How To Improve Your Yard Drainage To  Protect Your Home And Garden


If you have to deal with a soggy situation in your yard and gardens every time it rains, you could have a serious problem with your property drainage. Standing water in your yard, whether you are in Victoria or Ottawa, can be hazardous to not only your home’s foundation but your lawn and gardens as well.

Most yard drainage problems stem from a combination of improper grading and poor soil quality. Heavy clay soil can make it difficult for moisture to be absorbed into the earth quickly, leaving water on the surface. Standing water in your gardens can create rot and damage your plants and seeds.

When you have flooded conditions in your home, look for the best hot water tank replacement in Victoria BC or Ottawa, ON. It’s a whole other ball game when you need to fix outdoor drainage issues. We are going to look at a few ways that you can help improve your yard drainage and protect your home and gardens.

Pipe Drains

If you are seeing water standing in your yard and gardens after light or moderate rain it might be time to put in some underground drainage pipes. A French Drain can be put in the areas that have the most water.

Essentially you will need to dig a narrow ditch in the area heading to lower ground and insert a permanent piping system. This can help you to reroute excess water to safer places on the property.

Graded Landscaping

Your first priority is to make sure that all water flow is heading away from your foundation. If your property is not graded to help water flow away from your home, you could be at risk of leaks and foundation damage. Building up a berm closer to your home can help direct rainwater to flow down to safer areas on your property.

If your garden areas are uneven or are graded to prevent proper water drainage, you may have to add a berm to help the problem. Add layers of topsoil to the most affected areas until you see a difference in the amount of standing water after a rainfall.

Create A Pond

If you have a serious drainage issue in your yard and gardens, you may want to take advantage of the excess water to create a landscaping feature. Use underground pipes and selected berms to help reroute any standing water to a backyard pond or water feature that can end up being a centerpiece of your landscaping.

Rain Barrels

Many homeowners are looking for ways to add eco-friendly ways to update their homes. Water collection can help you be more sustainable, lower your water bills and help you contain much of the rainwater that is causing your yard flooding.

You can install rain barrels under your eaves and any roof structure that dumps a lot of water during a storm. This can help you control the amount of wasted water and help to direct it to a safer area but look into whether your city allows it.

A combination of several of these tips may be necessary in more severe circumstances. For most homeowners, any of these outdoor drainage solutions should be sufficient to save your lawn and gardens from drowning.


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