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How to Grow your Bird of Paradise in 3 Steps


Do you know that Bird of Paradise is one of the most exotic flowers in the world, but it can be planted in your garden in a very easy way?

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Despite the fact that Bird of Paradise is a popular houseplant for its bright, unusual and lovely bloom, not all flower lovers out there know how to plant a Bird of Paradise the way it is supposed to be.

Today, we at Gardener Corner will help you learn how to grow an eye-catching Bird of Paradise properly. You will find out about how to prepare before seeding and a simple guide to grow this one-of-a-kind plant.

What is the Bird of Paradise?

Bird of Paradise is a stunning tropical flower that was first found in South Africa where it’s commonly called the Crane Flower. This flower represents joyfulness, love and most of all: paradise. It’s also the official flower for a 9th wedding anniversary.

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Its common name comes from the birdlike appearance of the bloom with vividly orange petals and deep blue petals. A mature Bird of Paradise plant usually reaches a height of 5 feet or more.

Bird of Paradise flower is a popular cut flower for its distinctive and attractive looks. After cutting, it can last for one to two weeks. People love to use it in the summer floral arrangements: in multi-bloom tropical bouquets, or as single flower centrepieces, especially in weddings.

Which conditions does a Bird of Paradise plant require?

It’s take 4-5 years for a healthy Bird of Paradise plant to begin to bloom, but it can live on for years. The ideal conditions for this plant to grow are bright light, rich and potting mix soil, high humidity through the growing season.

There are some differences between the Bird of Paradise plant which grown in full light and which grown in light shade. You will have a short plant with numerous flowers when plant it under direct sunlight in the garden. In the contrast, an indoor growing Bird of Paradise plant will give bigger flowers and taller stems.

How to grow a Bird of Paradise plant

Growing a bird of paradise from seed is a long-term project and it can be troublesome for the first time. But don’t worry, follow these simple steps below to make an easier way.

Step 1: Plant the seed to soil

It’s better to start with a fresh seed that is no more than six months old. Take dried seedpod from a Bird of Paradise plant in springtime. Break the surface seed coats and soak the seeds in water for 3 days. Remember that you should plant them while they are still fresh.

Bird of Paradise can grow healthy no matter if you plant it indoor or outdoor. Fill a planting tray with rich, moist soil or till the soil in your planting bed to a depth of 12 inches and don’t forget to add plenty of Compost.

Plant the seeds one inch deep and several inches apart in soil. Place this in a warm location and make sure that your plants have adequate sunlight. Keep the soil moist and germination will occur within 12 weeks.

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Step 2: Nurture your plant in comfortable facilities

Proper care will keep a Bird of Paradise plant not just alive, but thriving. This plant needs light, but try to protect it from the hottest part of the day at afternoon.

In the spring and summer, the soil of a Bird of Paradise plant should be moist but it needs less water in two seasons namely Fall and Winter. Water the Bird of Paradise regularly, one to two times a week but do not overwater.

It also can be fed twice a month during the growing season in the spring and summer. An interesting fact is that a Bird of Paradise Plant rests during the other two seasons: Fall and Winter. At that time, it requires less water and no fertilizer at all.

Because of its characteristics of tropical trees, Bird of Paradise plant can grow best if the ideal temperature is from 65 to 75 degree. You should move a potted Bird of Paradise inside when temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

If you planted it outdoor, insert some stakes around the plant and drape a sheet over the top and remove the sheet in the morning or simply use a plastic for the long winter.

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Bird of Paradise plants will be damaged by aphids and other Pests if you don’t keep your eyes on them. Pesticide use can harm your plant, but fortunately, you can quickly remove them with a soft cloth or soapy water.

Step 3: Divide Bird of Paradise Plants to multiple pot.

You can propagate a Bird of Paradise by dividing and separating it into multiple new plants. Early spring is the best time for dividing.

Removing the plant from the pot without causing damage is the key to healthy propagation. After that, gently shake the plant to rinse the dirt off the roots. Use a sharp knife to separate the plant where it naturally divides into sections with a caring but clean cut. You may need some gardening tool for assistance.

Plant the divisions right away in high quality growing soil before they are dry out. Water them after 2 or 3 days to avoid waterlogging. You can check out this link for more information about The best time to water plants.

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Final thoughts

We hope that our article has been helpful for you and your gardening career. Although a little patience may be necessary, growing Bird of Paradise is a great way to add colour and exoticism to your house.

What do you think about the way to grow Bird of Paradise? Please let us know by comment in the section below. If you enjoy the tutorial, share with your friend to help them start to grow their own Bird of Paradise

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