Which Bolt Cutters Are Best for Master Locks?

Master locks have been around for centuries and are very difficult to figure out. Well, if this happened to you, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Having the best bolt cutters for master locks inside your arsenal is critical for many different type of jobs. Here’s a quick look at how having a few of these tools on hand could be just the thing you need for that tricky open locked door or closet.

For starters, removing single or double-cylinder deadbolts can be a real pain; they can cause annoying squeaks as you work your way through the metal cage. But with the best bolt cutters for master locks, the job gets easier and faster, reducing wasted time and energy. The main tool in this case is the jigsaw; a fine, flexible chain saw that works especially well in cutting through tough metal.

Chain-drive padlocks, another common problem, are a bit trickier to deal with – but the quality of the tools will pay off here. This makes the process of unlocking them slightly more challenging, but it’s well worth the effort. If you’ve ever suffered the frustration of attempting to unscrew a deadbolt with a standard bolt cutter and found yourself unable to get a good angle, a chain-drive padlock might be exactly what you need. The best bolt cutters for master locks will cut through metal of all types, including chain links and padlocks, making this a handy must-have for anyone with access to any area that requires a lock opening.

Need to take out a key from a tight fitting lock? With a special bolt cutter that fits a keyhole, you won’t have to worry about damaging the lock and risking having it fall out – an important consideration if you’re in charge of a truck or other vehicle that may be parked in a driveway or similar area. The best bolt cutters for master locks can handle both standard and hardened cutting blades, allowing for the easy removal of either length of handle. You might also be able to buy a special double jaw set that includes teeth designed to cut through softer metal (but be careful with these, as they can easily get bent and damage the lock).

For the average home-owner, however, the best bolt cutters for master locks are those made of stainless steel. These are strong enough to be used on their own, but they’re also incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Stainless steel, as well as the finest tools, can be tough to clean, but it’s easy to work with when you’ve got a bit of patience. Simply soak the piece in warm soapy water, and use a soft towel or scrub brush to clean off any excess dirt or oil. After doing this a few times, your lock should be ready for another round of cleaning!

If your keyless entry system is currently suffering from a minor malfunction, the best bolt cutters for master locks may be those that come equipped with spare parts. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money to get replacement parts, and you’ll be back to getting on with your day. Many of these manufacturers make these items available on their own websites, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding replacement parts. Just take your vehicle’s model number and the serial number to your local dealership, and look for instructions on how to replace the part. While you’re at the store, pick up some additional lubricant so that your new parts will be even easier to slide into place.

For very heavy-duty bolt activities, such as opening or closing heavy-duty bolts, the best bolt cutters for master locks are those that feature corrosion resistant or hardened cutting blades. Some models are also made with special wear-resistant materials, such as hardened steel or titanium. These materials can withstand bolts with much greater force, so they don’t need to be as soft or as easily damaged by the surrounding environment. Bolts with hardened or corrosion resistant blade profiles will last longer, meaning that you won’t have to replace them as often as softer bolts.

If you need to work with small bolt cutters, there are also smaller versions with smaller blades and shorter reach. There are also hand-held versions available for home and business use. Hand held bolt cutters generally have less power than their larger counterparts, but they don’t need the same amount of leverage. They’re ideal for getting into tight spaces, but because of their short reach, they may not be the best choice for unlocking car trunk doors. Most handheld bolt cutters have about a foot of reach, which is just enough to allow you to reach the bolt, turn it, and remove it without damaging the surrounding parts. They are also not as strong as their larger cousins, so they shouldn’t be used to open car doors in severe weather.

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