When to Put Plants Out in Spring

When to put plants outdoors in spring is one of the most important decisions a gardener or homeowner can make. While outdoor houseplants such as marigolds and basil can add beauty and color, there are certain times when they should be moved indoors. When you move indoors in the spring, you will want to move your potted plants as well so that their roots don’t rot. Also, in early fall is a great time to move your potted plants outdoors. Here are some tips to help you with the decision when to put plants outdoors in spring.

It’s best to do your research before moving your houseplants outdoors. You should check with local nurseries or plant suppliers to determine what conditions would be best for your particular type of houseplant. They will have detailed information on which types of houseplants thrive in specific areas or climates and which ones need more sun, water or a certain amount of humidity to thrive.

If you live in an area where daytime temperatures are warm and nighttime temperatures are cold, you should move your potted plants outdoors during daytime. In areas with warm daytime temperatures, keep your potted houseplants out of direct sunlight, especially at night time. If you have potted plants that need more sun, then place them near a shaded walk way or on a sunny windowsill. Remember that your potted plants will also require less water at night since they are not exposed to daytime sun. Place them near your shaded porch swing if possible.

When to put plants outdoors in spring is really dependent upon where you live. If you live in a mild or cold climate, you can enjoy your potted plants all year long. Plants such as marigolds will grow just about anywhere in the winter, but you should move them indoors during the warmer spring times. Your potted houseplants will need more water during these times as well, because they will need the added support from the house for good air circulation outdoors. These same plants will do better in full sun. Plant them about six to eight inches away from the front door so they get plenty of morning sunshine.

When to put plants outdoors in spring depends upon whether you have cool or warm weather during the summer. Most plants don’t do well in the heat of summer unless you put them in a greenhouse during the day. Some houseplants will do fine in the heat of the summer, but they might die because of lack of water. Do check carefully with your indoor plants before moving them outdoors in the heat of summer. You also need to avoid putting potted plants that are vulnerable to leaf burning in the heat of summer.

If you have houseplants that are hardy, you can put them outside all year, even in the winter. Just remember that some houseplants are more fragile indoors than outdoors. These delicate plants will often need a lot of special care when it comes to houseplant care. They can’t handle too much frost and they can’t handle too much moisture. You also have to watch out for bugs and diseases that you don’t normally get when you have your houseplants outdoors.

If you have special considerations when it comes to outdoor plants, you may want to buy your plants from a nursery that specializes in exotic plants. Many people love having exotic plants, but you have to keep in mind that there are many other factors that go into selecting the right exotic plants. When you buy your plants from a nursery, they will be prepared for transplant when you purchase them. This ensures that the plants are in good shape when you bring them home.

Before you plant your seeds in the spring, you should decide what type of environment you’re trying to create. If you want to create a greener environment by turning your plants back into something that they’re not used to seeing, then go ahead. But if you want your plants outdoors to get a jump start on the new season, then use this advice. Plant your outdoor plants in pots filled with well-rotted compost, which will help give your plants the best start in the spring. And finally, remember to water your plants carefully, taking care to follow all the directions on the container.


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