Zoeller M98 Review

Zoeller M98 Sump Pump Review

Benefits of Product to Customer

When we talk about benefits, as it relates to sump pumps, only individuals that have experienced or seen the damaging effect of basement flooding in homes are able to relate. Not only would one have to tackle the issue of replacing items in the home, it is also psychologically disorienting to wake up in the middle of the night to see a flooded basement. Having a heavy storm and not having to run down to the basement to see if there is flooding can be a relaxing feeling. This is what this product promises to offer.

With its clog resistant design, you are rest assured that you wouldn’t have to bother with cleaning the screen because of clogging. Its automatic submersible cast iron designed ensure you can have a long lasting smooth operation of the sump pump for years.

Best Features of the Product

  • It has an on point of 9-1/2 inch and an off point of 3 inches
  • It comes with a shut off head of 23 feet
  • Spherical solids of ½ inch can easily pass through
  • It comes with a 15 foot 3 wire cord made from neoprene
  • It has a unique clog resistant design
  • With its polypropylene design, the vertical float switch stands solid.
  • It is corrosion free with its powder coated epoxy finish
  • It is thermally protected from overheating
  • Parts are made from stainless steel as against sheet metal used in the past

Pros and Cons


  • With its cast iron design, the pump motor is well protected from damage. This gives it a better long service life. The sump pump works quietly and is ideal for use in the homes. Even when standing close to it, it is quite hard to hear its running noise. Since the pump is capable of pumping 72 gallons a minute, this gives it a relatively fast working performance.


  • It is ranked as high priced and may be a little bit expensive for many people to consider. The switch is not as strong as one would expect. You may have to change that after a few years of using the pump, if you are lucky. If you are a DIY person, and have no prior knowledge on the installation of sump pumps, you would find their installation manual less than helpful. You may need to use the internet to help you out with that part.

User Guide of Product

User Guide

  • Just like other Zoeller sump pumps, this Zoeller M98 sump pump requires a basin cover. This cover ensures that debris and other material do not fall into the basin
  • Place pump on a level surface and allow it to stand on its own
  • Connect the full size discharge pipe from the motor and allow to run outside at a distance of at least 8” from the house
  • All electrical wiring must be done in accordance to your state’s local electrical requirements
  • To allow for a neat work, tape or clamp the power cord to the discharge pipe (where applicable) and and connect to the power source
  • Test pump after installation through one discharge cycle

Maintenance of the Product


  • This is just like most modern day pumps. While things have been improved upon over the years, the service life of the product is still largely determined by the maintenance culture employed. For this reason, you would want to keep this product in good shape and working condition so it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most.
  • Made from cast iron and with stainless steel parts, you would not need to worry able corrosion. You only concern would be cleaning the surface. Routinely take out time to clean sludge materials trhat may be attached to the body. Since this product does not come with an inlet screen, you would not need to worry about clogging. The discharge pipe would be the only place to clean to avoid clogging by freezing – in cold months – or y debris materials.


Without inlet screens, won’t the pipes get clogged easily?

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on the product?

The motor is just humming but not working

Do I need to install a check valve?


This is another great product from Zoeller as it is able to lift reasonable volume of water at a greater time. While the product is of high price, its performance is remarkable. If you are looking for a quiet working sump pump and don’t mind the price, you should settle for this Zoeller M98 sump pump.


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