The History and Meaning of The Iris Flower

Iris flower is nicknamed as the eye of the sky, and if you love flowers you must have heard this name. This flower has over 300 colorful species, so if you are looking for this one to plant in your house, you might get tired of finding each different species. This beautiful flower comes with different colors and maybe for that it is often attached to royalty.

The Iris flower is put to show in the gardens in the wake of summer mid-summer, and it has the colors of red, pink, white, blue, yellow, a shade of black, chartreuse and brown. You will get an Iris flower suitable for every occasion. So, here in this article, you will get to know about the history and some other interesting facts about this royalty flower.

The origin and history in ancient Greece

Iris is certainly a beautiful flower to gift your loved ones, and for that, you must order flowers from a qualified site. This will give you the authenticity of the flowers and your date will surely be impressed by the fresh Iris blooms. So, if you are gifting this flower to someone special and they have not heard about it or you want to brag the knowledge you have about Iris, you must know the origin of the flower is traced back to Greek mythologies.

This pretty flower has the meaning of a messenger and rainbow, as it is phonetically pronounced as Eiris’. Coming to the part of Greek mythology, this species of flower is named by the goddess Iris, who was believed to be the messenger of the gods of Olympus, and the message transportation method of hers was the rainbow. Since this is the meaning of the flower origin, the Greeks also used to plant Iris on the graves of their loved once, in the hope of helping them transcending into heaven.

Also, the ancient Greeks were enamored by the rainbow colors, and for them, this flower was a gift from heaven itself. So, here comes another meaning of Iris, a good surprise. For this reason, a newborn baby’s especially a girl’s name to be Iris is always perfect, as this represents a strong personality.

Egyptian meaning

If you think of the Egyptians, they considered the three petals of the Iris flower means wisdom, courage, and faith. A similar thing is seen in Greece mythology. Also, the Egyptians believed this flower is the communicator with the afterlife.

Beautiful fresh iris flowers with water drops

French tradition

As mentioned earlier, the Iris flower is attached with royalty, for that the French roaylties of the 12th century made it an emblem of their families. As you must have seen the fleur-de-lis in various flags and on other things, represents the Iris flower.

Japanese and Chinese beliefs

However, in Japan, this flower means as the element of purification, and the Japanese believe Iris is good for the warding of the evil spirits. This very flower got its place for intricate designs on kimonos, Haiku, and Japanese paintings as well.

As for the Chinese people, they consider Iris as the spirit of summer and the messenger, as it brings the news of warm summer months. They regard this flower with the symbol of this time as the wind blows and the fluttering of butterfly wings. So, for this Iris is also known as the Purple butterfly in China.

Iris flower colors and their meanings

You will find a wide range of colors for the Iris flower, and the meaning of each color varies from the other. So, whenever you are thinking of gifting Iris to someone or want to decorate your home, you must know the meaning of the particular shade.

Purple Iris flower

Most of the Iris flower you will see, they are a shade of purple or violet, and this very color represents the religious devotion and nobility. So, if you are planting a violet Iris in your precious garden, then it will bring spiritual balance in your house. The purple Iris is also the symbol of intelligence and wisdom so that you can place the plant near your study or work table always.

White Iris flower

White in itself is the color of hope and purity, so an Iris in this color will always resemble aspiration, and strength too. You can give this flower to a person, who is going through some sickness, or having a difficult time in life. This flower will help to keep the faith in the good things of life and will make you believe that all bad things end at some point, and your problems will surely have a solution.

Yellow Iris flower

This symbolizes the female lust and sexual passion. It is always a good thing to gift this flower to your partner for the rekindling of passion and love in the relationship.

Blue Iris flower

In the Victorian era, the blue iris flower was symbolized with good news, as it was sent with a letter consisting of hopeful messages. So, whenever you give someone blue irises, they must get this as the message of good news. You can give this on someone’s birthday, or if someone is expecting.

Characteristics of Iris flower

You already know that there are more than 300 species of Iris flower and over 50,000 variations. Usually, the botanists divide this flower into two categories, one is beardless and the other is the bearded iris. The ranges you will find from the huge ones that grow five feet, and the dwarf ones that generally have eight inches of height.

As per the name, the Iris flower has a small beard, and this lower petal hangs downward. The iris which has beard they are not blurry in appearance and reproduces by the swollen roots of its. At the same time, the beardless ones consist of a round tube known as the rhizome, which reproduces small bulbs. Also, there are wild irises that usually have the color of purple or blue. In the US

Medicinal values of Iris

In the older days, the roots of Iris were used to treat digestive issues, syphilis, hydropsy and skin infection. In recent days the flower has its use to detoxify the liver. Ayurveda specialists use the yellow Iris petals for the treatment of dandruff, also the white ones are for treating acne, bronchitis, and asthma.

The cosmetic industry also has the use of Iris flowers as it is included in the perfume and in other makeup products. The roots of these flowers are crushed and made into a powder, which has its use in potpourris, and some herbal medicines.


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