How to help protect Palo Santo trees?

The Palo Santo tree (Bursera graveolens) is a species of an aromatic tree, which has multiple healing properties, native to the dry forests of several countries in South America, including Ecuador and Peru.

It is believed that the shamans of the first cultures that settled in Ecuador used this sacred wood to achieve spiritual and physical healing.

At present, these types of healing practices with the Palo santo have taken more strength, which has led to the use of the palo santo in different presentations such as essential oils, soaps, and incenses.

They should know that the Palo Santo has a life cycle of around 30 years when this tree dies naturally it should rest for 2 to 4 years in its natural environment, That’s when this sacred wood manifests all its healing properties.

Due to the great popularity that the sacred tree “Bursera graveolens” has gained, it has caused that several sites do not respect its life cycle and therefore offer products that have no benefit or utility. You must know that a cut Palo Santo tree has no value, since it does not contain its medicinal properties, nor does it smell.

When purchasing Palo Santo or any product derived from this sacred tree, be sure to obtain them from reliable sites, that work responsibly and sustainably, that carry reforestation projects and respect for the environment and its natural resources.

In Ecuador, there are Reforestation Programs that aim to restore the dry forests of Manabí where the Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens tree lives. In the last two years, around 9,500 Palo Santo trees have been planted, which are constantly monitored.

Although currently, it is not in danger, the false news around the Internet about Palo Santo Bursera graveolens is causing people to stop using it, which is not correct.

It is essential to use the Palo Santo since by using it you help protect and restore dry forests. Although it sounds crazy, it is true, since you help the artisans and the families involved in the collection of this sacred tree financially, therefore it will keep them taking care of the trees and the forest as a whole.

But if the inhabitants of the surrounding communities of the dry forests that live from the Palo Santo timber trade do not find customers who acquire this sacred wood, they will most likely begin to cut the trees to use the land in short crops, raise cattle, make constructions, or something that helps them financially.

The Palo Santo provide us with great benefits for our health since it has multiple healing properties, including large amounts of Limonene, a medicinal terpene known to be a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic agent that can be obtained if you use its essential oil.

The constant use of this sacred wood helps relieve the symptoms of the flu, allergies, asthma, cough, migraine, stress and fatigue, cleanses and eliminates the bad vibes of the home, helping to obtain a better meditation, relaxation, and spiritual search, all this we can get if we use palo santo that has died naturally.

Remember “The Palo Santo tree is not harvested, it should only be collected once it has died naturally”

La restauración y protección de los bosques secos tropicales son esenciales para el bienestar de la naturaleza y nuestro futuro, ya que estos bosques tienen mucha vegetación, como ceibo, Palo Santo, Pepito Colorado, entre otros, estos árboles y toda la vegetación del Los bosques secos no necesitan mucha agua para vivir. También contribuyen mucho a reducir la huella de carbono.

It is a fact that we must protect our home called EARTH. It is in our hands to use their resources responsibly, and achieve sustainability for future generations. With love!


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