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How to Hide Your Sump Pump Hole

Living in an area with a tendency to flood? Then you must have had the best sump pump installed in your basement or garden. Sump pump is a device that pumps out the water gathered in soil, thus preventing flooding. But one big drawback of a sump pump is the pit or the hole. It may scare the hell out of you!Well jokes apart, a pit in the corner of a basement is definitely not a welcoming sight. And all of you must have had struggled to hide it from sight using all the creativities that you could think of.

So here we have some really cool ideas to hide that pit in a creative and useful way.

Make a performance stage

Now this one is kids’ favourite. Usually we have basements meant to be play areas. Either you have a small tennis court assembled in your basement or a snooker bar to hang out with friends or just a small play area for your kids to play all their adventure games, hiding that sump pump hole becomes inevitable for the safety of little kids and little balls.

Making a cupboard over it is a rather common practice. But how about making a little stage for your little ones? It is not that difficult. The smile on your charming little ones’ face makes the trouble worth taking!

How to make the performance stage

So,what do we need? Some plywood, the parquet flooring, wooden strips to form the support of the stage, and a latch… and of course, do not forget your tool kit. So, here we go.

  • First of all, make the frame of your proposed stage. Measurements depend on how much of your basement is going to be utilized as the stage. You can opt for a big one for some real time performances or keep it subtle enough just to keep your kids happy.
  • Once the frame is ready, add the support network of wooden stripes. This is important as the stage is going to be hopped and danced upon. So make it sturdy by placing wooden strips in a crisscross fashion, leaving access to the sump pump in the corner.
  • Now attach the top ply that makes the floor of the stage. But keep the access to sump pump separate. That is supposed to stay removable so that you can have access to pump as and when needed. Put a recessed latch over the sheet of ply that makes the lid of pump. That willmake removal easier. Now attach the parquet flooring to the plywood and voila! Your sump pump closure with a twist is ready!

Hiding sump pump access behind a hinged book case

If you consider using your basement as a study area, then making a book shelf over it should be a nice and useful idea.A hinged book case that is elegant and appealing to eyes, carries your books and hides your sump pump from the beauty of rest of the room is a perfect interior design idea.

Book case can also carry display items to add to the ambience of the room. This book case easily blends with the rest of the interior yet separating the sump pump away from sight. A hinged book case makes access to sump pump easy and you can easily check your pump without having to rely upon housekeeping services.

A designer book case or a closet proves to be a space saver, a good accommodation for your books or other stuffs, in case of a closet, and an easy partition from sump pump.If the book case idea seems to be too tricky to do it yourself, call a carpenter. It is easy, simple and you can customize it in accordance with your requirements.

A little closet or a mini bar with stools made over the sump pump hole makes a statement piece of furniture in your basement. And you no longer have to worry about that pit in your basement.

Moving your sump pump

This is for houses that have sump pumps in the centre of the room. Just move it to the corner. But you have to keep in mind the regulations set for installing a sump pump. Like, there should be an easy access open to the sump pump. Also, a professional plumber will be needed for moving the sump pump and this could be quite expensive as well.


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