How To Grow Goji Berries From Cuttings

How to grow goji berries from cuttings has become a common question in the field of herbal gardening. The natural flavor and color add delightful compliments to any salad or other dish. There are several ways to grow them, depending on the season and your climate. Knowing how to grow them from cuttings will also help you save money by not having to purchase seeds, which can be very expensive.

The best time of year to begin harvesting your goji berries is in early spring. The soil should be warm and moist with lots of light. You can also grow them in the shade if that is what you want, but most people prefer the heat and sunlight. They prefer a sunny location, but they do well in all kinds of conditions. The soil could be sandy, rocky or clay based, but it does not matter because the soil will not have any effect on how your goji berries will perform.

If you are going to use a plastic bag then you should prepare the soil beforehand. Remove the fertilizers and conditioners from the soil and add a rooting hormone powder. This helps the soil to retain moisture better. If you are using a mesh pot then you will need to use some type of drainage material to prevent standing water in the pot.

When you are cutting your goji berries you want to take careful note of their adult size. Goji berries can be quite large when they are in their adolescent stage, so you will want to keep that in mind as you trim them. Take the cuttings out of the parent plant and discard the ones with small or brown spots on them. Trim the rest of the shoot away until there are about two thirds of an inch left. Then you can remove the young shoots that are closer to the ground and those that are bushy.

When you are cutting off the young cuttings, make sure that you don’t cut too far above the ground. This can cause a root failure because the root ball will be unable to support the new growth. If the young shoot has buds then you can pinch off the buds and keep the small pointed end of the stick in the pot. This way the little stalk will be well supported and you will not have to worry about damaging the new growth by cutting off too far below the ground. Make sure that when you dig the hole for the young shoots that you get them just under the surface of the potting soil. This is important because the roots will need room to grow and spread out before they start producing new shoots.

After the young growth has finished developing you can remove it from the pot and use it to re-pot the plant. You should get at least one new shoot out of every group of roots that you remove from the plant. This is how to grow goji berries from cuttings. If the first shoot does not produce any shoots then just remove the root ball and repot the plant.

It’s not difficult, how to grow goji berries from cuttings. Just be patient and keep track of the plants’ progress. You should be able to harvest and eat your favorite smoothie within a few months of planting. Some of the plants will grow faster than others depending on the quality of the seedling. If you are having trouble with the plants, don’t be afraid to call in professional help. There are many people who are happy to help you learn how to grow goji berries from cuttings.

Once you have learned how to grow goji berries from cuttings, you might want to try to eat them as a snack. They taste delicious combined with smoothies, yogurt and ice cream. When they are full, you should be able to enjoy a delicious dinner cooked with vegetables as well. Try serving them with fresh fruits for a sweet treat. Or serve them whole with steamed rice for an easy way to enjoy goji berry salad. The delicious tastes of these berries should entice you to try this delicious new snack food.


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