How to Cut Back Philodendron

The plant that gave gardeners so much joy in days gone by is now being complained about by many gardeners today – the question on everybody’s lips is, how to cut back Philodendron? You’ve probably seen it at its highest and most brilliant heights; when the flower appears, it’s stunning. However, it also demands attention, if you want to maintain the plants health and beauty. The best thing about Philodendron is that it grows easily and is very forgiving; it can live in any range of conditions.

So, it really doesn’t matter if you’ve pruned the leaves or simply cropped them out, because they will regrow in time. Although many people choose not to cut back the flowers of this plant because they love the way it looks. There are however some ways of trimming back the plant that have proven effective.

How to Cut Back Philodendron leaf Stems This works if you’re trying to cut the leaves but not the roots. Start by clipping any dead or damaged leaves near the base. Then pinch up any green or brown stems on the upper stem. Toss the stem away if it’s twigs or if it’s large and tough to get under the leaf. This will leave the main stem free for you to cut back.

How to Cut Back Philodendron Bud Stems While the stem above lives, and is often the source of the plant’s life, the lower leaf will begin to die back. This is a different way of cutting back the plant however, and should only be attempted if there are no other stems to support it. The lower leaf will slowly die back until there are no more leaves for it to grow down. You can easily do this by pulling the lower leaf towards the base, cutting off the top leaves, and then just keep trimming downward.

How to Cut Back Philodendron Tips If you’re having trouble cutting the stem off and you can’t seem to get it off, then you need to look at its shape. The stem should be straight with a little bend at the tip if it is going to come off easily. The stem can come off easily if you’re not careful. You also need to be careful if it is sunny outside because it will burn if it gets exposed to direct sunlight. The stem will die if you don’t move it while it’s burning.

How to Cut Back Philodendron leaf Crown The last step in removing the Philodendron leaf crown is to remove the uppermost leaf that is closest to the trunk. This is called the crown. Simply grasp the stem and cut it back. The crown can come off if you’re careful.

How to Cut Back Philodendron Tips If you are trying to remove the lowermost leaf and there isn’t much of it left, this is a great tip. Holding your hand straight up and down, bend your wrist outward at the elbow joint. You should be able to feel the stem twist a little as you push it down. This should free most of the leaf so it will fall off. Try to catch the lower part as it goes.

How to Cut Back Philodendron Tips – It isn’t always easy to do, but it can be done. When cutting the stems of trees like Philodendron, it is important to make sure that you don’t cut it too much or too far. Always use a sharp pair of shears. You don’t want to cut it too low or you’ll have a lot of un-spotted stem leftover. If you cut it too high, the plant will go into a rest phase and you’ll have a lot more unsightly leaves to try to catch.

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