What Is the Best Propane Heater for Outdoor Use?

Brought a new propane heater to your house? What do you do now? Purchased a used one? Then you should use this article to select a great one for your garage at a great price.

For each of the three varieties, there is a different brand that you should compare the different models for in the best propane heater for the garage. (No, not sponsored by them, or some other BS either!) But first, it is important to understand just how to calculate the energy output of the fuel powered, gasoline powered, and other types of outdoor heating units. Also known as BTUs, each type has its own rating system depending on the fuel source, fuel capacity, ignition, BTU rating, and more.

The best propane heaters for your garage should have a rating that ranges from about 1500 BTU’s to about 715 BTU’s. And as far as the types go, radiant and convection are the most common. But how do you know which one to get? Here are some tips for picking out the best propane gas patio heaters for your home or business:

Look at the BTUs, but also the safety features of the models. Some of the best propane heater brands for your home have the highest BTU ratings. They are usually quite a bit higher than others. Others, such as the MR. Heater, also have safety features like shut off valves, non-corrosive elements, etc., but the BTUs are not nearly as high. If safety is your biggest concern, look at the best propane heater brands and the ones with the highest BTUs.

Another thing to consider is the size of the space that the heater will be installed in. The BTUs may be the main consideration, but the size of the heater is what will determine how effectively and efficiently it can heat. For instance, a big bulky heater would be better suited for a large open area like an open garage, but not so good for say a small room with limited space.

You’ll also want to look at the size of the tanks and how big they are. Large tanks are better for providing a lot of heat, but if you plan to store your heaters, you may want to go with smaller sized propane heaters that take up less space. Natural gas heaters are excellent portable heaters, but their portability is dependent on where you intend to use them.

Finally, consider your budget and what you can spend on your propane heater. Price range goes from the very inexpensive, such as the older models of natural gas heaters, to highly expensive high end units that come with extreme features like a remote control. The more expensive types are generally powered by electrical power, so if you don’t plan to move around much, then an electrical-powered heater is your best option. There are even some smaller, portable options available, such as small carry cots and even mini wall heaters that are great for heating up a small room in a temporary situation. However, these are generally not very powerful, so they are best used in a large space or to provide moderate levels of heat in a small room.

Once you’ve decided what your specific needs are, you can easily find a model that meets your criteria. Be sure to consider your budget, portability and overall heat output when choosing a btu portable propane heater, since heaters vary a lot in output and price. Whichever heater you choose, be sure to check the unit out thoroughly before purchase!

Built-in heaters are generally the most cost-effective and convenient option. These types of propane heaters are built into the interior of the home, providing you with a constant source of heat without the hassle of having to deal with vents or venting systems. Some of these units even come with thermostats that can be adjusted to ensure that your heater is at the perfect temperature for you, no matter where you are. For those that want to be able to install their heater themselves, there are even pre-made designs that you can choose from.

Most safety precautions that are necessary for outdoor use are designed into these propane heaters, and most are certified by UL for outdoor use. When choosing the right one, make sure that it comes with safety instructions, and that it has been tested and approved by a professional. You also need to be wary of products that contain chemicals and substances which could affect your health in adverse ways.

In short, the best outdoor heaters are the ones that best suit your needs. There are some great little products on the market that can be used both in the garage and in the backyard. These are very convenient items that are easy to store, lightweight, and can be moved from place to place when you decide you no longer want them. It’s important to research your options before you buy your portable propane heater, so you can get the one that best suits your needs. It will be well worth it once you see your energy bills come down.

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