Review of The Best Bow Saw for Garden – The Ultimate Guide 2018

Review of The Best Bow Saw for Garden – The Ultimate Guide You Have to Know


As a matter of fact, it is necessary to cut a tree in some cases, such as for other plants to grow in gardening. But you will soon realize that it is not easy at all to remove a tree.

You need some special tools, especially a saw. In this article, we will introduce to you the benefits of bow saw and what you should expect from the best bow saw.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

What is Bow Saw and How Does It Help?

A bow saw is a specific tool produced to help us cut different types of woods, including shrubs or tree branches. Normally, a bow saw is suitable for those who prefer speed. So, it should probably be used when some trees need cutting.

A bow saw consists of a bow-shaped frame and a straight, long blade. It has very versatile uses because it does not require cable, engine or gas to operate. Most bow saws are considered as lightweight so that you can carry them anywhere.

What You Should Look For When Buying A Bow Saw

When using bow saw, the safety is the most crucial thing you should take into consideration. Without care, it might injure you seriously, or even cause death.

Therefore, to protect you from unwanted consequences, you have to be wise and careful when choosing your bow saw. There are several criteria that we claim the best bow saw must have.


Searching for a bow saw on the market now, you will find a variety of designs. We will look at two different sides of a bow saw’s design.

First of all, the blade can be divided into two main types: raker tooth and peg tooth. The former type is recommended to cut wet wood, while the latter is more suitable for hard and dry wood.

Secondly, the handle should be large enough to support its blade. Besides, the handle plays an important role in protecting users from injuries. So, make sure that you spend more time on choosing the most suitable handle.


Considering the blade’s size, most products vary from 17 to 30 inches. Some might even go beyond that limit. You also need to pay attention to the bow saw’s thickness which affects its length directly.

When you choose over-30-inch bow saws, it is certain that they can help you finish almost everything with less effort. However, it may not be a good idea to have such long saw for small objects.


In addition to length, a great bow saw has to provide users with the strength to deal with even the hardest wood. Obviously, your physical strength is mainly responsible, but everything would be much easier if you had good tools.

Testing and reading reviews are two of the best ways to let you know the real strength of a bow saw.


Additional protection is such a great advantage in any bow saw. This type of work requires you to cope with dangerous, sharp objects. Without proper protection, the likelihood of injuries is very high.

Product Reviews – The Best Grow Tent

If you are familiar with gardening tools, you probably know Bahco has been among the most famous brands for bow saw.

Even though it is claimed “for Green Wood,” the truth is that you can make use of this best bow saw for different tasks, including dry wood.

The interesting feature is that you will get two different blade variations in this product. One is designed to help you deal with green wood, while the other aims at dry wood.

This enables you to maximize the cutting efficiency and finish the work more quickly. Also, its length is up to 30 inches, which gives you a lot of opportunities to do different things.

Besides, the manufacturer also applies innovative tensioning mechanism so as to improve blade straight cutting and tension.

This bow saw is also very lightweight. Therefore, you can bring it to anywhere effortlessly.

The steel used to produce this bow saw is high quality, so you can hope that it will last for years of tough use. Easy handling and durability are usually the pride of Bahco products.

 You can also store its sharp blade in a strong fitting very easily and safely.


  • 30-inch and high-quality blade

  • Maximized durability, even when you use it for harsh working environments

  • More efficient cutting thanks to special tension system

  • Light steel, helping you carry the blade easily

  • Strong blade fitting to help you store and protect your sharp blade for next uses


  • Some users claim that the blade can become over-tightened

This is considered as one of top bow saws on the current market for various reasons. First of all, people will be attracted by its reasonable price, compared to other competitors.

More importantly, it is claimed to be most suitable when you intend to cut thick branches or clear brush.

Its design and construction are flimsy so that you can get a very lightweight and well-designed bow saw even at reasonable costs. This gives users another advantage when they can take the bow saw to any place easily.

Regarding safety, you have better control over cutting thanks to its Safety tension lever.

With Precision-ground steel which has been fully hardened, you can expect its blade to be sharp even after many times of heavy use.

Also, the blade is coated to be rust-resistant, which improves its durability significantly over time. Many users have complimented on its durable nature even after years.

The length of its blade is around 21 inches, which is good for you in most circumstances. Besides, you are also able to get a replacement blade along with its package.

 Moreover, the lifetime warranty is available, so you can get support as long as you are still using the bow saw.


