How to Maintain the Lushness of Your Lawn

Nothing beats a beautiful, lush lawn. And no doubt, your landscaping says a lot about the kind of home you live in, so having a healthy lawn can really increase curb appeal.

That said, you need to keep your lawn in proper condition, starting with making sure the grass gets the nourishment it needs to remain vibrant and lush.

Here are a few things you need to get started:

Use the right fertilizer

The trick to getting bright green grass is choosing the right fertilizer. There’s no way around it. Note that while commercial fertilizers are readily accessible, they don’t provide the right amount of nutrients for residential lawns. They can also leave the soil acidic and stunt growth. To be on the safe side, choose organic fertilizers that have the right amount of nitrogen to promote growth. Before application, however, make sure the fertilizer you are using is ideal for the type of grass that you have.

Mow at the right length

Also important to achieving a great-looking lawn is keeping the grass at the right length. Many homeowners believe that keeping the grass as short as possible is the way to go, but this practice actually does more harm than good. That’s because shorter grass tends to have even shorter roots, which affects appearance. If there’s any need to mow the lawn, make sure not to set the blades too low.

Maintain proper irrigation

Keeping the grass healthy requires an irrigation system that’s both efficient and economical. You will want to hydrate your grass in hot weather without paying a lot for water. To do this, make sure to have your irrigation system properly maintained and call local repair services if you find any leaks or if the water pressure is too low. Search for household plumbing London ON to find service providers you can trust. You may also need to water your lawn during the right time of the day; typically in the evening or very early in the morning.

Plant the right kind of grass

When it comes to keeping the grass vibrant, you should choose the right variety that can survive the climate you are in. Indeed, choosing grass types shouldn’t be an afterthought. Even if a type of grass looks pretty to you, you won’t know for sure if it can survive the conditions in your area until you try it unless you have help from the experts. For instance, zoysia grass is known to withstand temperate climates, making it ideal for homeowners living in Florida or New Mexico. On the other hand, perennial ryegrass and certain types of fescue grass can thrive very well under colder conditions. You may need to consult a professional gardener to pick the right variety and to learn how to properly care for these grasses.

A lush lawn is something to be proud of, so if you want to show off the beauty of your home, start by taking care of your lawn. It’s easier than you think.


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