If you have ever experienced flooding firsthand or heard of its associating damages, you would no doubt, understand the importance of sump pumps in the basement of homes. In areas that are easily prone to flooding or has a high underground water table, sump pumps are the only way to keep buildings dry and moisture free.

When we talk about flooding, the first thing that comes to mind is the resulting damages to properties. This is totally understandable since most of our basement are well furnished or decorated to serve as office area or storage space. Another threat that excessive flooding or moisture cab bring about is from the health perspective. Areas with moisture are more conducive for mold buildup which would invariably affect your health.

Because we do care and understand how important these sump pumps are to the very existence of your home, we take time out to highlight some of the best products available in the market.

Sump Pumps

 There are several sump pump brands out there with different models for each brand. Each model differs from the other in terms of performance, capacity, efficiency, and service life. There are two main types of sump pumps – pedestal and submersible. The main difference in both of this types is in the location of operation. Both are good and efficient in taking unwanted accumulated water away from areas where they’re not useful to drainage pits.

When it comes to using sump pumps for basement, the submersible pumps are a preferred choice. These submersible pumps vary in horsepower and in related discharge rate. In areas where sump pits are easily filled with water, a sump pump with a higher horsepower and discharge rate would be needed.

We take out time to review some of these available sump pump products to give our customers an idea for which pump would best fit their needs. Our reviews are centered on the benefits of the product, how best to maintain the sump pump to improve performance and service life, pros and cons, as well as give a good comparison of its features with other alternatives.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

To ensure sump pumps working performance, a battery backup component is often installed alongside with it. When the primary sump pump fails or stops working due to electrical or mechanical problems, the battery backup sump pump works in its place. A home with a battery backup is more safe and secure from flooding, than one without – especially if the area is susceptible to heavy rainfall and flooding.

There are several brands in the market today that manufactures these battery backup. We give you the best reviews and customer feedbacks on which product has a better working capacity. We always recommend that the battery backup has the same discharge power as the primary sump pump. This keeps the basement and home safe from flooding, even if the primary sump pump breaks down.


We don’t only provide you with the best sump pumps, we also give step by step guide on how to maintain and install these pumps. We basically walk you through the process and support DIYs 100%. With our detailed guide on maintenance and installation, anyone can easily take control of their sump pumps.