How to Kill an Armadillo With a Drop Kick One

The question of how to kill an armadillo still bogs down on many of us. You can search high and low and never find the answer, so you will be left to hunt for information online and from books. However, that is not the best way to learn how to kill an armadillo. Armadillos are much too tough for just any human to take down. Although it may sound funny, don’t underestimate the sheer power that lurks inside this reptile.

This is why I want to share some information with you about effective armadillo removal from the comfort of your own home. Now, for some of us, this task may prove to be a bit difficult since we don’t usually have access to these types of animals. Therefore, this is where the Internet comes into play. The Internet will help us find a variety of different armadillo removal methods.

One of the most popular ways of removing these reptiles is by shooting them with a shotgun. Unfortunately, this method has been known to scare away most of the armadillos. I have personally never had any success with shooting armadillos with a shotgun. However, if you are a hunter who has caught a couple of them out in the wild, I have no doubt that you can catch them using this method. Just remember that you need lots of patience and practice if you want to get these armadillos eventually.

Another good option that works on a great many armadillos is to use a muzzleloader. A muzzleloader is the best choice for getting rid of these animals because it makes them easy to take down. The way that the muzzleloader works is that it loads up to twelve shells in the gun and then pump the gun slowly firing them all at once. This is a very good way to take down several of them at a time.

If you decide to use this method of hunting armadillos, make sure that you are prepared to take plenty of deep shots. These critters have really sharp teeth and can literally rip your arm out if you are not careful. Remember, if you are being hunted by someone please post this information somewhere on the Internet first. That way if you run into the person or persons that is following the armadillo you will know how to kill it. It will also make it easier for you to identify them.

If you do not want to use a shotgun approach, there are other options that you can try. For instance, the best thing you can do is to locate the armadillo and find where the nerve center is. Once you have located this spot, aim for the middle of its back where the armadillo’s back legs come together. Keep in mind, never look directly at the middle of the back foot, as it may cause you to accidentally shoot thewing.

Aim for where the nerve center would be if you are going to shoot at the wing. When aiming for the nerve center, you need to stand quite a bit upright. You will notice that the wing tends to twist when it is being shot at. Stand upright even as the armadillo bites you, and then pull the trigger as it begins to twist. If you are successful, the wing will fall off and the armadillo will die.

If you are just looking for a nice scenic location for a photo shoot, you should check out the video below for a tip on how to kill an Armadillo with a “drop kick one” type of shot. This method is a little more difficult than most other methods listed here, but it is also more challenging to use if you don’t have the right equipment. Drop kick one style involves using your hands to aim for the eye area, and then using the momentum built up behind you to punch the nose hard and send the head of the stingray backwards towards the camera. The result will be lots of activity behind the camera, and lots of awesome closeups.

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