Poinsettia Plants – How Often Do You Water Them?

Many gardeners have this common question: how often do you water a poinsettia plant? This plant seems very easy to care for and many will probably tell you that you only need to water it once or twice a week. Other gardeners may tell you differently and some might even suggest that you are not supposed to water it at all. This article will try to clear up this common question and show you how often you should water your poinsettia plants. If you follow these guidelines it shouldn’t be hard to keep your poinsettia plants healthy all year long.

The truth is that no matter what kind of plant you have, you always want to keep it well watered. When it comes to caring for any kind of outdoor or indoor plant, there is really no easy answer to that particular question. How often you should water your Poinsettia depends on a whole host of factors including the season and its environment. When it’s summer, the Poinsettia should be regularly fed with water to keep it well-hydrated. In winter, the same rule applies but you might also feed it with water two times a week. A simple test to determine whether your poinsettia needs watering is by feel the soil.

Excessive overwatering causes the roots of the poinsettia plant to rot. Poinsettias, in particular, tend to grow quite tall, so if you are planning on replanting you should plan on placing them on a trellis. The longer they are left out in the cold and wet weather, the more likely they will dry out and turn brown. If you do not have a trellis or simply cannot put the plant up on one, the best thing you can do is to move it to an area where it will be exposed to some shade and adequate watering. In the winter, it will need less water, though it is still better to check with a gardening professional before attempting to overwater your Poinsettia.

Overwatering of any kind will damage a poinsettia, so in order to avoid this problem you should try to prevent overwatering. One way to do this is to water in the evening and then lightly mist the plant for a few hours prior to going to bed. This will help prevent the Poinsettia from growing too much in the daytime. It is very important to not let the wilted leaves escape before morning. You should also fertilize your poinsettia with a high nitrogen fertilizer about four weeks before you expect to plant it.

One of the reasons that poinsettias need water is that their leaves arelets are small and thin. These leaves are very sensitive to too much water and wilting can occur very quickly. If you are trying to grow poinsettias in containers, you should place the plant in the center of the potting mix and fill to the top. Then add a little bit of potting soil and press down gently until the plant starts to settle into the sides and bottom of the container. Then you can fill up the pot again with more soil and water to bring the plant up to its proper moisture level.

How often do you water a poinsettia plant? Experts recommend that you water poinsettias at least once a month. On the days that you do not have any problems with the soil, you can simply water the plant directly with a hose. If the leaves appear to be drying out too quickly, you may need to mist the plant instead of watering it. Misting the plant will help keep the leaves moist, but you don’t want to water it for too long because the leaves will become dry and brittle.

How often do you water poinsettias in the winter? When the weather gets really cold, it’s important to give plants water – no matter how hard you try. The leaves will start to turn yellow as the sugars in the leaves begin to break down. You can water the plant directly with a hose or put a pot in the water and gently swirl the pot to make sure that the water goes to the roots. It’s a good idea to put some baby food in the water because your plants need this extra nutrition when it’s cold outside.

How many times do you water a poinsettia plant? As with any indoor plants, the frequency of you give them water depends on your personal taste. If you’re a real gardener who grows plants year-round, then you probably only water them every other day. If you just want a plant you can put in the house to give it color and style in the spring, you might water it a few times a week during the spring and fall.

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