How Much Do Plumbers Charge Per Hour In Sydney?

In Australia, in 2018 Sydney plumbers normally charge nearly between $70 and $90 per hour but their charges can increase depending upon the location and complexity of the task. But in 2020 it ranges between $160 and $190 per hour for standard plumbing service but for complicated services it can rise up to $280 per hour.

The cost of standard services of Sydney plumbers like fixing a leaking tap can be much less than the cost of a complicated service like fixing a blocked sewer or drainage system. Similarly the average salary Sydney plumbers can widely vary due to inconsistency in the demand for jobs for plumbers. But when doing a major change in the bathroom or kitchen you will have to hire a professional plumber in Sydney.

Average hourly costs of common plumbing tasks

The average hourly cost of Sydney plumbers for various common plumbing tasks may include:

  • $120 for replacing a broken tap
  • $120for unclogging the toilet
  • $150 for replacing a broken toilet
  • $150 for unclosing drain
  • $160 for installing a vanity in the bathroom
  • $180 for fixing a leaking pipe

According to experts, the initial cost of plumbing an entire house can vary from nearly 12,000 to $18,000 whereas for smaller granny flats from nearly $6,000 to $10,000

Factors that affect the hourly cost of plumbing

The hourly cost of Sydney plumbers can vary due to a number of reasons like the quantity of work to be done, quality of fixtures to be installed or replaced, location of the client, and time is taken in completing the task. There are certain other things, discussed hereunder, that can greatly change the hourly costs of plumbers in Sydney.

Quality of materials used: The amount of hourly cost of plumbing can vary on the basis of the quality and cost of the fixtures to be installed or replaced.

The extent of the job: The pricing of plumbers in Sydney usually depends upon the scope of the task they are doing. You may have to pay lower hourly charges to the plumber for doing simple repairs in the toilet or fixing a leaking tap etc. but if the problem is of complex nature like cutting or digging into the walls you may have to pay higher hourly rates.

Emergency plumbing services: Emergency situations are unpredictable. The hourly cost of Sydney plumbers also varies greatly on the basis of the time of service to be provided. It will increase considerably if you want the services of a plumber after normal working hours or on odd hours like on holidays, weekends or at midnight, etc. They can also charge a minimum fee to call them at your doorstep, whether any work is done or not, to meet their overheads.

Services normally provided by the plumbers

Sydney plumbers usually offer various types of plumbing and drainage services like installing, repair, and maintenance of hot water systems, sewer lines, pipe fittings, gas fitting, the drainage system, and septic tanks, etc.

Some of the basic plumbing services provided by plumbers in Sydney in homes may include installation, repair, or replacement of vanity units in the bathroom, fixing leaky faucets, unclogging or installing sinks, repair, and installation of toilets, repair of drain and water pipes, repair or installation of showers, fixing and installation of dishwashers, repairing washing machines, fixing leaky gap pipeline, repairing and installing gutters and replacing or fixing water heaters, etc.

In the same way, the plumbers that specialize in their field of excellence can deal with bigger projects including remodeling and renovating can charge more than the average hourly fee for doing tasks like installation and repair or replacement of sewer line, the pipeline for natural gas, the main pipeline for water supply, etc. which may need highly skilled plumbers to complete the task.

The cost of Sydney plumbers can also increase for some of the common emergency plumbing services like fixing broken pipelines of water, unclosing bath, sink or toilet, unblocking sewer line, fixing leaky gas pipeline, and reinstalling or repairing leaks in water heaters, etc.

Price of common jobs of plumbing

The per-hour cost of plumbing a house can depend on the type of job to be done. The costs of some of the common plumbing jobs required by homeowners are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Installation of toilet: The lump-sum cost of installing a toilet can vary from $400 to $2,000 depending upon the complexity of the task, as well as the cost of preparation and cleaning up after the task is over. The plumber must be licensed to provide such services.

Fix blocked drains: Clogged drains must be checked by the professional plumbers in Sydney as they can clog again and again. The cost of unclogging drains can vary from $85 to $125 per hour. It can increase with the complexity of the problem.

General maintenance plumbing service: The charges of general plumbing services can vary on the basis of every task like replacing the tap of the washer, fixing the leaking shower head, and the maintenance of the general plumbing of the house, etc.

Emergency plumbing: The per-hour cost of emergency Sydney plumbers can higher than the plumbers providing services in normal hours of working. If the average per-hour cost of normal plumbers ranges from $140 to $260 then the cost of an emergency plumber can be $400 or more depending upon the time consumed and quality of materials.

Installation of Solar hot water systems: In order to reduce their power bills many homeowners install solar hot water systems in their homes. The cost of installing a solar system for hot water can vary between $3,000 and $12,000 which can be equalized by the cost of energy saved.

Repair of hot water unit: A professionally trained plumber can make necessary repairs in your system to heat up the water if you are suspecting some problems in it like leaking spots etc. You can prevent inconvenience in the months of winter just by paying $130 to $1,200 for repairing your hot water system.

Thus, the per-hour cost of Sydney plumbers can vary depending upon various factors discussed briefly in this write-up. However, you should choose a plumber carefully while hiring him for plumbing jobs at your home.


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