How To Transplant Lantana Plants

Many people ask the question, how to transplant Lantana. They are not sure if it is even possible or how they can do it without the help of their nearest and dearest. The good news is, Lantana is one of the easiest plants to transplant. Lantana grows in tropical rain forest, in Brazil and in the Southern parts of the United States. It is a creeping vine that has purple flowers.

To transplant Lantana requires three things: the plant, recipient area, and root ball. Keep in mind that Lantana needs warm weather. In the southern part of the United States it is usually planted at the base of a tree. If it is to be transplanted on its own as seedlings, it should be planted in pots. The recipient area should be a location with mild winters. It is usually planted with a planter to provide protection from wind and humidity.

In tropical areas, Lantana grows best in soil that is rich in nutrients but not too rich in organic matter. This is why in some cases, it is planted in very rich soil that cannot be turned into compost. Because it does not like much shade, Lantana plants require relatively less water than other plants. Most transplanting procedures require at least one year for a complete recovery from transplant shock. In some cases, as much as three years are needed for full recovery.

The most important thing to do when transplanting Lantana is to dig the pit or hole. This should be located near the source of the root system. Keep in mind that you need room for the roots to spread out and recover. It should be a minimum of three feet deep, but more if you want to have a stronger root system.

There are two different ways to do a transplant of Lantana. The first way is how to do it with native national flags. Each country has a different set of guidelines on how to do this, but basically you will only need a hole with a small amount of soil in it. All you have to do is to dig around the plants to expose the roots and then you remove them one by one.

The second way of how to transplant lantana is to use water newly transplanted lantana flowers. These are not true lantana plants. They are actually berries which can be planted to replace the original plant. To do this type of transplant, you will need to dig up the berry bushes surrounding the original plant. Next, you water the berry bushes and you will soon see a sprout of beautiful flowers on the surface of the soil.

The next step is to dig out all of the soil surrounding the plant. Then you should place it into the hole that was made earlier using the berry bushes. After this is done, you will have to place the container on top of the soil. This should be done in much shade, since the sun is shining down on the plant. You will need to keep this under control because the plant will need to absorb much shade during the whole process.

Last but not least, before doing how to transplant lantana, you should take note of how much sun the berry plant will get during the day. You should make sure that it gets enough sunlight to grow its roots. If the amount of sunlight is too much, the roots will be over exposed to the sun. In this case, you will have to wait for the morning hours when the ground is cooler to complete the transplanting.

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