  • Very durable because of rust-resistant coated blade

  • Additional Safety tension lever, so its protection is maximized

  • Lightweight and better portability

  • Additional protection

  • Get replacement blade in case you need to replace the worn out blade

  • Lifetime warranty


  • The likelihood is that you feel uncomfortable when holding its handle. Therefore, it is better to wear gloves

In addition to great support for your cutting, Truper 30255 Bow Saw is truly a rigid and durable product on the market.

Its bright color is an advantage itself when you can easily detect it after setting it down somewhere.

The handle of this product is regarded as very comfortable. This means that it provides you a lot of support when cutting the wood. Meanwhile, its blade helps you remove the branches very easily without any hassle.

Even after a number of heavy-duty cuttings, both the handle and the blade will be still sharp and strong thanks to the great design. Working for 40 years in the industry, Truper has been one of the most popular manufacturers.

The blade is 21 inches long, so you can take advantage of it to deal with large branches as well. Despite its length, the product only weighs 1.3 pounds, so you might not feel tired when using it.

It is also equipped with a perfect tension system which enhances the sharpness, tightness and cutting ability of the blade.

If you want to maintain the bow saw well, the suggestion is to clean it whenever your finish the work and use some oil so as to prevent hassle.

 This product is considered as suitable for both professionals and amateur gardeners.


  • 21-inch, lightweight and sharp blade

  • Comfortable handle

  • Great durability even after countless heavy-duty cuttings

  • Bright color to help you distinguish your bow saw from the ground easily


  • Require sharpening the blade to maintain its greatness

  • Require you to clean and oil the bow saw every time after use

As shown in its name, this is a bow saw specifically designed for camping or hiking adventure. Therefore, the first outstanding feature of this product is its super lightweight and portability.

Interestingly, this saw can be folded up so as to save as much space as possible when you have to carry it in the long distance. You do not even have to remove any parts when folding the bow saw.

On the other hand, its support to cut wood is also impressive even after many times of tough uses. Most campers are satisfied with this versatile bow saw.

Its color is bright green with a black rubber surface. As a result, it is easy to notice this bow saw once you put it on the ground.

The blade is standard 12-inch. The suggestion for you to maximize its performance is to use the blade’s belly to cut. This aims to prevent the blade from being stuck.

Furthermore, it is possible to change the blade if you want another higher quality saw.

The handle is very comfortable and firm, so you do not need to be concerned about slipping in harsh environments.

Besides, its design is so great and flexible. They have four pivot points which allow you to enhance the usable cutting area.

You also get a camp bin or gear kit that helps you store the folded saw easily and safely.

 In general, this is a good investment, especially when the holiday season is coming. It is a great gift if you want to buy it for someone else.


  • Suitable for camping or hiking

  • Possible to fold the saw up without removing any parts

  • Standard 12-inch blade

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable and firm handle

  • Great and innovative design


  • A little more expensive than other brands on the market

Last but not least, the Irwin product is such a versatile saw that it can help you handle most types of materials, not only wood but also plastic or even metal.

Its sturdiness and flexibility are highly appreciated when you compare it to other brands on the market.

The appearance of welded frame aims to provide users with great stability. Also, it also improves the speed of cutting significantly.

The materials to produce the blade in this product are not limited to metal or wood. In fact, you can go for both. Therefore, you can use it for more diverse objects. The blade’s length is 12-inch, which I think is not as versatile as other products.

Along with the deep throat design, now you can deal with larger metal with less effort. The same can be applied to plastic diameter pipes.

Regarding protection, this product has knuckle guard that improves your safety to the fullest extent.


  • Sturdier flexibility

  • Improve a lot your cutting speed

  • Blade can be either wood or metal

  • The equipment of knuckle guard that protects you from injuries


  • Not suitable to deal with large trimmings

  • You might feel wiggling a little

  • Not lightweight, if you look at other products’ weight in this list

Choosing the Best Bow Saw for Your Garden

Overall, these are the best bow saws produced by the reliable manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, you can count on any product. They are only slightly different from each other in some categories.

Bahco Ergo Bow Saw for Green-Wood seems to be the most outstanding option, especially for starting a new garden. But if you are going to go camping or hiking, then Gerber product is the best choice.

For home use, you might be concerned about hedge trimmer or pruning shears.

No matter what you define the best bow saw, it is crucial to think about your safety first. This might be a dangerous tool and never should you let children use it.

We hope that this article is useful for your process of making a decision. Bow saw is a good investment, and as you can see, it lasts for years. Choosing the right one can save you a huge amount of money and effort.

Let’s share the information in this article if you find it helpful! You can also find other types of saw, such as pruning saw or pole saw.

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