Safe Ways to Kill Ants in Your Home Without Toxic Chemicals

Ants are a pesky problem most people have struggled with at one time or another. No matter what you do, it seems like they always there just waiting for you to drop a crumb. How can you eradicate ants naturally? There’s a lot of harsh and toxic chemicals out there to help with this problem, but there’s plenty of ways to avoid those toxins and naturally eradicate your ant problem. The solutions listed below are how to eradicate ants naturally.


Mint seems to be a heavy hitter for about any natural solution. The strong aroma is a strong deterrent for most insects so not only will you keep ants out of the house, you will effectively keep all bugs out of the house. There are a few ways to implement this method. You can plant mint near the entryways of your home, wipe down surfaces in the home with mint oil, or soak a cotton ball in the oil and place it where the ants frequent.


Vinegar is a staple in household cleaning. It can be used in so many different ways, that killing ants shouldn’t be surprising at all. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle at a 1:1 ratio and spray those ants down. After any ants insight have been eradicated, spray down any points of entry with the solution as well. Like mint, the strong smell acts as a repellent to most bugs.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice will take care of the ant problem in a similar fashion to vinegar, The scent destroys any trails they had laid out, and it kills ants when they are sprayed. You will want to mix a solution of these 3 parts water to 1 part lemon juice. After the ants have been killed and cleaned up, spray this solution on all points of entry like windowsills, door frames, and around the perimeter of your home.


Pepper, specifically cayenne or black pepper, acts as a strong deterrent for ants. As with the solutions mentioned before, you can mix some pepper and water in a spray bottle and spray away. This won’t kill the ants but it will disrupt their paths and irritate their senses, forcing them out the home. If you can find the source of the infestation, you can also sprinkle it directly on the colony.


If you are looking for an approach a little more lethal than pepper, then cinnamon is your go-to. Sprinkle the powder on the ants you can see and they will inhale it. This will lead to suffocation and death. Cinnamon is also very fragrant, so mixing up a solution and spraying around windows, doors, and the home, in general, will keep the bugs out.

Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous Earth is a good option to get rid of your ant problem. I’m sure you’re thinking, “What even is that?:”. Well in short, it is the fossilized remains of phytoplankton. Their fossilized remains are incredibly sharp and will literally cut the ants’ exoskeletons up. This leads to them gradually drying out and dying. You can sprinkle this around the house until the ant problem subsides.

Boiling Water

If you want to quickly and effectively get rid of your ant problem with zero ingredients, then water may be your go to. You will need to find the ant colony terrorizing your home though, Once that is found, just boil a big pot of water, carry it outside, and dump it on the colony. You may have to do this more than once, because once the nest falls apart more ants can surface. Coming back and doing this later will also take care of any stragglers.


Any powder will do the trick for this: talcum, baby, chalk. This won’t eradicate the problem. but creating barriers in their paths will disrupt their sense of smell. This can be used to keep new ants from entering the home and adding to the problem. You can use this technique with others on the list to double down your efforts in eradicating ants naturally.


Borax, like vinegar, also seems to be a pretty big hitter when it comes to be used in just about everything you can think of. I would only suggest using this method if truly in need, because since borax is a detergent it can be toxic to humans and pets. Just mix 1/4 cup of Borax and 13 of a cup of powdered sugar and let the ants go. It may take a few days for this solution to reach the queen, but once it’s there your ants problem is over.


This solution is similar to mint and vinegar in that this won’t necessarily kill the infestation, but it will act as a heavy deterrent. After brewing your morning cup or pot of coffee, just take the grounds and sprinkle them in the ants’ way. The strong smell will aggravate them and they will lose their path.

Baking Soda

If you don’t have Borox on hand and want something nontoxic, then baking soda may be the way to go. Just mix equal parts of sugar and baking soda together and set out the bait. The baking soda will react with their stomach acid and they basically explode. This solution will take a few days because it does have to make it back to the queen, but it an effective was to eradicate ants naturally.

Ants can really be a bummer, especially with everybody being at home and the holidays coming up. A lot of people struggle with them and it’s a totally normal problem to have. Keeping the kitchen tidy will help prevent any future infestations and continually spraying some form of deterrent around entryways and the home’s perimeter will prevent them from entering in the future. This is how to eradicate ants in a safe and natural way. I hope one of these methods can offer you some relief and save a trip to the store. There’s also the added benefit of mostly all of it being nontoxic and safe to be around humans and pets alike.


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