Maximising the Space for Your Bedroom Wardrobe

Almost everyone requires more storage space in their bedrooms. Many people have wardrobes filled with shoes, clothes, coats, jackets, bags, and whatever else they can fit into the closets. With most homeowners using freestanding wardrobes that take up too much room yet leave more spaces unused, the benefits of fitted bedroom wardrobes become more prominent. 

Compare pictures of bedrooms with freestanding wardrobes against bedrooms with customised wardrobes, and you can see the difference. When you have limited space, but you need plenty of storage, think what wardrobe customisation can achieve.

You can boost the storage space in your bedroom with made to measure wardrobes. They are usually built inside the room, with the creator measuring and utilising every available space, fitting the colour, design, and style to the interior of your bedroom. We are not talking about big closets here. With smart design, you can have efficient storage in spaces you thought were impossible to use.

The design of your bedroom will become one-of-a-kind since fitted wardrobes correspond to your style and preference, and the dimensions of your bedroom.

Advantages of made to measure wardrobes

In many homes, storage space is always a problem. It is easy to accumulate things such as clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Before you know it, most of the personal items you own are occupying stools, your bed, and corners of your room.

Triple the storage space

Although you can buy storage trays and bins, they will occupy more space than necessary, and you end up with an assortment of trays and shelves in different colours and sizes. But with a custom-built wardrobe, you’ll triple the storage space you need, in the coordinated style, colour, and finish that you like. You’ll have a seamless, organised wardrobe that utilises even the awkward corners in your bedroom.

Flexible budget

While a fitted bedroom wardrobe is more expensive than freestanding closets, the amount you are going to spend depends on you. You can work with an experienced fitted wardrobe designer and discuss what you need and let the designer come up with a workable and adaptable style and design.

Creativity and ingenuity

No matter how close you place freestanding closets, there will always be gaps, especially if you have an odd-shaped bedroom. With a made to measure wardrobe, the designer will create a plan to use all the available space to create a seamless and coordinated look. You’ll have bedroom furniture that not only complements the rest of your room interior but highlights your sense of style.

Your bedroom can even look bigger when you have wardrobes with mirrored doors. Tight spaces will benefit from sliding or bi-fold doors. Imagine this: when your wardrobe is made to measure, you can have floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall storage areas that look like a part of your bedroom décor. Isn’t that a cool idea?

Remember that the cost of a made to measure wardrobe is higher than off-the-shelf closets, but you will have all the storage space that you need in the style and design of your choice.

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