How to Choose the Best Plug In Air Freshener

If you are looking for the best plug in air freshener then read this article. We will talk about two different types of plug in fresheners as well as their differences. After reading this article, you should have a good idea on which type of plug in air freshener to buy. So, let’s get started.

The best air freshener is supposed to do wonders and make your living or working space smell great. But it can be quite difficult when there are small spaces to fill and also you want a fragrance that doesn’t overpower the room. There are different types of plug in fresheners and we shall look at two of them so you can decide which one is best for you.

The first type of air freshener I shall discuss is an essential oil impregnated freshener. An essential oil impregnated freshener has an aroma already embedded into it. This is great if you are looking for a strong fragrance or want your home to smell warm and inviting. However, because essential oils absorb so much water, they tend to go stale rather quickly and this means that you will need to replace the plug in air freshener with a new one every time you use it. It also means that you will need to regularly clean the appliance so it doesn’t smell of stale air.

Another type of plug in air freshener is the Vanilla flavoring plug in. Some plug ins have the Vanilla scent already baked into it and some don’t. When using a vanilla plug in, it smells like the real thing but does not leave any of the natural scents that natural vanilla has. This one does not last very long and needs to be replaced frequently.

Natural essential oils can be combined with other fragrance elements to create new smells. Zoflora is one of the most popular fragrance combinations with natural elements. It creates a smell that mimics flowers and has a very sweet and pleasant aroma. Unfortunately, because it is still considered a fragrance, Zoflora cannot be used in some states such as California.

A solid air freshener with a very light scent is Fereneze Small Spaces. Because it uses water based solutions instead of oil-based solutions, it has a very subtle smell. Because it does not contain any alcohol, there is no smell associated with it. Fereneze Small Spaces is safe to use in any location where an air purifier with a scent could be used so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Although Fereneze Small Spaces does not smell like flowers, it is still a very pleasant plug in freshener for a number of different situations.

Another option to consider for your vehicle is Vanilla Fresh. Vanilla Fresh is a plug in freshener that is available in a number of different scents including, but not limited to, vanilla, chocolate, hint of apple, and more. This unique plug in freshener provides a very mild, yet powerful smell. It is perfect for areas such as cars, trucks, apartments, condos, and even in a restroom.

One of the most unique smells, is Pure floral. This unique smell will give you a flowery perfume smell. Pure floral air freshener smells like flowers but is slightly stronger and has a slightly more powerful smell. This air freshener smells just like the real thing, giving you the ability to smell flowers, or more specifically roses, while being able to keep your nose from getting all too overpowering. This is a great air freshener for your home or apartment.

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