Zoeller M53 Review

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump Review

Customer’s Benefits In Using the Product

As professionals that specializes in drainage or working with pumps, it is important to work with a device that can not only do the job but do it quite efficiently. With this sump pump, one would not have to worry about the pumps failing in the middle of an operation.

If you’ve ever had a leaking basement or needed to drain your swimming pool, no doubt a sump pump would come in handy. The pump is a go-to device to help clean out those unwanted body of water or dirty swimming pools. You would not need to worry about calling for help or spending money for their services.

The Zoeller M53 sump pump is so easy to use, it has a calibration feature that allows users to maintain a predetermined water level. To avoid over flooding or over draining, the pump can be set to turn on and off by itself.

When people think of sump pumps and the volume of water it functions with, many associate the lots of noise to it working mechanism. The Zoeller M53 sump pump is so quiet, you wouldn’t even know its working. This allows you to drain any body of water at your convenience, anytime of the day.

Best Feature of the Product

While there are many features that make this Zoeller M53 sump pump to stand out, one that is worthy of mention would have to be its clog-free design. Trying to drain a pool of water with large amount of dirt and debris can be mentally and physically exhausting. This pump would conveniently allow 1/2 inch diameter debris to pass through without any fear of clogging.

Pros and Cons


  • Instead of the conventional plastics which easily overheats, this sump pump has its pump housing made of cast iron.
  • It has a non-hollow vertical float. This ensures the device will not get filled with water and sink it accidentally punctured.
  • It has four pole motor unlike the conventional two pole motor used by other manufacturers.
  • Clogging is eliminated with the use of vortex impeller instead of the conventional inlet screens; this allows solids to easily flow through.
  • The price is relatively fair for the durability and performance of the sump pump.


  • In all honesty, there is only one noticeable con about this remarkable sump pump. The switch would have to be replaced sooner than expected (maybe in its first year), depending on the frequency of usage

User Guide of Product

The Zoeller M53 sump pump is an amazing draining device that allows users to get rid of unwanted water. This sump pump is calibrated with a sensor that allows it to put water out when it reaches a certain level. Just place the sump pump into the pit of water and ensure it is properly connected. To pump out water, when you put on the switch, it triggers the vortex impeller to force out water through the pipes out into the dispose area.

Another thing that makes the Zoeller M53 sump pump amazing is that it can be installed easily. Using this simple DIY steps, you should be able to successfully install the sump pump.

User Guide

  • Locate the 1 1/2 inch threaded male adapter. Gently screw it on the discharge port on the pump. Ensure it is tightened properly.
  • Get a 1 1/2 inch PVC discharge pipe. Cut it to a length that’s long enough to get to the male adapter. Fasten the cut pipe to the adapter with glue.
  • On top of the glued pipe, place a no-hub couple.
  • Lower the Zoeller M53 pump into the sump. Ensure it sits comfortably at the bottom without any obstruction.
  • To avoid water knocking, make sure to install a quiet check valve. This check valve should be attached to the no-hub from the discharge pipe.
  • Attach the discharge pipe to the top of the no-hub and couple them tightly.
  • When all this is done, test the device to see if there’s any leakage.
  • If no leakage, you did a good job!If there are noticeable leakages, check the fittings and adjust appropriately.

Maintenance of the Product

The Zoeller M53 sump pump is fairly easy to maintain. All that is required is periodical cleaning of the device. You should ensure you do this occasionally to ensure optimal performance.


  • If you’re making use of drain tiles, ensure you clean them regularly to avoid clogging.
  • During the cold months or winter, discharge pipes are susceptible to blockage because debris materials could become frozen. Ensure you do regularly check on the pipes during these months.
  • Ensure the discharge pipes are directed properly to the area you want the water to drain to.
  • Look for damp areas around where the discharge pipes run. Damp areas along the pipe’s path is a sign of leakage. Get leakages fixed as soon as possible.
  • Always check to ensure the sump basin is cleared of debris.
  • If the sump pump is not used regularly, ensure you test it out by pouring water into the sump basin. Doing this should trigger the device to pump unaided. This is a good way to know the device is still functioning properly.

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The Zoeller M53 sump pump is a must have for any serious individual looking to drain water for residential or commercial purposes. It’s features make it an excellent choice for new and experienced users of sump pumps. For durability and quality performance, the Zoeller M53 sump pump is the number one choice.


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