.


  • The tool has a comfortable design.

  • It is a lightweight trimmer tool (with 11.2 pounds).

  • The platform is such a perfect equipment.

  • It has a great power source.


  • It does not work well for the second time after having it.

  • The 2 – cycle gas line could be broken from the tank to the carb unit.

  • The exhaust head in the tool is very close to the user’s arm when using it. Users should be careful about this point.

The Remington RM2700 Ranchero has an adjustable bump to fit the head of the trimmer to cut young saplings and large grasses. Due to a reliable stainless tool, this trimmer equipment might cut many kinds of lawn through your requirements.

This tool is inbuilt a curved form and a shoulder strap to give you carry on your hands smoothly for several hours despite its lightweight. However, you may think of another harness to protect your muscles while using in long hours.

This lawn trimmer could become a cultivator; a pole saw, a blower and other features that you can buy this versatile model. It also has the 27cc engine and another quick – start engine to support you to get ready this daunting task.


  • The tool has several attachments to solve several tasks in your garden.

  • It has a powerful engine to cut tough elements of the lawn.

  • You can start it quickly.

  • It also has a shoulder strap.


  • It does not have high power to do in the whole day.

  • The plastic choke could be broken at any time.

  • Although it is a lightweight product, it is still bulky and heavy.

The Husdvarna 128LD has an adjustable head with a 28cc – engine powerful to adapt several restrictions which you may need to take care of your garden. The product also has a straight shaft that you can manage your job smoothly.

When working, it does not make a huge of volume to protect your ears for several hours. You should wear the ear protection to eliminate the ear damage in the upcoming time.

To focus on the curved handle and the comfort of the grip, you might have a good protection, and you also change the holding areas to be much more convenient during a long period of time.

Furthermore, some gardeners point out that you should use another commercial grade item and the Husdvarna 128LD at the same time. It depends on your needs and requirements. Hence, this tool is also estimated one of the best brush cutter options for most of the users.


  • It has a sturdy and solid structure.

  • The tool does not make noise when starting.

  • You begin to use it easily.

  • It is also lightweight.


  • The handles of this brush cutter are not tight all of the time.

  • It is not easy to open the unit for the first time.

  • It is not suitable for those who have large land(over a quarter acre).

Choosing the Best Brush Cutter for Your Garden

Although choosing one brush cutter may resemble finding a new household product, it is still hard to find the best brush cutter. Because these products are selling various models in the current market that lead to confusing both of us. Nonetheless, it is simple to select your brush cutters after understanding some elements, and their features to aim the right choice.

If you are considering the lawn trimmer that could meet the standard of emission with two – stroke engine, Hitachi CG22EAP2 could be your answer. For those who want to buy the multi -function tool, you should keep your eyes on Troy – Blit TB42 or Remington RM2700 Ranchero.

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