When You Should Call For Heater Repair Service Tomball TX?

No person would like to immediately call a professional when the heater fails. But it is an excellent idea to approach a leading heating contractor when you doubt something is wrong. By getting heater service Tomball TX, you can get to know the exact problem of the heater. Thus, you can sort it out before it develops into a major issue and also save money. Wrightway Comfort provides complete heater repair and maintenance. The professionals help you in determining and sorting the issues early. They respond to numerous heating repairs that could be avoided when the homeowner calls in advance.

We have listed some common signs where you should call the heater repair contractor.

Strange noises: Most people do not pay immediate attention to the heating systems. An easy way that people can get an idea about the status of the heater is when it fails to function. To explain clearly, when the heating system is not functioning properly, it starts to make strange noises. If you are hearing rattling, scary or rumbling sounds from the boiler or furnace, contact the best heater service Tomball TX as these issues can indicate a fuel or carbon monoxide leak.

Low or no heat: If the heater is not producing sufficient heat or no heat, you have to call the top heating contractor. At times, it is possible to sort out these issues by just altering the air filter. It can also be a result of complicated issues like the pilot light, the thermocouple, or the fan motor. Popular and successful heating repair companies have highly experienced heating technicians where they visit your residence, identify the issue in your heater, and provide a competitive and reasonably priced solution.

Yellow flame: If you have furnaces that consume fuel, it is important to check the flame regularly. The flame in the furnace should be healthy blue. It should not be purple, red, green, or yellow. If the flame is blue, then it means the fuel is scorching efficiently and safely. But if you are noticing something other than blue, you have to contact a professional. The behavior of the boiler and furnace flames is an excellent sign of the status of the heating system. It is recommended to shut off instantly when the flames are yellow or flickering and contact a professional. It can be an indication that the boiler or furnace is releasing carbon monoxide.

When you call the professionals, they offer a complete inspection that includes:

  •         Analyzing for the noises caused due to sediment formation
  •         Analyze for earthquake strapping
  •         Analyze for safety drain piping
  •         Analyze safety system pressure and temperature
  •         Analyze water tank and lines for leakage and rust
  •         Analyze for appropriate smoke shut off valves
  •         Analyze for proper ventilation

Some of the issues that arise in the water heater are as follows:

  •         Tank showing leaking signs
  •         Rust or black colored water
  •         Slow recovery time
  •         Sediment formation
  •         Noises in tank
  •         Not sufficient hot water
  •         Temperature issues
  •         Need to wait for a long time for hot water

If you are installing a new unit, ensure to install the best tankless water heater as it does not cause such issues.

When the water heater has to be replaced or repaired?

Most times, the water heater failure occurs when the homeowners miss following the warning signs. Some of the major indicators that warn forthcoming disaster or disruption are as follows:

  •         When there are no more hot showers
  •         The heater is experiencing a leak
  •         Rumbling sound
  •         Rusty water

It is recommended to service the water immediately when you see these signs. The majority of water heaters last for around eight to ten years according to the unit’s design and quality of water. But if the heater is more than 10 years old and does not heat water efficiently or has a leaky base, you have to think about replacing the water heater. Also, if you are noticing any of the above signs, you have to get it serviced immediately.

Professional heater contractors do not recommend a replacement until it is needed. If they think that it can run after a quick repair, they will repair and charge only for that. They do not give you unnecessary pressure for a heater replacement.


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