What’s the Best Axe For the Money?

If you are like most people who camp a lot, you’ve probably spent some time searching for the best axe for the money. You may have gone to the local sporting goods store, tried a few of them on and purchased a couple of them. Then you found out that they were way too heavy for you to use on your own. Or, you broke someone’s finger using the wrong tool.

First of all, don’t worry if you get an ax you don’t want something too heavy for you to handle. There is a reason it’s called a hand-to-hand combat weapon. Felt, steel and wood are all wonderful materials for making a strong camp blunt. There is nothing more frightening than being stuck with something your size and strength can’t handle, no matter what type of outdoor camping you are doing.

When shopping for mauls, if you’re going to be buying one in a bag, there are some things to consider. If you’re not going to be chopping firewood as often as you might with a regular maul, then it might not make sense to spend a fortune on the thing. Instead, shop for it in packages of two or more. That way, you can buy enough to stock up on as needed. It’s also a good idea to buy more wood than you think you’ll need.

Axes come in many different shapes, sizes and models. Some of them fold down for storage. Some of them have a socket for a cord and a handle. There are folding ones that are specifically designed for splitting firewood, or for hauling in your camp firewood. Whatever you do, don’t forget your axe accessories; there’s a reason why you got an axe in the first place.

Some of the essential items are a socket wrench, a blade for splitting firewood, a hatchet, a bead-style fork, and a saw. You’ll need these for many different tasks, so be sure to choose a few that you like to carry around. If you’re only going to be camping once or twice a year, then get a lightweight folding camping saw that weighs less than twenty pounds. That’ll put it in the weight range for camping.

For heavier duty jobs, you might want to consider mauls and felling axes. Mauls are designed to chop through wood. They’re usually larger than folding versions, and they have more power behind them. The best mauls are made of carbon-steel for their strength and durability. These are usually available in three-foot and seven-foot lengths, and they cost well over a thousand dollars.

Another useful tool is small hand-held splitting axes. The blades are smaller than mauls, and the smaller ones will slice through branches and twigs much easier. Handheld mauls are perfect for cutting firewood, keeping small trees within your reach, and removing large limbs from tall trees. Splitting axes are also good for splitting firewood into small pieces for easy storage and transportation.

And don’t forget to take your favorite outdoor knives with you when you head out on your camping trips. You can find folding camping axes hatchets and tomahawks online and in specialty shops. You can even buy hunting and fishing equipment online and have it shipped directly to your home. It’s definitely a good idea to stock up on your tools.

For those who like the idea of bringing their axles with them on their camping trips, an axe stand would be a good investment. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that holds one or more mauls and can be strapped on your backpack or carried by hand. There are folding stands as well, but you might want to consider buying a stand that has wheels for easy mobility. If you’re an avid fan of hunting, you’ll likely want to carry a bow as well. In that case, you’ll need a bow case, as well.

The best axe for the money isn’t always the most expensive, either. If you’re willing to put in a bit of work, a compact hand saw can cut through many types of wood. Plus, the saw is usually light enough to carry with you. Also, if you plan to spend a bit of time outdoors doing felling trees and chopping firewood, a small camping table with chairs will be useful, too.

The best axles for the money, then, aren’t necessarily the priciest. You might not need the best-quality, hottest-looking chainsaw you can find, but you do need something that will cut and swing efficiently. If you’re going to go out into the woods a couple of times each year, you’ll need a maul and a few split and felling axes. But if you’re just looking to chop some wood from your backyard tree stand, you probably don’t need the most expensive tool on the market. If you do some research and a bit of testing, you should be able to find a great deal on a maul or a splitting axe.

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